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Applauding in a sentence

1. Bruce said it was God applauding.
2. The back rows began applauding, as in a theatre.
3. I could hear the advertisers applauding off screen.
4. Goebbels held his hands over his head applauding wildly.
5. The applauding died down as each slowed the beat of his palms.
6. She turned and found the congregation on their feet, applauding.
7. He would begin by applauding the audience while slowly raising the pitch.

8. When he saw me, he smiled and clapped his hands, as if he were applauding.
9. As the piece ended, the audience stood up, applauding wildly and whistling.
10. The crowd continued cheering and applauding the greatest monarch on earth.
11. The count sat in the ballroom, smiling radiantly and applauding the players.
12. Miner's eyes were shining with tears as she stood applauding with the rest of.
13. What a struggle! Ned Land quickly grew enthusiastic and even ended up applauding.
14. During all of this, Yeltsa was silently applauding the soldiers for such a neat trick.
15. Father began to smile a little and then clapped his hands together softly, as if applauding her!.
16. Now the other parents were smiling too, and to Hal’s amazement, they actually started applauding.
17. He did not move, but lowered his head in abject appreciation of this kind, kind applauding audience.
18. The gathering cheered in admiration, applauding endlessly as they beamed with smiles, standing on their feet.
19. The crowd was applauding him loudly and Barrington again fell to wondering where he had seen this man before.
20. When he finished, the boys leapt to their feet and cheered, applauding with their hands held over their heads.
21. One of the survivors, the woman with the baby, then started applauding, soon followed by all the others present.
22. In normal daydreaming you are standing back and watching yourself, applauding yourself, patting yourself on the back.
23. Frodo opened his eyes and saw that Bilbo was seated on his stool in a circle of listeners, who were smiling and applauding.
24. The rest of the company watched him with much interest, laughing when he made a very bad shot and applauding when he scored.
25. It was a mostly comic ritual, with the patrons giving a halfhearted effort and the dining room applauding their attempts.
26. Yes indeed! Wosea exclaimed in glee, clapping his tiny hands rapidly together, and many there joined him in applauding.
27. At the end, after applauding her with enthusiasm, Anne Marie Louise d’Orléans said something that made Nancy smile to her.
28. Since his profane outburst in the direction of the applauding juror, I thought, my father had been unusually patient with Jonah.
29. Featherstone was still applauding the last performance, and assuring missy that her voice was as clear as a blackbird's, when Mr.
30. If you sat around there long enough and heard all the phonies applauding and all, you got to hate everybody in the world, I swear you did.
31. Part of it was the clamorous applauding by the enthusiastic Tarmorian spectators, and the other part was beating Zirnen in a championship match.
32. A frantic yell rose from the whole hall, there was a deafening roar of applause; almost half the audience was applauding: their enthusiasm was excusable.
33. The rest of the public made for the exit, but as the applauding part of the audience kept pressing forward towards the platform, there was a regular block.
34. Meanwhile, back in the arena, the crowds in the upper tiers were shouting and applauding with such exuberance that those on the bottom tiers had become afraid.
35. Our servile rabble applauded, but I attacked him, not from compassion for the girls and their fathers, but simply because they were applauding such an insect.
36. This part—the book signings, the people applauding her—she hadn’t thought about this at all during the years she’d spent thinking about writing a book.
37. Meantime the game of shove-ha'penny proceeded merrily, the majority of the male guests crowding round the board, applauding or censuring the players as occasion demanded.
38. All heads of states in their respective speeches had specially made a mention of Jabran and his team and thanked him individually and collectively with applauding hands.
39. Beck smiled, he saw himself stood at the podium in the centre of the new structure with the world at his feet, hanging on to his every word and applauding every sentence.
40. With a turn of the wrist, Erik tightened the noose round his adversary's neck and, in this fashion, dragged him before the little sultana and her women, who sat looking from a window and applauding.
41. As they jogged to their right and entered the shopping district on Fourth Avenue, people stopped on the sidewalk or rushed out of storefronts to watch them pass—staring, snickering, and applauding.
