wrench sätze

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Wrench sätze (in englisch)

1. The Wrench in the Works.
2. Floyd put down his wrench.
3. She tried to buy a wrench.
4. I lifted the wrench again.
5. Batistuta felt his stomach wrench.
6. With a wrench he looked up at her.
7. Wrench did not take it at all well.

8. He strained and the wrench slipped.
9. That throws a wrench in his strategy.
10. Wrench and tell him what had been done.
11. Gibbons tosses a wrench into the plans.
12. There was no wrench of knowing anything.
13. He set the wrench down on the tool table.
14. Kevin showed us where the lug wrench was.
15. I try to wrench my body out of his grasp.
16. Jillian, and tried to wrench the cat off.
17. Vincy had threatened Wrench, and that Mrs.
18. I ducked as he swiped at me with the wrench.
19. She tried to wrench her body from the chair.
20. By a wrench of will she made her face a mask.
21. Matryóna tries to wrench the spade from him.
22. MATRYÓNA tries to wrench the spade from him.
23. Tools, a shovel and saw and wrench and pliers.
24. Before he could wrench it free Ser Alyn lunged.
25. Wrench was one of the most irritable among them.
26. A large hammer and a wrench solved their problem.
27. Can’t get in no place with a monkey wrench.
28. Tom dug out a socket wrench and handed it to Al.
29. Then putting the wrench on one bolt, I spun the.
30. There was a spare tire, a jack, and a lug wrench.
31. I cut my break short and wrench out ten more pulls.
32. Now, hand me a wrench so I can change these plates.
33. Wrench had said and had not said about coming again.
34. Five minutes work with a wrench and a wall came down.
35. With a sudden wrench she seized the ring but it stuck.
36. The wind tried to wrench the umbrella from his hands.
37. Wrench, what have I ever done that you should use me.
38. This wrench indeed knows too much, too much….
39. Olin continued to turn the loosened nut with the wrench.
40. However, Wrench shall know what I think of the matter.
41. It would require a special wrench to tighten or loosen.
42. But Wrench shall know what I think, take it as he will.
43. I grab a fistful of her braid and wrench her neck back.
44. He grunted as he stood, the wrench dangling from his hand.
45. Lemme have the monkey wrench an’ pliers outa the truck.
46. She grasped it and, with a mighty wrench, tugged it free.
47. But- He hit the box a last time and threw down the wrench.
48. Marcus froze behind her, a small wrench clutched in one hand.
49. It’s been one long day, one emotional wrench after another.
50. As he retracted the wrench, the engineers broke into applause.
51. Nautilus's sheet iron, using the monkey wrench he had with him.
52. I lay where I was, letting the man wrench my feet out of shape.
53. Wrench was again sent for, but was gone on his rounds, and Mrs.
54. She pulls hard on the broom, trying to wrench it from his grasp.
55. It took her a moment to wrench her mind back to the conversation.
56. And I’ll throw in a socket wrench and a couple of screwdrivers.
57. She got the jack and lug wrench and tossed them next to the spare.
58. Wrench she went about very quietly: her one low cry was to Lydgate.
59. He cocked his head at that, stared up at a moon as curvy as a wrench.
60. Wrench was not going to truckle to anybody on a professional matter.
61. It is one more useful wrench in the tool kit of valuation techniques.
62. Wrench, the physicians have their toes trodden on more than we have.
63. Wrench, who had attended their house so many years in preference to Mr.
64. Adjust the position of the pad with a 10 mm socket or open-ended wrench.
65. Even Pa, who was the leader, would hold a wrench and take orders from Al.
66. I was sleeping in my cabin when I felt a wrench, not severe or terrifying.
67. I took a bight on the wrench, but when I turned it, the pulley just rotated.
68. Somehow, she managed to wrench a piece of her former self out of the ground.
69. He gave it a slight wrench and she hastily sat down with a little cry of pain.
70. She could not contemplate calmly the thought of such another and harder wrench.
71. As the wheel rotated, I held the wrench still, using it instead as a crank to.
72. With a heaved wrench I pulled my hand free with the small bottle of vodka intact.
73. As she bent to fit the wrench over the third, she realized the bike was stopping.
74. With the wrench, Farah – having to use all his strength - managed to open the.
