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Benefit in a sentence

1. That was to my benefit.
2. The major benefit of N.
3. For the benefit of the.
4. It was for his benefit.
5. To my benefit I saw a.
6. This is for your benefit.
7. No effort or benefit is.

8. Use this to your benefit.
9. Of greater benefit is why.
10. Any benefit that seems to.
11. I see that as a benefit.
12. Benefit to You, the Reader.
13. Do you think you'd benefit.
14. It can work for our benefit.
15. The second benefit is that.
16. And Adi as an added benefit.
17. Benefit events such as the.
18. The more value and benefit.
19. Both trades benefit from skew.
20. Maybe you could both benefit.
21. Promising them a benefit is.
22. And, without the benefit of.
23. This is for your own benefit.
24. So stress the benefit to them.
25. The benefit of mirroring? You.
26. Then package this benefit into.
27. Without this tax benefit, the.
28. Benefit: Wards off the munchies.
29. This benefit may be due to its.
30. Adopt the plans that benefit all.
31. The news might prove of benefit.
32. Did it benefit me? Not at all!.
33. Give me the benefit of the doubt.
34. The average investor can benefit.
35. For the benefit of those who are.
36. Actually there is a benefit to war.
37. There is a benefit to looking back.
38. Another benefit of thinking this.
39. She’s doing it for their benefit.
40. It will benefit you in the long run.
1. Economies that cease benefiting the marketplace, i.
2. The key to benefiting from caffeine is to not use this product.
3. Only 20-25% of the drug therapy patients were still benefiting.
4. Besides all of that, they were much better off there, benefiting.
5. There is no question of committing suicide and benefiting the grave.
6. That Kartik is not benefiting at the cost of another less fortunate.
7. There are only masters of the individual, masquerading as benefiting all.
8. It will be benefiting the British colonies at the expense of our own country.
9. When you sow early, you are actually benefiting by establishing the plants for the winter.
10. Thousands of college and graduate students across the country are benefiting from the program.
11. This profit is the result of benefiting from the difference in time decay between the two options.
12. I've decided that I want my money to go to a fund benefiting abused children in the Cravenswood area.
13. Areva is one of those advocates and they are already benefiting from the Energy Department’s decision.
14. Try to export a universal ethic of greed to the unlucky ones who have no hope of ever benefiting from it.
15. They will say that now that I have made it, I want to pull up the ladder and keep others from benefiting.
16. My desires are obviously conflicting and this prevents me from fully benefiting from everything I could get from PPW.
17. Impulse in pluralism has no laws but the law of death benefiting from super emotional pressure that cannot be balanced.
18. The trade is benefiting from the short contract gravitating more quickly to the index than the longer-dated long option.
19. The children who’d not yet mastered their powers were seated inside the circle, benefiting from the protection of others.
20. Concerning Karl-Heinz consummation of porns, Kitty will surely find out in bed, whether this has some other benefiting effects.
21. Copper, while generating some interest from investor demand, was benefiting more from the expectation of more industrial demand.
22. The country continues to grow its GDP at a modest pace, and the banks are benefiting from continued borrowing to support the growth.
23. He turned the business over to Jim in 1994, who was responsible for increasing profits while simultaneously benefiting the customers.
24. Zuma was later indicted, among more than 700 other charges, on a main charge of benefiting in a corrupt manner to the tune of about R1.
25. For at such times the bondholder’s legal rights apparently succeed only in ruining the corporation without benefiting the bondholder.
26. A diagonal spread using call options is probably the most common method of benefiting from time deterioration of one option over another.
27. They also were selling by making deals, some of the trades benefiting them personally, misusing petty cash and postponing maintenance and repair.
28. As in the case of guaranteed issues, the details of the lease arrangement may have a vital bearing on the status of the issue benefiting there-from.
29. The first calendar spread combining futures contracts and options will focus on benefiting from price movement along the curve of VIX futures prices.
30. You will of course lay a tax of ten millions of dollars upon the purchasers and consumers of these goods, without benefiting the Treasury a single cent.
31. With the help of many of Tinian’s men, women—and children—we are beginning to see them become a reality, benefiting the lives of all on our island.
32. Re-living a traumatic experience only on a shallow, almost painless level; prevents the person from benefiting from the accrued wisdom of their own experiences.
33. All of Enron’s key officers were active philanthropists, with a great number of nonprofit organizations in the Houston area benefiting from their contributions.
34. Brazil, however, benefiting from expanded and more densely planted hectares, continues to lead the world in production of all coffee, high-quality arabica in particular.