42. We'd been picnicking at the local beach, watching the surfers and water-skiers riding the long, rolling waves, waiting for their perfect moment, and uncle was applauding their commitment and patience.
43. Think of the eighty thousand applauding spectators, the sage matrons who took their daughters, and the charming Vestals who made with the thumb of their white hands the fatal sign that said, 'Come, despatch the dying.
44. At the earliest opportunity, she created a flamboyant ending, standing trying to suppress her panting chest before going into an expansive curtsey, almost brainwashing them into applauding … giving her the ending she needed.
45. Freddy Malins, who had listened with his head perched sideways to hear her better, was still applauding when everyone else had ceased and talking animatedly to his mother who nodded her head gravely and slowly in acquiescence.
46. Kids were wrestling on the floor of the next room and the teakettle was shrieking and there was too much going on for anyone to notice the shabby state of the jacket, and suddenly Richard’s colleagues at the table were applauding.
47. The lowest, cruelest, and worst populace of a city, never without its quantity of low, cruel, and bad, were the directing spirits of the scene: noisily commenting, applauding, disapproving, anticipating, and precipitating the result, without a check.
48. I would rather tread the boards of a high school stage every day with two hundred adolescents applauding, than act in front of the Cyclops eye of a camera and an irritated neurotic director, while half a dozen crew members chat amongst themselves, uninterested in what’s going on.
49. At the noise thus produced, the officers ran out in throngs from the cafe, passers-by collected, and a large and merry circle, hooting and applauding, was formed around this whirlwind composed of two beings, whom there was some difficulty in recognizing as a man and a woman: the man struggling, his hat on the ground; the woman striking out with.
50. And then, strangest fact of all, the people who find it a hard struggle to live, or who exist in dreadful poverty and sometimes starve, instead of trying to understand the causes of their misery and to find out a remedy themselves, spend all their time applauding the Practical, Sensible, Level-headed Business-men, who bungle and mismanage their affairs, and pay them huge salaries for doing so.
51. After the last note had faded away, the silence continued for a few minutes more, then a muted sigh escaped the audience followed by thunderous applause, as I turned to look at the passion that showed on everyone’s face I spied Coatl applauding, I was glad he’d decided to stay and experience an event that to miss would have made your life that much the poorer, when I caught up with him I said.
52. Several of those who had been loudest in applauding Grinder also joined in the demand that Owen should make a speech, because they were certain that Grinder and the other gentlemen would be able to dispose of all his arguments; but Owen and the other Socialists made no response except to laugh, so presently Crass tied a white handkerchief on a cane walking-stick that belonged to Mr Didlum, and stuck it in the vase of flowers that stood on the end of the table where the Socialist group were sitting.
53. Macon,) claim the right of censuring in matters equally within his sole and peculiar province? If, then, we are to interfere with Executive duties, not merely as sycophants, applauding his every act, but as freemen condemning what we do not approve, the inevitable consequence must be, a conflict between the Executive and Legislative Departments, in which the wounds of either can only be inflicted through the constitution; or (an issue equally fatal) the advantages intended to be derived from separate deliberation, distinct responsibility, and mutual jealousy and watchfulness of the separate departments disappear, in a miserable complaisance of acting by previous concert, and thus propping each other before the people.
54. He then laid his hand first on my head in welcome then turned to Coatl and laid his hand on his head, I was watching for a reaction, ready to leap on Coatl’s arms if he put a hand in his sleeve, but Coatl knelt at the priests blessing, the crowd went wild applauding, the priest lifted Coatl from his knees and putting his arms around him, shouted to the people to fetch food for the guest’s, he then turned to me and asked if we might like to freshen up while the food was being prepared, I nodded, bowed to the village elders and followed Wedon to his home next to the temple pyramid; his home was built of mud and faced with stone, the walls were covered with brightly coloured murals depicting every day life among the Toltec, a cunning design allowed a breeze to pick up the aroma from the many hanging plants and waft the scent throughout the cool rooms of the house, we were directed to a room with a rock pool, benches along the walls had fresh clothes and towels laid out, we bathed, dressed in fresh clothes and waited for our host to return.
