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Applauding in a sentence

Bruce said it was God applauding.
The back rows began applauding, as in a theatre.
I could hear the advertisers applauding off screen.
Goebbels held his hands over his head applauding wildly.
The applauding died down as each slowed the beat of his palms.
She turned and found the congregation on their feet, applauding.
He would begin by applauding the audience while slowly raising the pitch.

As the piece ended, the audience stood up, applauding wildly and whistling.
The crowd continued cheering and applauding the greatest monarch on earth.
When he saw me, he smiled and clapped his hands, as if he were applauding.
The count sat in the ballroom, smiling radiantly and applauding the players.
Miner's eyes were shining with tears as she stood applauding with the rest of.
What a struggle! Ned Land quickly grew enthusiastic and even ended up applauding.
During all of this, Yeltsa was silently applauding the soldiers for such a neat trick.
Father began to smile a little and then clapped his hands together softly, as if applauding her!.
Now the other parents were smiling too, and to Hal’s amazement, they actually started applauding.
He did not move, but lowered his head in abject appreciation of this kind, kind applauding audience.
The gathering cheered in admiration, applauding endlessly as they beamed with smiles, standing on their feet.
The crowd was applauding him loudly and Barrington again fell to wondering where he had seen this man before.
When he finished, the boys leapt to their feet and cheered, applauding with their hands held over their heads.
One of the survivors, the woman with the baby, then started applauding, soon followed by all the others present.
In normal daydreaming you are standing back and watching yourself, applauding yourself, patting yourself on the back.
Frodo opened his eyes and saw that Bilbo was seated on his stool in a circle of listeners, who were smiling and applauding.
Yes indeed! Wosea exclaimed in glee, clapping his tiny hands rapidly together, and many there joined him in applauding.
The rest of the company watched him with much interest, laughing when he made a very bad shot and applauding when he scored.
It was a mostly comic ritual, with the patrons giving a halfhearted effort and the dining room applauding their attempts.
At the end, after applauding her with enthusiasm, Anne Marie Louise d’Orléans said something that made Nancy smile to her.
Since his profane outburst in the direction of the applauding juror, I thought, my father had been unusually patient with Jonah.
Featherstone was still applauding the last performance, and assuring missy that her voice was as clear as a blackbird's, when Mr.
If you sat around there long enough and heard all the phonies applauding and all, you got to hate everybody in the world, I swear you did.
Part of it was the clamorous applauding by the enthusiastic Tarmorian spectators, and the other part was beating Zirnen in a championship match.
A frantic yell rose from the whole hall, there was a deafening roar of applause; almost half the audience was applauding: their enthusiasm was excusable.
The rest of the public made for the exit, but as the applauding part of the audience kept pressing forward towards the platform, there was a regular block.
This part—the book signings, the people applauding her—she hadn’t thought about this at all during the years she’d spent thinking about writing a book.
Meanwhile, back in the arena, the crowds in the upper tiers were shouting and applauding with such exuberance that those on the bottom tiers had become afraid.
Our servile rabble applauded, but I attacked him, not from compassion for the girls and their fathers, but simply because they were applauding such an insect.
All heads of states in their respective speeches had specially made a mention of Jabran and his team and thanked him individually and collectively with applauding hands.
Meantime the game of shove-ha'penny proceeded merrily, the majority of the male guests crowding round the board, applauding or censuring the players as occasion demanded.
Beck smiled, he saw himself stood at the podium in the centre of the new structure with the world at his feet, hanging on to his every word and applauding every sentence.
With a turn of the wrist, Erik tightened the noose round his adversary's neck and, in this fashion, dragged him before the little sultana and her women, who sat looking from a window and applauding.
She is to be applauded.
The crowd applauded me aloud.
People in the bar applauded.
The Wise Men applauded lustily.
No one protested or applauded.
Nobody stood up and applauded.
Everybody in the bar applauded.
The group applauded its assent.
His dancing was much applauded.
All the guests promptly applauded.
For that, they are to be applauded.
He neither complained nor applauded.
The wood trolls cheered and applauded.
They applauded and hugged each other.
Excellence should always be applauded.
She blushed as the audience applauded!.
The men applauded as they nodded their.
Some of the spectators applauded briefly.
The fathers and mothers present applauded.
The Council Members applauded their support.
Marianne’s performance was highly applauded.
Everyone applauded the reunion of the legends.
There was a pause and then everyone applauded.
The patients whopped and applauded more loudly.
Some of them started clapping and applauded me.
The audience applauded and whistled and stomped.
For the most part, the crowd applauded politely.
Hank was again applauded and honored by everyone.
Everyone applauded the reunion of the legendaries.
The people in the room applauded as they entered.
They all laughed and applauded their achievements.
The crowd whistled and applauded and she blushed.
The same crowds that applauded my act, turned on me.
And there was Big Poe! Us kids shouted, applauded!.
Anil finished his speech and the staff applauded hard.
While the old man regretted, Marius applauded himself.
The Street analysts applauded his gutsy retail acumen.
A cheer broke out from the audience and they applauded.
The sign went up once more, and the audience applauded.
When the boyos came back into the bar, we all applauded.
The crowd cheers and applauds.
The audience applauds the mission.
He says, he applauds your escape from the station.
The country wails, that may be, but humanity applauds.
The others noticed, throwing cheers and applauds at Joey.
These men will tell you, that New England applauds this invasion.
She listens awhile, then applauds, kneeling there in her bare feet.
John was given very warm welcoming applauds when he appeared in the stage.
The common herd is an old Narcissus who adores himself, and who applauds the vulgar herd.
She nodded and the room erupted in applauds as he slid the Cartier diamond solitaire onto her finger.
Her first song, which drew frank applauds from Yosef and his family, was followed by another, this time in Hebrew.
He held three shiny footballs and started to show off his skills using his head and legs to get a rapturous applauds from the audience.
He speaks into the mic and says, Great performance! Great performance! Let’s give it up one more time for The Rangos! The crowd cheers and applauds again!.
He speaks into the microphone and shouts, Wow what a wonderful performance that was! Let’s give it up one more time for Wesley Morrison! The crowd cheers and applauds again.
The girls were a little out of breath, their favorite songs had finished by mixing into electro pop section of the night, they paused when they realized that the audience were showering applauds and whistles at them.
He speaks into the mic and says, “That was a wonderful performance wasn‘t it!” The crowd cheers and applauds again! “Let’s hear it again for The Lennix Brothers!” The crowd cheers and applauds again! “Okay ladies and gentleman, we have another wonderful act presented to you by the Diaz-Davidson Organization!” The crowd screams and cheers more! “Let’s hear it for The Alpha Dancers!” The crowd starts to cheer and scream! Music starts to play.

