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Alexander in a sentence

I had to ask Alexander.
The Alexander of his day.
Alexander rose to the bait.
Alexander did not do that.
Jane Alexander, by Thomas E.
Alexander turned to face her.
Alexander jumped to his feet.

Alexander wrapped her in a.
Alexander looked at her work.
The letter to Alexander at St.
Alexander was depending on her.
Alexander when he got close to.
Alexander Pope, Poet and Knave).
Alexander directions to the tunnel.
Andrew Alexander and Chris in 2012.
In the meantime Alexander sped away.
I motioned Alexander to do the same.
Alexander frowned at the interruption.
Matilda scurried along after Alexander.
Alexander the Great was a Greek, and.
To me it was just plain old Alexander.
The second one’s name was Alexander.
Matilda and Alexander were in the back.
Alexander swallowed his in one draught.
Alexander called him my sleeplessness.
The Spartans held Alexander in derision.
Alexander and I awakened at the same time.
Alexander noticed and showed an interest.
Alexander thought it was polite to knock.
Mr Alexander couldn’t remember his face.
Aristotle taught Alexander for three years.
This is not a ransom demand, Alexander.
Toby was now my nephew and Alexander was.
Alexander called out to me but in a whisper.
That’s when I asked Alexander to do the.
Alexander added, It’s a beauty to see.
Yes, the father, Alexander Zalachenko.
Smith and 14 month-old Alexander Tyler Smith.
Telephone Alexander and have him call on us.
I hope you don’t mind, Alexander said.

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