1. She is to be applauded.
2. People in the bar applauded.
3. The crowd applauded me aloud.
4. The group applauded its assent.
5. Nobody stood up and applauded.
6. No one protested or applauded.
7. The Wise Men applauded lustily.
8. Everybody in the bar applauded.
9. His dancing was much applauded.
10. All the guests promptly applauded.
11. For that, they are to be applauded.
12. He neither complained nor applauded.
13. They applauded and hugged each other.
14. The wood trolls cheered and applauded.
15. Excellence should always be applauded.
16. She blushed as the audience applauded!.
17. The men applauded as they nodded their.
18. Some of the spectators applauded briefly.
19. The fathers and mothers present applauded.
20. The Council Members applauded their support.
21. Marianne’s performance was highly applauded.
22. Everyone applauded the reunion of the legends.
23. There was a pause and then everyone applauded.
24. Some of them started clapping and applauded me.
25. The patients whopped and applauded more loudly.
26. The audience applauded and whistled and stomped.
27. For the most part, the crowd applauded politely.
28. Hank was again applauded and honored by everyone.
29. Everyone applauded the reunion of the legendaries.
30. The people in the room applauded as they entered.
31. The crowd whistled and applauded and she blushed.
32. They all laughed and applauded their achievements.
33. The same crowds that applauded my act, turned on me.
34. And there was Big Poe! Us kids shouted, applauded!.
35. Anil finished his speech and the staff applauded hard.
36. While the old man regretted, Marius applauded himself.
37. A cheer broke out from the audience and they applauded.
38. The Street analysts applauded his gutsy retail acumen.
39. Major Sweeny applauded when Ingrid did that final step.
40. For that the Guardians should be applauded not accused.
41. The sign went up once more, and the audience applauded.
42. When the boyos came back into the bar, we all applauded.
43. The crowd applauded as I craned my neck to see the stage.
44. The crowd applauded as Alvin tenderly handed off little.
45. He applauded her at the end of the song, truly impressed.
46. Ananay clapped and the rest of the crowd applauded as well.
47. We applauded, and surprisingly the lads at the pool table.
48. They had not applauded or even reacted to my being on the.
49. It is first applauded, and then censured by the opposition.
50. People applauded, thinking that was the best part of the show.
51. The crowd applauded as the extra busty Smitha came on the stage.
52. Exuberance is to be applauded in the young and mistakes happen.
53. Dark flushed as the crowd laughed and applauded even louder now.
54. My aunt probably would have applauded my caution, but I hated it.
55. He applauded her pious resolution, and offered to accompany her.
56. He made the final declaration and the players applauded his feat.
57. Charles quietly applauded his helper and grasped hold of the key.
58. He stood and took his bow, and the elves all applauded even louder.
59. The world applauded the spectacular ending of a terrifying ordeal.
60. On my planet intelligence is applauded, you would be a hero Amanda.
61. The others applauded as a spindly woman in elasticized jeans stood up.
62. At the other end his partner applauded while Raz cursed comically by.
63. The crowd applauded uncertainly, but Sebastian hardly heard them as a.
64. His road-building projects in particular had been universally applauded.
65. And they applauded his fabulous dancing skills with a five-minute long.
66. Everyone applauded, and with that signal, heads turned toward the hallway.
67. Kathleen played a selection of Irish airs which was generously applauded.
68. Crusher was the last one to loose, and the audience applauded and cheered.
69. When he finished the audience applauded, some more vigorously than others.
70. Of course, it was not the whole audience, but a good half of it applauded.
71. Nyx had a straight face and applauded from her seat, but Wynne rolled his.
72. I really can’t blame them and they are to be applauded for their courage.
73. The audience applauded like mad, and some guy behind me kept saying to his.
74. The crowd rose to its feet and applauded as one of South India’s greatest.
