vulva sätze

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Vulva sätze (in englisch)

Cancer of the vulva is very rare.
The female vulva has been her strength.
Opened her legs and contemplated her vulva, moist, 99.
Vulvitis is an acute inflammation of the vulva in females.
I had one that was worn smooth and looked like a vulva.
Every woman is different and shaped differently in her vulva.

This wound is named "vulva" by the men, and the blood from it is.
Kurt slid his hand down over her tummy and lower abdomen to her vulva.
It shot electric pleasure through her from her breasts down to her vulva.
The pain may be constant or it may only occur intermittently - for example - when the vulva is touched.
Not once was I tortured by a tongue in the ear; expected to fondle udders; or invited to venture into a vulva.
Then she put her hand on the childs vulva and said to her playfully, This is your treasure, this is your strength.
Third rate people are captured by the vulva between a woman legs, an instrument capable to give a pleasure to a thousand.
Most women fixed their eyes on the engorged penis of their Emperor; most men stared wide-eyed at the Empress’s breasts and swollen vulva.
But when Roopa’s clamor rent the air as Sandhya plunged her tongue into her surging vulva to savor its flavor, they both had gratifying feeling.
It was tiny, but the nuns would find it – in just the kind of place they thought the devil was most interested in: on the left side of her vulva, just beside the cleft.
In what appeared to be amused delight they gazed down at hairless pubes and a very respectable erection in Alger’s case—a flowering vulva in Begum’s, before throwing convention and modesty to the winds.
The second desire won and he reached over to the side table, squirted into his hand a blob of the lubricant that had last greased his way into his fiancés protesting vulva, and pushed some up his newly shaved anus.
It was through them I discovered, in pictures, the many wonderful temples of India and was fascinated to learn that some of them had erotic sculptures and that the lingam (phallus) and to a lesser extent the yoni (vulva) are ubiquitous symbols in the temples.
There are many ways that the yogurt can be applied, including placing it directly on the vulva, or skin on the outside of the vagina, and for more severe yeast infections, the yogurt can be injected directly into the vagina with the use of a tampon applicator (without the tampon), or a needle-less syringe.

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