75. She tried to wrench them away but he held them hard, running his thumbs over the.
76. Using a pneumatic wrench, he loosened the bolts holding the actuator assembly and.
77. It’s enough to wrench a laugh from my cracked lips at the sheer absurdity of it.
78. Rokit will be coming down; can you find the interlink wrench and set it out?
79. Paddy, the inventor of the wrench was Charles Moncke and he was a London blacksmith.
80. She struggled to wrench her arm from his grip, not caring if the neighbors overheard.
81. Frank struggled against his bonds, face reddening as he tried to wrench his arms free.
82. Or that a wrench of the wheel could send the car careening into a tree or stone wall.
83. She helped him wrench open the gate and waited till he had wheeled his bicycle through.
84. And that’s all he has time to think before his arms nearly wrench from their sockets.
85. Farah picked up the wrench, and moved to the well, aft of the boat, where he knew from.
86. The night before the contest he was still tightening bolts down with the torque wrench.
87. Wrench afterwards said, Lydgate paraded flighty, foreign notions, which would not wear.
88. He tossed the wrench into the trunk and closed it, continuing up the left side of the car.
89. The swinging arm with the wrench caught him high on the cheek and he dropped like a stone.
90. He laughed inwardly that he probably had looked like a monkey pulling upon a monkey wrench.
91. Khalila looked up sharply at him, frowning, and Thomas dropped a wrench loudly on the table.
92. Frank kicked him between the legs, yelling his defiance as he managed to wrench one arm free.
93. His words seemed to wrench her back, to force her into conversation she did not want to have.
94. So while millions of people know what a "monkey wrench" is, very few know who Moncke had been.
95. The branch was thicker than Hal’s leg, but the ogre simply snapped it off with one hard wrench.
96. I feel a sharp wrench as the files are transferred through the gate to the outer unit of the cage.
97. Wrench should neglect her children more than others, she could not for the life of her understand.
98. Then, with that terrible wrench, awareness had struck him that he would never do any of this again.
99. He managed to wrench an arm free and land a knuckle in someone’s eye with a mad swing of his fist.
100. Was Monroe throwing another monkey wrench into the equation? Now who could this person possibly be?
1. His stomach was wrenching with.
2. Liz felt the guilt wrenching in her gut.
3. The ejection came hard and hell wrenching.
4. She scowled, her heart wrenching in her chest.
5. A wrenching feeling came into Joey’s stomach.
6. The noise was soul wrenching to Samual`s ears.
7. Samual opened the door, nearly wrenching the.
8. The wrenching screams of his singeing torture.
9. The moment, in Nancy’s words, is wrenching.
10. The screams the trees made were heart wrenching.
11. His knee made a wrenching sound on the hard earth.
12. Lafit felt a gut wrenching pain, he coughed up blood.
13. Harmony fought the wrenching urge to share her secrets.
14. Justin Stain found The Boss’ expression gut wrenching.
15. Wrenching sensations staggered him, destroying this reunion.
16. Then came this horrid wrenching sound, and they both looked up.
17. He knelt over the goblin, wrenching her sword free and offered it.
18. He grabbed her arms, gently wrenching the shovel out of her hands.
19. The weight of his actions swelled inside him, wrenching at his guts.
20. Zac grabbed the front of Alistair's shirt again, wrenching him close.
21. Wrenching her gaze away from his, she turned to stare out the window.
22. I need to see them, I said, a wave of nausea wrenching my stomach.
23. He appeared to be wrenching at it, or bending it with all his strength.
24. Give me that,’ he added, wrenching the pocket watch from Mori’s hands.
25. Suddenly, staring me in the eyes her pain was so clear and heart wrenching.
26. Her own mother, wrenching her away and flinging her screaming out the door.
27. Di Yang felt a heart wrenching pain in his heart but still he laughed merrily.
28. It was soul wrenching when she would ask them when she was coming home, often.
29. He realized both women were missing, and he was filled with gut wrenching fear.
30. After the trepidation and gut wrenching of the first kill, an icy elation slid.
31. The gut wrenching orgasm he had given her had only served to whet her appetite.