75. He laughed joyously with Halit and the others who applauded him and cheered.
76. I slowly applauded him That was a really epic speech my friend, I’m sold.
77. Minorities throughout the world applauded their actions in South Africa while.
78. Lezura quickly put her headphones around her ears and silently applauded Joey.
79. The huge crowd of spectators and guests facing the large stage applauded with.
80. This spectacle set almost half the audience laughing, twenty people applauded.
81. The crowd laughed and applauded, as if this was the funniest thing in the world.
82. Indeed any attempt to keep swearing in public under control should be applauded.
83. Nancy looked for a moment at the medal, moved, as the others applauded her warmly.
84. They applauded with gusto, and gave her the right praises befitting her rendition.
85. Courtesans and gendarmes of the State applauded the travelers upon their entrance.
86. All but the artist and the schoolboy, who applauded and shouted, "Bravo, bravo!".
87. Only if Tony D’souja were there, the agents would be applauded, but not accused.
88. His father was mildly surprised, but applauded the apparent desire for solitary study.
89. Nick approved and applauded his cousin’s choice, but that was neither here nor there.
90. Everyone applauded and the community members closest to her at the table gave her hugs.
91. Each received a diploma and each were applauded boisterously by their peers and parents.
92. Everyone applauded as Garcia motioned to the star, Nikita, and then the rest of the band.
93. When Grinder sat down some of those who had applauded him began to jeer at the Socialists.
94. Beginning with 1813, he gave in his adherence to or applauded all hostile manifestations.
95. At times she was so ludicrous it had us in spasms of laughter which Lesley applauded as a.
96. The crowd wasn't exactly sure what they had survived or why, but they applauded nonetheless.
97. When the plane finally touched the ground, the entire airplane population applauded the pilot.
98. The pilots applauded and cheered and rubbed it in his hair, then gave him the bottle to drink.
99. When Warren completed the two day course, all applauded and wished him and themselves good luck.
100. It was deservedly applauded; and, when it was ended, the men went out for the interval, content.
1. The crowd cheers and applauds.
2. The audience applauds the mission.
3. He says, he applauds your escape from the station.
4. The country wails, that may be, but humanity applauds.
5. The others noticed, throwing cheers and applauds at Joey.
6. These men will tell you, that New England applauds this invasion.
7. She listens awhile, then applauds, kneeling there in her bare feet.
8. John was given very warm welcoming applauds when he appeared in the stage.
9. The common herd is an old Narcissus who adores himself, and who applauds the vulgar herd.
10. She nodded and the room erupted in applauds as he slid the Cartier diamond solitaire onto her finger.
11. Her first song, which drew frank applauds from Yosef and his family, was followed by another, this time in Hebrew.
12. He held three shiny footballs and started to show off his skills using his head and legs to get a rapturous applauds from the audience.
13. He speaks into the mic and says, Great performance! Great performance! Let’s give it up one more time for The Rangos! The crowd cheers and applauds again!.
14. He speaks into the microphone and shouts, Wow what a wonderful performance that was! Let’s give it up one more time for Wesley Morrison! The crowd cheers and applauds again.
15. The girls were a little out of breath, their favorite songs had finished by mixing into electro pop section of the night, they paused when they realized that the audience were showering applauds and whistles at them.
16. He speaks into the mic and says, “That was a wonderful performance wasn‘t it!” The crowd cheers and applauds again! “Let’s hear it again for The Lennix Brothers!” The crowd cheers and applauds again! “Okay ladies and gentleman, we have another wonderful act presented to you by the Diaz-Davidson Organization!” The crowd screams and cheers more! “Let’s hear it for The Alpha Dancers!” The crowd starts to cheer and scream! Music starts to play.

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1. The crowd began to applaud wildly.
