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Autumn in a sentence

It was the start of autumn.
It was a dark autumn night.
And autumn turns to spring.
It was a warm Autumn evening.
It was a perfect autumn day.
Autumn was not her real name.
To foal in the autumn shades.

It was a warm rainy autumn day.
Where I live, autumn is ending.
The autumn of that year was a.
And a smell of the autumn leaves.
Autumn, you should come with me.
Doris followed suit with Autumn.
Autumn is the main mulching time.
Autumn would be best, he thought.
And held my hand that autumn day.
Autumn coughed from beneath Doris.
The dog smelled just like autumn.
That year the autumn season late.
The coming of life's Autumn drear.
Watching the east, the autumn sky.
The smell of autumn was in the air.
Leg it! he shouted at Autumn.
Though the wind of autumn mocked;.
All of them, Autumn insisted.
The autumn season was in full swing.
The autumn night was fresh and calm.
Late autumn and winter are a great.
The autumn came with its long nights.
The autumn sunshine warmed his body.
Also in the autumn there appeared a.
It was a fine, early autumn lowveld.
Rod turned, to see Autumn behind him.
The third will be ready by the autumn.
The autumn wind sighed about the house.
Even in late autumn, they were still.
It’s autumn under the Southern Cross.
Three litters born in autumn -- have.
It was Autumn when I was there and the.
He breathed in deeply of the late autumn.

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