32. Then the Zombie let out a gut wrenching noise and liquid poured out of its mouth.
33. A few wrenching movements with the steering wheel, and it was free to be steered.
34. No! No! I cannot, I don’t want to do this… His heart was heart wrenching.
35. Now, stand up, you wimpey little shit, Carlisle said, wrenching the door open.
36. She bowed deeply, her heart wrenching in knots as she saw Roger pressing kisses to.
37. Wrenching away the bow and an arrow he staggered toward the opening of the pavilion.
38. Never again, she reproached herself, between waves of nausea wrenching at her stomach.
39. Heart wrenching, thought the president, I cannot imagine what I would do without my son.
40. It became something of a hobby, a deeply wrenching one that produced no finished result.
41. It must have been love, though perhaps not the kind of soul wrenching madness I dreamed of.
42. The light revealed the heart wrenching sight of hundreds of genothroids surrounding the convoy.
43. I would forget for a moment and then the nightmare would clobber me anew, wrenching my insides.
44. That should have been enough answer for me, but I had to ask the most wrenching question of all.
45. My stomach was consumed by gut wrenching pains and everything came up in heaving waves of nausea.
46. Her sobs became less wrenching, her tears dried, and the storm of her emotions began to die down.
47. The wrenching pain in my chest at the thought of letting her go was a powerful testament of that.
48. Therefore when he was robbed, he felt guilty and heart wrenching, that is why he said those words.
49. Clastaan hurried out of the bushes, fueled by adrenaline and fear with a wrenching twist in his gut.
50. Martin Cunningham put out his arm and, wrenching back the handle, shoved the door open with his knee.
51. It was a wrenching tour, Conklin staying close to Kelly’s side as she cried out, Oh, God, oh, God.
52. A sprain occurs at a joint and is caused by the wrenching or tearing of tissues connected with the joint.
53. But that someone was not my father, Melodía said, wrenching loose her javelin with unnecessary force.
54. She was crying heart wrenching sobs as she mourned the loss of Ensign Jones, mourned whilst she still could.
55. Aaaaaaarggggghhhhhh! went Ford Prefect, wrenching his head back as lumps of pain thumped through it.
56. In truth, Eilidh felt miserable, leaning against the wall, breathing deeply, agony wrenching her lifeless arm.
57. All around Danny’s cottage lightning strikes hit here and there, wrenching the air with their electric screams.
58. Mark yelled as he swerved, wrenching the bars and bike around the brown shapeless lumps shuffling in front of us.
59. It was a gut wrenching fact that the same would apply to Wolfgang Blauner, to Ben Scully and to Glenys Hastings.
60. Wrenching the pen out and raising its poison tip, he limped forward, his feet dragging through the rocks and sand.
61. She looked across the hall into the parlor where Gerald had lain and, wrenching her thoughts from him, looked up.
62. Half wrenching myself out of Berndt’s embrace, I turn to see Deris standing there, Adamant’s reins in his hand.
63. He never saw the flash, only the building wrenching in a rumble of concrete and glass, doors blowing out behind him.
64. It was wrenching that some desperate attempt to hold together their daughter’s virtue was clouding their judgment.
65. The wrenching sadness that eats into your soul can only begin to be relieved by the happiness a new puppy can bring.
66. Little by little the wrenching sobs slow; I hold him, his face against my shoulder, until the shuddering breaths stop.
67. Losing Rosie in this way would be like losing my Mother and Father again unthinkable, unbearable and heart wrenching.
68. It was a relief and a blessing how their mutual remembrances did well to ward off the most wrenching pain of the heart.
69. They soon found that Fin’s foot was stuck between the rocks and it took them a lot a tugging and wrenching to free it.
70. After determining this neck twisting, back wrenching, forest-infected back road would never come to an end, it suddenly did.
71. Not just tears but a chest wrenching, sobbing deluge of incoherent muttering, gasps of pain, mucus, saliva and salty water.
72. Involuntarily, he gasped as the full weight of his body swung free wrenching his already stretched and battered arm muscles.