2. Some in the crowd began to applaud.
3. I will certainly applaud your decision.
4. Applaud and scream to choose the winner.
5. I applaud you and wish you all the best.
6. We stand and applaud our teaching staff.
7. Caps, hands, and tongues, applaud it to the clouds:.
8. The students, parents and teachers applaud and cheer.
9. Please applaud the 1960 recipients for respectively.
10. I applaud the idea of a hexadecimal calculator on the PC.
11. All the hands moved to applaud if the priest gave permission.
12. We had made some pale efforts in the beginning to applaud Mr.
13. Mick Shaw stood up and began to applaud, and others followed.
14. I stood up to applaud, along with two thousand other admirers.
15. They applaud a government which seeks to confiscate wealth and.
16. Of course he was the first to laugh, and even ventured to applaud.
17. I applaud your genuine sincerity with yourself and your endeavors.
18. They both took a big bow, and she joined the audience to applaud Benny.
19. I applaud you for not stopping things to investigate what has occurred.
20. I would love to applaud, but I’m a little short of hands, right now.
21. Horan began to applaud and one by one the other men picked up the cadence.
22. Rhett was so satisfactory in that of their eyeteeth and he would applaud.
23. I was the first to discover Duprez at Naples, and the first to applaud him.
24. Once again many people began to applaud in approval of what Charles had said.
25. Be warned though: the people closest to you won't always applaud this sort of change.
26. And I will applaud loudly when you reach your goal because that is what friends do: they.
27. The reaction of MacArthur was to applaud her briefly before looking at his staff officers.
28. The music ended, and he released her so they could both applaud the magnificent performance.
29. I applaud him for his attitude of calm, but I doubt that I would have been so compassionate.
30. Sean plays the last note, and while others applaud and cheer, I stand and kiss both his cheek.
31. Well said! Youssaf exclaimed as he began to applaud slowly, then was joined by Korah and.
32. Arlen Moses, for his excellent participation in this mock trial and we should applaud him also.
33. Of course, added the prince, he wished us all to applaud his conduct—besides yourself.
34. I must applaud you for drawing the potentially calamitous situation in Africa to my attention.
35. Rafferty mightn't have admired the man, but he certainly had to applaud Melville-Briggs’s energy.
36. What, should I applaud you for your ingenuity? Hunter asked bitterly, feeling a wave of nausea and shame.
37. Thunder, as you know, occurs when lightning sucks back up its track and lets two handsful of white-hot air applaud.
38. I doubted it would make any difference, although I had to applaud her ingenuity in coming up with this possibility.
39. The last phrase was uttered with such roguery, with such a triumphant grimace, that it was impossible not to applaud.
40. She said the usual things but the crowd felt that she did not feel what she said therefore the crowd did not applaud as loudly.
41. With minor variations and short discussions the presidents of all the countries signed this charter of world peace in big applaud.
42. Once or twice, spectators in the courtroom audience were moved to applaud the soft-spoken prosecutor and her impressive performance.
43. This is one game where Arizona did not win but even as a loyal University of Arizona fan, I have to applaud Curt Gentry for that game.
44. In a way I applaud these people but somehow I’m not one who will make vegetarian dishes that we know as Hungarian goulash and sauerbraten.
45. Not even the magical rising of Graham in his wheelchair attracted attention, even though the rest of the band again felt the need to applaud.
46. I descended the steps with grace and elegance, hearing family, friends, and guests applaud and cheer for an event which would never take place.
47. He is a shabby fellow, who saves something out of everything and makes a purse for himself; and this is the sort of man whom the vulgar applaud.
48. Like most of those around him, Mark couldn’t help but cheer and applaud their triumph a bit more enthusiastically than he had some of the others.
49. COME ON, LET'S APPLAUD THIS KING OF KINGS! [Applause and victorious noise] Halleluiah! YES LORD, Halleluiah! Okay, whoa, okay, that's much better.
50. The whole episode played out on a video screen, a new level in a deadly shooting game in which we were the canned crowd expected to applaud on cue.
51. As the exhibition ends satisfactorily without any major mishap, the assembled adults applaud, the children beaming proudly at their respective families.
52. Of course, the amount would have been larger had he not been so generous to the numerous charities he has supported but I applaud him for his endeavours.
53. Oh? Normally, Amaranthe would applaud the resolution, but having one of her few resources incapacitated for days with the shakes would not be convenient.
54. I must applaud your acting skills, but while this treasure is indeed marvelous it cannot be the sum and total of the treasure rumored about over the years.
