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Bering in a sentence

The Bering Strait now intervenes.
Bering Sea was the best place for that.
Lawrence Island, on her way to the Bering Strait.
By June 3, the Milo had arrived in the Bering Sea.
Just the northernmost seas, equally in the Bering.
Shenandoah was nearing the center of the Bering Strait.
Bering Sea had any way to prove it, and thus the tragic.

Bering Seas, and the Arctic Ocean, and where they had been.
Island Chain, where she would leave the Bering Sea and enter.
Confederate raider in the Bering Sea was a disaster that could.
Bering Sea where there was significant activity by the American.
She would winter off the Mexican coast and summer in the Bering Sea.
The Milo crew had worked hard during the summer season in the Bering Sea, and.
It was the second ship ransomed in the Bering Sea for taking prisoners away from the.
Bedford in April 1857, after sailing to the North Pacific, Bering Sea, and Arctic Ocean.
The Milo sailed from Honolulu on March 19, 1868, on her final journey to the Bering Sea.
There, the Milo would prepare for the next summer on the Bering Sea and look for another.
The shortest distance between America and Asia is at the Bering Straits; there is only 53mi.
The next day, June 27, was a relatively quiet day for all of the ships cruising in the Bering Sea.
Lawrence Island is about 150 miles south of the Bering Strait, which leads into the Arctic Ocean.
On April 17, the Milo was prepared to weigh anchor and depart Honolulu to head for the Bering Sea.
Thompson was lost in the ice on the Bering Sea during a severe freeze, which also caused thirty-two.
Jones were cruising in the Bering Straits and steering north while the Shenandoah was in the vicinity.
This was an exciting morning for Captain Hawes, as the Milo left Honolulu and headed for the Bering Sea.
Like when that American woman swam the Bering Strait between the US and the USSR during the Cold War.
As the Milo proceeded north and west in the Bering Sea, patches of ice began showing up even though it.
Shenandoah was on course ultimately for the Bering Strait because that was where the turncoat navigator and newly.
Jessie and the children were glad to be out of the cold Bering Sea and close to shopping and entertainment, which.
From thence, she continued to cruise the Bering Sea, where she captured and burned several more New Bedford vessels.
On several occasions, before the large-scale destruction that occurred in the Bering Sea, he was informed that the war.
All of these ships were adjusting to the relatively cold weather in the Bering Sea after having spent the winter months.
By April 26, the Milo and the Shenandoah were about three thousand miles apart, both ultimately heading for the Bering Sea.
While the Shenandoah was making her way into the Bering Sea, a draft letter from Captain Bulloch to Captain Waddell had been.
About the same time, another whaleship, the Richmond, also arrived with fifty-two survivors of the devastation in the Bering Sea.
However, no one would benefit from this venture into the Bering Sea; even the Milo would not have a successful catch this season.
The stewardess, who had helped Rjinswand to his seat to the applause of the rest of the passengers, was bering over him anxiously.
The Milo crew was busy getting the ship cleaned up, painted, and repaired after the ordeal they had gone through in the Bering Sea.
At half past one, they neared a fleet of at least ten ships at the entrance of the Bering Strait, and Waddell raised the American flag.
The indigenous people arrived via the land bridge that once existed in the Bering Strait, which enabled them to walk across from Siberia.
My family was inspired by the simple functionality of Inuit architecture, hundreds of years ago when we first migrated to the Bering Sea.

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