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    Use "“we’ll" in a sentence

    “we’ll example sentences


    1. “We’ll have to have a doctor examine him, then

    2. “We’ll just have to put some plywood over it and nail it shut

    3. “Daniel wait,” Kate was holding up her hand, “we’ll just have to repeat everything all over tomorrow for the other riders

    4. She looked at him quizzically for a moment before replying, “We’ll see”

    5. “OK”, he said to his dear old mother, “we’ll have some fun, but I think the socks idea stinks

    6. “He’s right”, said Harry, “We’ll need a roof over our heads

    7. mother, “we’ll have some fun, but I think the socks idea stinks

    8. “We’ll leave most of our belongings in the barn,” he suggested,

    9. “This is ridiculous,” Jorma said, “We’ll never find anything in here

    10. “We’ll come up with that

    11. “We’ll pick up with this

    12. “We’ll set up camp here,” Andrew said, “It’s as good a place as any, and it’s dry and flat

    13. “We’ll ask her how she’d like to have this as a front step for the next few decades

    14. “We’ll need the atmosphere shuttle also

    15. “We’ll hear the handoff to Vietnam soon

    16. “We’ll be in for a turbulent ride and a difficult landing

    17. “We’ll never catch up to them,” Johnny the Killer countered

    18. “We’ll see about that

    19. “We’ll still be looked to for advice

    20. “We’ll talk about that in the taxi,” I said as I took his trolley and

    21. “We’ll just see about that

    22. “We’ll have some time to play with, so here I am – all yours,” she whispered

    23. “If my father comes back knocking,” he’d said with a delighted grin, “we’ll knock the

    24. “We’ll cross that bridge as soon as my family is settled here in Babylon

    25. “We’ll manage,” replied Chris getting to his knees to have another look at the still unconscious Lucy, “There are less of us to fit in it now anyway

    26. “We’ll rest here for a while and see if Lucy wakes up

    27. “We’ll just have to pray she is

    28. “We’ll just find out

    29. “Let’s bring this heater next to the door,” said Richard, “We’ll go through, light the wrappers and then you’d better get this door closed

    30. “We’ll have to see how long this battery actually lasts

    31. “We’ll keep packed in case we have to leave in a hurry

    32. “We’ll be out of the mountains by the end of tomorrow, won’t we?” said Kate, as they all prepared to go to sleep

    33. “We’ll have to see

    34. “We’ll never get in this side

    35. “We’ll make a start then

    36. “We’ll have to use the other unit’s

    37. “We’ll keep him away from me because I don’t trust him one bit

    38. “Our meeting,” she stammered, “we’ll just

    39. “We’ll form a shield!”

    40. “We’ll continue this discussion later in private,” Adem said quietly, “as I fear there may be more listeners than we had predicted

    41. “We’ll get you something to drink, my darling,” Wil said, and then he turned to Carl to ask, “Couldn’t you have healed her too?”

    42. “We’ll take care of that

    43. “We’ll win this war, Commander, because we’re capable of understanding the Red

    44. “We’ll have achieved

    45. “We’ll leave it at that, but please, let me know if you get into a pickle and it causes a problem

    46. “We’ll be in Illeander by dawn

    47. “We’ll need rag paper, not pulp-based

    48. “We’ll never know, will we?” I said

    49. “We’ll have to rescue them from jail in the morning,” Books muttered

    50. “We’ll put in our case report that we talked to you, and that should close it out

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