55. The aliens are in awe of what they just saw! They applaud as perhaps they never have before! Jaffa's adrenalin raises, but he doesn't want to let them know about it.
56. Not everyone objects to what the Supreme Court is doing in such cases, and there are those who gleefully applaud its advancing erosion of the Constitution as written.
57. Further, a small group of them had become so expert that they were known as the Cheerleaders, and a crowd gathered every day to enjoy and to applaud their performance.
58. My father’s speech was brief but it had such exhilarating telling effect on the guests, to the extent that the entire audience rose to their feet to applaud my parents at intervals.
59. I applaud your bravery in confronting us, especially when you believed us to be monsters and demons, but I cannot applaud this stupidity that allowed Teotihuacan to turn you into fools.
60. All the spectators stayed around in the meantime, since no sensible courtier would walk away from an occasion where he or she could publicly applaud the King while being noticed by others.
61. The project is suggested or withdrawn; the diabolical parties, in this criminal tragedy, make their appearance or exit, as the audience to whom they address themselves are silent, applaud or hiss.
62. I am sure all of us totally accept the need for secrecy if this plan is to succeed, said Sir Giles, and I applaud what you are already doing, Prime Minister, to set up discrete secure systems.
63. Here’s the problem the irreligious have: you can pass a law and you can applaud liberal legislation, but what guarantee do you have that it will truly make your union more perfect? There is no guarantee.
64. The little turtle bouncing around in the cab, we drag the wagon around the circular redbrick driveway outside the wrought-iron gates and return the salutes of the world's leaders as they stand and applaud.
65. I thought that this was a common report of one of our ordinary committees, which I had a right to canvass or to slight, to applaud or to censure, without raising any extraordinary concern, either here or elsewhere.
66. Lancelot set me down upon a rustick Bed, cover’d me at once with an Eider-Down Coverlet, whereupon he strode away, mumbling Promises of Tea, which Promises, I was, by that Time, too weaken’d either to applaud or gainsay.
67. Every one began to applaud; under cover of the noise I stole away and hurried to the furthest end of the room, from which, concealed behind a column, I looked with horror towards the place where the treacherous beauty was sitting.
68. She had expected Hu Lyang to applaud her performance as he usually did, but when she slid into bed beside him, she realised that he was fast asleep! What was wrong, was he perhaps bored with her? …no that couldn’t be possible ….
69. Ladies & gentlemen, without taking more of your time, it is my pleasure to endorse (he paused momentarily)… Faizan Ahmed Khan as the next Prime Minister of India said Ashraf khan followed by an instant applaud from the public.
70. All bare their heads, the public, packed close in the windows, on the balconies, perched even on the roofs, wave handkerchiefs, flags, and hats, applaud madly, and from the windows of the upper stories throw clouds of small many-coloured cockades.
71. Present-day Turkey remains committed to the tradition of secularism, in the tradition Atatürk started, but for some Muslims, Atatürk is a controversial figure: They applaud his success in defeating the Western Allies, but they hate the steps he took against Islamic culture.
72. Would I feel wrath or laugh again, applaud past efforts with more cheers or ruminate on things not done and mourn with tears each time I died? Nay! Choices I did not repeat yet sensed their value in this Truth: my past hath made me what I am, the destined one to meet the Queen.
73. And it was a crime to applaud, in 1814, in the presence of those marshals who betrayed; in the presence of that senate which passed from one dunghill to another, insulting after having deified; in the presence of that idolatry which was loosing its footing and spitting on its idol,—it was a duty to turn aside the head.
74. The crowd gasped, nobody as long as they could remember had ever spoken to Yaotl in this manner and to suggest, of his own free will that he look into the mirror breastplate, was either very foolhardy or very brave, to open your soul in this way must indeed mean that the charges were false, the villagers began to applaud.
75. Through his craftiness he introduces into Monasteries and Nunneries his servants of Fashion and Vanity, soon followed by Laziness and Disobedience, then Lust and Fornication (both natural and otherwise): Tetta, your struggle is truly against the fever of Lucifer, the blackest of sins, the ruin of souls! So I applaud and commend you on your firmness in discipline regarding your flock.