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The crowd began to applaud wildly.
Some in the crowd began to applaud.
I will certainly applaud your decision.
Applaud and scream to choose the winner.
We stand and applaud our teaching staff.
I applaud you and wish you all the best.
Caps, hands, and tongues, applaud it to the clouds:.
The students, parents and teachers applaud and cheer.
Please applaud the 1960 recipients for respectively.
I applaud the idea of a hexadecimal calculator on the PC.
Mick Shaw stood up and began to applaud, and others followed.
All the hands moved to applaud if the priest gave permission.
We had made some pale efforts in the beginning to applaud Mr.
I stood up to applaud, along with two thousand other admirers.
They applaud a government which seeks to confiscate wealth and.
Of course he was the first to laugh, and even ventured to applaud.
I applaud your genuine sincerity with yourself and your endeavors.
I applaud you for not stopping things to investigate what has occurred.
They both took a big bow, and she joined the audience to applaud Benny.
I would love to applaud, but I’m a little short of hands, right now.
Rhett was so satisfactory in that of their eyeteeth and he would applaud.
Horan began to applaud and one by one the other men picked up the cadence.
I was the first to discover Duprez at Naples, and the first to applaud him.
Once again many people began to applaud in approval of what Charles had said.
Be warned though: the people closest to you won't always applaud this sort of change.
The reaction of MacArthur was to applaud her briefly before looking at his staff officers.
And I will applaud loudly when you reach your goal because that is what friends do: they.
The music ended, and he released her so they could both applaud the magnificent performance.
I applaud him for his attitude of calm, but I doubt that I would have been so compassionate.
Sean plays the last note, and while others applaud and cheer, I stand and kiss both his cheek.
Well said! Youssaf exclaimed as he began to applaud slowly, then was joined by Korah and.
Arlen Moses, for his excellent participation in this mock trial and we should applaud him also.
Of course, added the prince, he wished us all to applaud his conduct—besides yourself.
I must applaud you for drawing the potentially calamitous situation in Africa to my attention.
Rafferty mightn't have admired the man, but he certainly had to applaud Melville-Briggs’s energy.
What, should I applaud you for your ingenuity? Hunter asked bitterly, feeling a wave of nausea and shame.
Thunder, as you know, occurs when lightning sucks back up its track and lets two handsful of white-hot air applaud.
I doubted it would make any difference, although I had to applaud her ingenuity in coming up with this possibility.
The last phrase was uttered with such roguery, with such a triumphant grimace, that it was impossible not to applaud.
She said the usual things but the crowd felt that she did not feel what she said therefore the crowd did not applaud as loudly.

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