73. Before Zac could ask any questions, Aya grabbed the hair at the back of his head, wrenching it to the side, exposing his neck.
74. After telling my Dad and my brothers, Doyle and Scott, and my sister Karen, it was a heart wrenching day to have to go through.
75. Depending on our past actions, the process can be joyful or heart wrenching, but undeniably it affords us a moment of learning.
76. Then I braced myself again to my horrid task, and found by wrenching away tomb tops one other of the sisters, the other dark one.
77. The next months and years to come were the most awful, heart wrenching, belly-aching, life changing, and WONDERFUL time in my life.
78. She slammed against the grate, taking the bars in her talons and wrenching them loose, raining clumps of broken stone to the floor.
79. The Pict was wrenching furiously to free his knife hand, was clutching at Balthus' ax, and driving his knees at the youth's groin.
80. The moonlight disappeared behind a swirling mass of storm clouds, just as in his mind, darkness had filled him with gut wrenching panic.
81. But there was more; a vivid memory of the most side-splitting, throat wrenching, back arching orgasm she had ever had in her whole life.
82. There are few sights as gripping and soul wrenching as the heroically time-defying remains of the Parthenon which dominates the Acropolis.
83. An even more wrenching sorrow followed, adding all the rest of the world, as I saw/felt a coil-like shape of wind blowing everything away.
84. Certainly, such a wrenching market decline today would wreak havoc on the financial and social structure of the republic, as it did 70 years ago.
85. They gripped the ladder and it pulled them upwards, wrenching their arms viciously and dropping them like a yo-yo, thrusting them under the water.
86. The flashes of brilliance grew in intensity and frequency until, in a sudden wrenching crescendo, the journey ended with one final almighty flash.
87. On it raced, growing higher with each turn, enormous even from their distant view, racing backward to Mesapit wrenching and crushing posts and barriers.
88. Quickly Bannister used both hands wrenching the stick from Rawson's grip so severely the plane banked to a near inverted position directly over the friendlies.
89. She could visualize the expression on his face, and the fantasy tickled her so much that she began to giggle, and the laughter turned into deep, wrenching sobs.
90. I was thinking it was months, as my wrist moved easily, although there was a thick brace on it, and I no longer had the wrenching pain and pressure in my stomach.
91. He was thankful, however, that she had not broken down completely for that was usually what made this type of duty so very unpleasant and all the more heart wrenching.
92. Most times, however, this does not happen and sooner or later we find ourselves having to do those awful, tedious, sometimes teeth grinding and heart wrenching things.
93. Soon after Truman left for Puerto Viejo in the poor light of early morning, she tripped among the rocks, wrenching it and partially tearing loose the sole of her sneaker.
94. The anger melted away and dissolved into deep wrenching sobs, as she seemed to fold over on herself her head dipping forward, until it almost touch the edge of the table.
95. They hadn’t the slightest idea of what conditions were really like nor would they ever be able to grasp the sheer horror and gut wrenching terror of battle or even a raid.
96. At last, wrenching himself away, he drew his revolver and put it in the open mouth of Lyamshin, who was still yelling and was by now tightly held by Tolkatchenko, Erkel, and Liputin.
97. He'd be dead in moments, but that wasn't fast enough for Aiden, so he plunged his sword down into his enemy’s shoulder, cracking his collar bone and wrenching out a chunk of flesh.
98. After these five fighters, we observe on the left a powerful bearded satyr (face much injured), with flowing panther-skin, facing the right, and wrenching away a branch from a tree (VII).
99. You flirt with me, invite me back to your place, now—hey! Listen to me, he said, advancing on Yuki, gripping her chin hard with his thumb and forefinger, wrenching her face toward him.
100. By turning the wheels by hand and by levers they could only produce a semblance of movement, and meantime they would be wrenching the wheels and so preventing their being fit for real movement.