76. If they were revolutionists, who preach violence and murder, and who practise all these things, it would be easy to oppose them: part of them would be bribed, part deceived, part frightened into subjection; and those who could not be bribed, or deceived, or frightened, would be declared malefactors and enemies of society, would be executed or locked up, and the crowd would applaud the action of the government.
77. Containing some mischievous and am’rous Play in which ’tis presently seen that Lancelot’s Protestations of sexual Preference are not as fixt as he would have had us believe, nor indeed are those of our Friend Horatio, whereupon our Heroine finds herself in a Predicament which Prudes will applaud but the Hot-blooded will find (nearly) tragic; after which we ponder a prophetic Dream and thereafter begin our Voyage to London.
78. One of them was a gentleman who had impressed every one extremely, a man seven feet high, with whiskers half a yard long, who had been standing behind Semyon Ivanovitch's back during the fire, and had given him encouragement from behind, when our hero had felt something like ecstasy and had stamped as though intending thereby to applaud the gallant work of the firemen, from which he had an excellent view from his elevated position.
79. Response: A very serious one indeed! Although I am not opposed to this practice in principle, (its historical origins as they relate to proportional ethnic/racial representation have been well documented), even its most ardent detractors, however, must applaud the creative resourcefulness of those responsible for engineering such elaborate arrangements that have given rise to disproportionate (racial) representation rising well above of the national average.
80. The second man would applaud these sentiments and say that he wasn't going to tear his out either: and then they would both go back to their respective rooms and tear into the work for all they were worth, making the same sort of `job' as the one they had been criticizing, and afterwards, when the other's back was turned, each of them in turn would sneak into the other's room and criticize it and point out the faults to anyone else who happened to be near at hand.
81. He had been disintegrated into a number of varied fellow-creatures—beings of many minds, beings infinite in difference; some happy, many serene, a few depressed, one here and there bright even to genius, some stupid, others wanton, others austere; some mutely Miltonic, some potentially Cromwellian—into men who had private views of each other, as he had of his friends; who could applaud or condemn each other, amuse or sadden themselves by the contemplation of each other's foibles or vices; men.
82. Complete what you are about! Destroy these candlesticks! Annihilate this souvenir! Forget the Bishop! Forget everything! Destroy this Champmathieu, do! That is right! Applaud yourself! So it is settled, resolved, fixed, agreed: here is an old man who does not know what is wanted of him, who has, perhaps, done nothing, an innocent man, whose whole misfortune lies in your name, upon whom your name weighs like a crime, who is about to be taken for you, who will be condemned, who will finish his days in abjectness and horror.
83. Overlooking the fact that, for more than three decades, ETA (Basque terrorist group in Spain) has been causing desolation, which has resulted in more than 800 deaths, before Madrid there were already New York, Bali, Moscow, Baghdad, Najaf, Karachi, Istanbul, Mombassa, Jerusalem, Riyadh, Casa Blanca… What do those voices want to accomplish, blame the Spanish government and justify, or perhaps even applaud, the atrocities of soulless terrorists who only desire to kill? In addition, do those heralds long for Spain to be ready to surrender its foreign policy to the demands of pitiless and savage terrorists? Were that posture of appeasement to be adopted, it would create infinity of problems much more severe in the future.
84. It will be but too well remembered that we had been groaning for two years under the pressure of non-importation, embargo, and non-intercourse—your treasury was drained, your citizens unable to pay their debts, and your courts of justice actually shut up, at least so far in many States (and among the rest the State which I have the honor in part to represent) as to suspend the effect of executions; your cities and seaports were inactive or deserted; gloom and dismay marked the features of the nation, and hope had almost bid us farewell; we fancied in this arrangement the glimmerings of returning sunshine, peace, and prosperity: with honest and upright hearts, we were willing to applaud the hand that gave it, without questioning or suspecting the manner or motives with which it was given.
85. During the fight spectators (adults and children) applaud,.

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