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Been in a sentence

1. We have been led to.
2. He never had been a.
3. All that had been so.
4. It had been a tiring.
5. It had been a day of.
6. I wish it had been me.
7. It had been that way.

8. It had been six years.
9. It’s been a busy day.
10. Now, there has been a.
11. It has been said many.
12. It had been his first.
13. He's been asking for it.
14. Anyone who has been to.
15. The way it had been so.
16. He's been here with you.
17. It would have been good.
18. I may have been too good.
19. I’d been either of them.
20. They had been told that.
21. It should have been fine.
22. I’d been a pirate for.
23. It has never been done.
24. It could have been worse.
25. I've been so wrapped up.
26. I've been to Russia, twice.
27. It’s been 3 weeks since.
28. We have been expecting you.
29. Al Capone would have been.
30. He knew he had never been.
31. The Thane would have been.
32. Heather must have been as.
33. I know you have been lied.
34. Nowhere has this been more.
35. It had been getting on for 4.
36. Jim, you haven't been there.
37. It might have been anywhere.
38. I have been waiting for you.
39. You've always been that way.
40. Skin that has been tattooed.
41. I had been using this type.
42. I’ve not been here before.
43. Man, you have been in a coma.
44. I've been on a kranjan hunt.
45. I had been told that he had.
46. Yes, I've been there and back.
47. His privy must have been an.
48. It has been nice to meet you.
49. And even though he had been.
50. I’ve been all the way back.
51. He might has well have been.
52. That could have been awkward.
53. It’s been a hell of a week.
54. Word has been revealed to you.
55. I’ve been on the national.
56. He hasn’t been back either.
57. Roman, who had been through.
58. Henri had been reluctant to.
59. There must have been thousands.
60. It may have been a costly one.
61. It must have been a sad movie.
62. Have the Gardai been informed.
63. They could have been out here.
64. It had been explained to Tom.
65. I’ve been able to track down.
66. I'd been in bed about an hour.
67. Haymer been taken care of?’.
68. As I had always been with my.
69. That young girl had been Sonia.
70. What have you been up to?’.
71. It’s been such a lovely day.
72. We been outsmarted, fair and.
73. Could have just as easily been.
74. It must have been the removal.
75. His ignorance could have been.
76. We've been on the road all day.
77. But, it's been used since then.
78. It’s been ages since she did.
79. A few novels have been sent.
80. This has been quite an evening.
81. Tom thought he must have been.
82. A heavy wooden table had been.
83. So he had also been with Venna.
84. Craig had never been very much.
85. They’ve been taken care of.
86. They have been lucky until now.
87. We’ve been standing here for.
88. Although he had been unable to.
89. She’s been good to me, mostly.
90. Could he have been a transient?
91. Ali would have been completely.
92. Kulai has also been promoted.
93. I must have been out of my mind.
94. It can't have been easy for him.
95. I've been asking the questions.
96. Yet what has been is, no longer.
97. Aye, but he's been on the sauce.
98. He had been up for forty hours.
99. I should have been here helping.
100. Yes they have been good to us.

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