1. He sat up and wrenched.
2. He wrenched the club free.
3. When she wrenched the hekus.
4. Savagely he wrenched the lid up.
5. He wrenched the front door open.
6. He wrenched his eyes away from me.
7. She wrenched it out and swung again.
8. She wrenched her mouth away to pull.
9. Phil and Cuppernell wrenched it level.
10. He wrenched his thoughts back to the present.
11. She wrenched herself away and stared at him.
12. Bino wrenched around and gasped for a breath.
13. It wrenched his heart to see her so unhappy.
14. I kicked Jacob hard and wrenched the knife away.
15. Felt like my chest was being wrenched to pieces.
16. Upon entering, he wrenched the mask off his face.
17. Someone had wrenched the wheel hard to portside.
18. It wrenched her to the core to continue speaking.
19. She reached up and wrenched on the copper funnel.
20. Her face had been wrenched with anger and hatred.
21. The whole UFO spotters group had finally wrenched.
22. Grabbing a handful of covers he wrenched them back.
23. She grabbed his arm and wrenched it around his back.
24. He dug his fingers in cruelly and wrenched her to.
25. He had bounded across the room and had wrenched a.
26. Djgarr roared, his heart wrenched with rage and grief.
27. Wrenched inside, what else could she do but despair?
28. A moan was wrenched from deep inside the vault of his.
29. Her arm wrenched in the socket, and she had to let go.
30. He wrenched his eyes shut, but no matter how he hard.
31. Percival angrily wrenched open the heavy, wooden door.
32. Ser Lucas had wrenched his sword free for another cut.
33. As she died she fell on the girl, and wrenched her leg.
34. A whimper of longing was wrenched from Libby’s throat.
35. He grasped the rifle even as he wrenched free his knife.
36. The blade stuck to the table! He wrenched at it savagely.
37. He wrenched at his hair and his body shook with his sobs.
38. His stomach wrenched and his breath caught in his throat.
39. Several men caught hold of the arm and wrenched with all.
40. His neck was wrenched roughly to the side, one fraction.
41. Directly the box was in my hands I wrenched off the cover.
42. It was getting closer when I wrenched upright of the desk.
43. And all of them hurt terribly when they are wrenched back.
44. The door had been wrenched off its hinges and broken to bits.
45. Shock gripped his heart, and his stomach wrenched with fear.
46. She wrenched her arm from his grasp and intensified her glare.
47. But the thought of never seeing Angus again wrenched my soul.
48. Then he stormed towards the door, wrenched it open, and left.
49. She wrenched open the back door and threw herself in with him.
50. She wrenched her arms away, wailing some incomprehensible curse.
51. She wrenched her face to the side and spit up towards his face.
52. Suddenly the Chechen wrenched himself free and fired his pistol.
53. Nangong Ping was totally wrenched and his heart was tearing apart.
54. He wrenched the cane away and was at Bradyn’s side in an instant.
55. She wrenched the lid off the tin of paint, and sloshed it over him.
56. One grabbed a lock of her hair and wrenched it clean from her head.
57. He wrenched open the door and shouted into the darkness of the cab.
58. He locked both hands around the dragonlord's sword arm, and wrenched.
59. Melodía felt her loincloth wrenched away, heard it flung to the wall.
60. The climber stretched forth a long arm and wrenched away this cylinder.
61. Having found the lock, I tugged at it and wrenched off the whole thing.
62. His attention was called by the sound of the window being wrenched out.
63. The knife was wrenched from her grip and clattered to the wooden floor.
64. It wrenched away and she kicked at it, while trying to regain her feet.
65. Why are you bleeding then you liar? She wrenched a hand away and.
66. Frodo passed his hand over his brow and wrenched his eyes away from the.
67. She could see where the ligaments had been wrenched and the muscle torn.
68. The fire crew came with the Jaws of Life and wrenched open the back door.
69. Ball wrenched free of his grip, but by then two more of them were on him.
70. He wrenched his hand away and let her fall, blood dripping onto the ground.
71. Because the angel had wrenched his hip out of the socket, Jacob had a limp.
72. Pa wrenched himself out of the grasp of the second man and dashed across.
73. Then suddenly he wrenched himself from her, confusing her by his violence.
74. What the heck, blurted Norman, as he was violently wrenched sideways?
75. The spare life card! Zavier wrenched it out of his pocket and looked around.
76. He had bounded across the room and had wrenched a small phial from her hand.
