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Algal in a sentence

1. Abbreviated as "ATS", is also referred to as a turf scrubber or algal scrubber.
2. Ravenous, it being several hours since breakfast on the Mages’ terrace, Peteru and Uretep ordered their usual lunch of algal steaks, toast and coffee.
3. An acrid smell of rotting fish was getting stronger as they travelled east, and Siri noticed that the sea around the ship was becoming red with an algal bloom.
4. There were lots of hawkers about, and labor boards pleaded for algal technicians, metallurgists and moldmakers with attractive rates, as well as the usual factory help.
5. After regaining consciousness they wolfed down a snack of algal nuts and fruit, then pretended to leave the apartment, remote starting the vidspot interference as they closed the door.

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