35. In addition five priests were ordained – they, too, benefiting from an accelerated training programme – and sent to replace plague victims in the surrounding countryside.
36. The Arabs themselves weren’t doing badly either, benefiting as much as their Jewish neighbors from the social programs and technical innovations implemented by the Overseer.
37. The various arts may be doing their own business and benefiting that over which they preside, but would the artist receive any benefit from his art unless he were paid as well?
38. And aside from the ethical and moral considerations, my fault, so tiny in comparison with other harvested by other specimens of the human race, did not seek hurt anyone, but benefiting me.
39. By that we mean that the company was undoubtedly benefiting considerably from its war work, and the shareholders should be prepared for some falling off in profits under peacetime conditions.
40. Trend-followers are long volatility by gaining from large market moves in either direction, not by directly benefiting from volatility increases as a delta-hedged straddle position would.
1. I have not benefited by this.
2. We each benefited so much from.
3. Both our species benefited from.
4. If it benefited him in some way.
5. It has only benefited tools and machines.
6. I think Brian could have benefited from it.
7. He has experienced and benefited from the huge.
8. Black economic empowerment has only benefited.
9. Thus, the traders are benefited by the inflated.
10. Civilization has never benefited humans; period.
11. Like the paradox of the Tatas having benefited.
12. Up to now, low-intermediates have benefited from.
13. House of Tatas benefited the most from the Telecom scam.
14. Civilization has never benefited the majority of humans.
15. She made her choice for reasons that all benefited her.
16. BENEFITED BY THE PREACHING? Adam Clarke said He went and.
17. I hope you’ve enjoyed and benefited from this action course.
18. This was money that would otherwise have benefited shareholders.
19. I only ever recommend products that I have bought, used, benefited.
20. As happens so often, the poor got poorer and the rich benefited greatly.
21. If that is the case, then who benefited from the destruction of Dresden?
22. I have the feeling that he’d kill you in a second if it benefited him.
23. I even think that Judaism benefited a lot by splitting into orthodox and.
24. But you cannot deny that your species has benefited from the experiment.
25. Its pyramidal structure has always benefited the few at the cost of the many.
26. He did not regret the freedom he left behind since he had not benefited from it.
27. Conclusion—Stockholders are benefited by the withholding of corporate earnings.
28. After the salesman had convinced himself that I could be benefited by the use of.
29. Tatas be accused of a three way deal, given that Tata Tele benefited the most? And.
30. Not all companies in the unsatisfactory class have benefited from such developments.
31. Among the university facilities that has benefited from Roy’s generosity is the D.
32. I cannot say for sure how much more the supplements benefited me when I began the pH.
33. Though the project benefited patients at Children’s Hospital, that is not the point.
34. Thousands have already benefited from the principles and step-by-step method I teach.
35. Kapil Sibal would like us to believe that the exchequer benefited by Rs 110 crores be-.
36. Capital goods have benefited from replacement needs, but most companies take a wait.
37. Near-substitutes to Treasuries also benefited from this demand, but to a lesser extent.
38. Their creations have benefited mankind artistically, philosophically, and scientifically.
39. These long positions all benefited from a change in value based on a new settlement price.
40. So I benefited greatly from long talks with him about what a shitty husband and father I was.
1. Fire gave us huge benefits.
2. One of the major benefits.
3. The benefits as stated are.
4. There are many benefits of.
5. The Benefits of a Challenge.
6. The benefits of a reel mower.
7. The Health Benefits of Golf.
8. We had marginal benefits as.
9. Max will retain his benefits.
10. Some of the benefits include:.
11. It was a statement of benefits.
12. Direct benefits to your teeth.
13. The rule of law, the benefits.
14. The benefits above are general.
15. What benefits will I receive?
16. In spite of the benefits, the.
17. The benefits of being organized.
18. Benefits of an urchin childhood.
19. Compensation and Benefits - USA.
20. Additional benefits will cost $1.
21. I explain the full benefits of.
22. What might the benefits be for.
23. You understand the benefits of.
24. The benefits of this are that I.
25. The Benefits of Chinese Medicine.
26. The research on the benefits of.
27. The blurb claimed amazing benefits.
28. Benefits of the CB Website Plugin.
29. He is still enjoying the benefits.
30. Health Benefits of the Paleo Diet.
31. It benefits most those who run it.
32. Benefits of Cooking with Children.
33. An erect posture has two benefits.
34. Who benefits the most with mommy.
35. The benefits of wearing high heels.
36. And just what are these benefits?
37. What are the benefits of fish oil?
38. Here are the benefits of each one:.
39. Compensation and Benefits - Canada.
40. This is one of the primary benefits.

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