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Bodhisattva in a sentence

Bodhisattva on the path of preparation.
And the smile of the Bodhisattva grew.
Our Lord the Bodhisattva has been a man.
The Bodhisattva also occupied occasionally.
Vishnu – is the Deity of harmony - the Bodhisattva.
In commenting upon this, the Bodhisattva said that.
The Bodhisattva Vow a practical guide to helping others.

For He, the Bodhisattva, whom in the West we call the.
Each Bodhisattva should serve his time here, live 252.
Thus did our Lord, the present Bodhisattva, when He took.
Bodhisattva on the path of seeing to being a Bodhisattva on.
No Time to Lose: A Timely Guide to the Way of the Bodhisattva.
The Manu and the Bodhisattva will occupy in this great Being.
Quan Yin, the Chinese Bodhisattva (helper of others) of compassion.
It is usual, as I have said, for a Bodhisattva when He has lived.
Still more is the Bodhisattva one with that Second Person of the Logos.
Mahachohan also rose to add His benediction, as the Bodhisattva laid His.
In the persons of our Lord the Bodhisattva, the World-Teacher, and of the.
In that stillness the Key of Knowledge was given, the Bodhisattva pouring.
The Bodhisattva then addressed the candidates, approving of the work they.
Buddha, and under These come respectively the Manu and the Bodhisattva of.
His work, for many years past I have seen the Bodhisattva constantly, almost.
Bodhisattva wins the Matter, or rather, establishes a parity of Matter and Spirit.
For, as a Bodhisattva being born into a body, He should be in it to his last breath.
Frank’s case, I’ve always suspected him of being what the Buddhists call a Bodhisattva.
The compassionate choice of the bodhisattva is echoed by the contemplative, Bernadette Roberts.
Therefore even Jesus, being Bodhisattva, was subject to ‘temptation’ of the animal nature of His flesh, of His negative thoughts.
You live in a Bodhisattva role, which means living in this world of illusion at the same time that you are not in the world of illusion.
Bodhisattva parable, which, owing to its underlying message, illustrates everlasting search of a human soul; and the story about a Kievan Rus Saint –.
When in the far future the time shall come for the advent of another Buddha, and the present Bodhisattva takes that final incarnation in which the great.
All this, taken together, indicates that at the Bodhisattva the Spirit (Ether) is manifested in harmony: half as much as the elements (elementary particles) of Spirit (Rajas), and half as much as the elements of Matter (Tamas).
And behold, Lord Saint Bodhisattva Lucifer strode With conviction through the amazed crowd of angels, His eye chilling bright power… solid in countenance, With bold body language he would dare to chisel sharp Precise words into perfection—captivating the hearers Into profound insight.

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