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Acts in a sentence

Acts 2 (v.
on Acts x.
If he acts.
In Acts 4,.
Acts 1:4, 8.
(Acts 1: 8;.
It acts and.

Acts 2:38, 39.
Acts 2: 38-47.
Turn to Acts 2.
Read Acts 1:11.
Acts 10:14, 15.
Acts 20:23, 24.
See also Acts.
See Acts 2:27.
Also Acts 15:24.
Peter (Acts iii.
Acts 7: 22 to 37.
Read Acts 22:16.
Does Acts 9: 15.
(Acts 2: 38).
It also acts as.
Read Acts 2:1-47.
In Acts we read:.
Acts 2:1-4 - 1.
Of acting out.
And by acting.
He was acting.
Acting on his.
Or into acting.
You are acting.
I am acting mean.
Is acting a fool.
She was acting on.
acting as proxy for.
Sela, acting out.
Acting out the song.
He was acting crazy.
Hope is acting in a.
and its way of acting.
I am acting in her.
He was acting like a.
thinking and of acting.
You could keep acting.
Only he wasn't acting.
Chevalier was acting.
else is acting abnormal.
objective, acting in a.
You are acting in the.
Is he acting up?.
father, acting that day.
Be acted on.
If he acted.
She acted as.
She just acted.
I acted out.
how I had acted.
she acted out.
� Still I acted.
M A Sheikho acted.
He acted like he.
to be acted upon.
he acted so stupidly.
He acted perfectly.
be acted on foremost.
As ’tis Acted at.
I acted unconcerned.
I acted as advance.
I felt and acted smug.
She acted much worse.
She acted as yawning.
The beast alone acted.
Men acted like brutes.
She acted innocently.
But suddenly he acted.
he acted as her minder.
acted as his assistant.
acted and sang as well.
Bennett acted that way.
Is an act.
As an act.
A new act.
In an act.
If you act.
And the act.
But the act.
The act of.
I will act.
His act of.
Every act is.
The act was.
To act in a.
And they act.
In final act.
To act from.
I have to act.
He had to act.
They may act.
You must act.
act as it does.
Then act on it.
A violent act.
God in this act.
It was an act.
an act of faith.
And in the act.
And an act of.

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