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Ayers in a sentence

We flew to Alice Springs and drove to Uluru or Ayers Rock.
Ayers, still of the totalitarian left, say he would do it all over again.
Ayers Rock is located in the middle of Australia and is a sacred site for the Aboriginals.
I can"t help wondering where Bill Ayers, a communist with a small „c," was when somebody needed him.
So says William Ayers, distinguished professor of education at the University of Illinois, Chicago.
Where, oh where, is Bill Ayers with his small capital „c communist when he was needed? He has been misquoted? I doubt it.
Ayers is also a 1960s co-founder of the Weathermen Underground terrorists with whom he participated in bombing plots against the U.

camaraderie with such as terrorist bomber and virulent leftist Bill Ayers, or of the true nature of Obama’s work as a radical community organizer.
In 2008 Ayers was elected vice president for curriculum of the American Education Research Association, the largest organization of education professors and researchers in the country.

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