shekel sätze

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Shekel sätze (in englisch)

  1. Go hence! maybe you will catch the fish with the shekel in its mouth.
  2. Sarah held my hand a moment and when she let go, there was a shekel in my hand.
  3. Every year, a Jewish man, twenty years old and older, paid a vol­untary half shekel Temple tax to the Jerusalem Temple.
  4. By the next year they found it difficult to pay the civil taxes, not to mention the synagogue assessments and the temple tax of one-half shekel.
  5. The temple head tax, payable by all except women, slaves, and minors, was one-half shekel, a coin about the size of a ten cent piece but twice as thick.

  6. He even succeeded in obtaining the restoration of the privileges of which they been deprived by the Greek cities of Asia Minor, as well as the right to collect the half shekel for the Temple.
  7. This regulation necessitated that money-changers be licensed to exchange the many sorts of currency in circulation throughout Palestine and other provinces of the Roman Empire for this orthodox shekel of Jewish coining.
  8. And this all came about in the following manner: During the Asmonean dynasty the Jews coined their own silver money, and it had become the practice to require the temple dues of one-half shekel and all other temple fees to be paid with this Jewish coin.

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