77. Cut free, Kara wrenched herself away from me and stumbled off into the crowd.
78. His guess turned out to be right; he casually climbed up and wrenched it off.
79. He wrenched the overcoat from its plastic wrapper and unfurled it before her.
80. I wrenched her hand and ducked forward, right under the singing ball of light.
81. Alex cried out in surprise as he was wrenched in close to the crazy guys face.
82. She was eating small apples wrenched from the tree long before they were ripe.
83. He wrenched free of Raymun’s hand and shouldered his way out of the pavilion.
84. Pierre seized the crossbeam, tugged, and wrenched the oak frame out with a crash.
85. The sound of boots on metal wrenched Amaranthe’s attention from the scene below.
86. Dunk flung the battered shield away and wrenched up the visor of Aerion’s helm.
87. Wrenched from slumber by the disturbance, Hallen and Bane thought trouble was at.
88. Falling backwards, she screamed with pain as her arms were wrenched over her head.
89. When it was time for Roopa’s departure, the mates felt wrenched from one another.
90. I felt as though I’d been wrenched back through time and then shot forward again.
91. He wrenched his arm away from me as though I carried the plague and screamed at me.
92. He wrenched his axe slowly around to his left side and watched the serpent carefully.
93. I started the ignition, wrenched the car into gear and headed out onto the road again.
94. It had squawked abruptly when she wrenched its wing off; the sound had been unpleasant.
95. Reaching the Steg's security, I wrenched down the handle and the heavy door swung open.
96. My septic foot burst into flame, my stomach wrenched and I hurled curses to the heavens.
97. Holms reached over to the wall socket and wrenched the cable from it and the din ceased.
98. Five hours later, painfully stiff legs and a torturous neck-ache wrenched him from sleep.
99. Taking hold of her other arm he wrenched the rope tight around it, biting into her wrists.
100. Looks very much as though it has been wrenched out … must have gone over the cliff edge.
1. The movement wrenches at my heart.
2. He wrenches open the passenger door and leans out.
3. We oughta get us a set a socket wrenches, he called.
4. When I think of maybe never seeing her again, it wrenches my guts.
5. He stops next to Caleb, grabs his arm, and wrenches him to his feet.
6. Devon wrenches on the steering wheel, executing a clumsy right turn.
7. Yes, they are all wrenches, but there are now so many to choose from.
8. He wrenches me to the side and fires again, hitting Christina in the leg.
9. The stout gnome drew his wrenches from his tool belt and hurried into the melee.
10. It’s like a huge tool chest chock-full of different wrenches and saws and hammers.
11. Tobias grabs the Dauntless woman by the back of her neck and wrenches her to her feet.
12. I dive for the gun, but before I can touch it, he grabs me and wrenches me to the side.
13. Gregory grabs my head and wrenches it to the side, giving Uncle Dylan access to my neck.
14. This and this and this, said Mink, instructing the others with their assorted spoons and wrenches.
15. But when you branch out into options, it is like opening your toolbox and seeing a set of Allen wrenches.
16. With an air of normality Alex wrenches the car door off its hinges and hauls out a skinny looking boy covered in spots.
17. I had come to understand guns, that they were tools and that they were no more evil, in their essence, than pliers and wrenches.
18. But Sal and her table were there first, grabbing up wrenches and crowbars and hammers; and they began ripping crates apart in search of other things.
19. All these thoughts went through Fred’s mind as he puttered about, getting gloves and funnels, wrenches and oilcans out of the big bin on the side of the truck.
20. Certainly there should be an optimal compartment to store tools and other overnight essentials, including adjustable wrenches, a battery tester, flares because they were under-rated.
21. Sensing the momentary relaxation of his clutching fingers, Josie finally wrenches herself away from him, and, spinning out of reach stands, laughing hysterically, at the mixture of frustration and rage on his face.
22. And in the modern era, as the naivety of a Nehruvian socialistic pattern of society perpetuated the Islamic legacy of celebrating poverty, Mother India remained a pauper in the vice-like grip of the State, tightened further by his self-serving daughter Indira, till Narasimha Rao unshackled it by the Manmohanamic wrenches!.

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