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Bodies in a sentence

I saw the bodies of.
A meeting of the bodies.
The pit with the bodies.
The old man and bodies.
The dead bodies of 275.
Their bodies are in vain.
Sweat kept our bodies wet.

Bodies sailed to the floor.
They fell among the bodies.
That means our bodies get.
There were also dead bodies.
The dead bodies were spoilt.
The drones had glass bodies.
Growing fur on their bodies.
A huge crush of bodies had.
The bodies of the serpents.
He is offering us new bodies.
The decay of the bodies was.
I walked back to their bodies.
Our bodies are about 70% water.
Their bodies were never found.
We had two bodies but one soul.
Both our bodies and the fire.
There are many smaller bodies.
The coroner removed the bodies.
When they saw the dead bodies.
There was none, only bodies of.
He sniffed the bodies curiously.
Bodies draped with sterile covers.
After that, we found only bodies.
What you said about their bodies.
He threw his soldier’s bodies.
Luckily there are no bodies, yet.
Our bodies need physical exercise.
Usually they were on dead bodies.
Exit Dolores, bearing the bodies.
It is in every cell of our bodies.
There are fats our bodies do need.
Your minds and bodies were drawn.
Their entire bodies would explode.

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The Moabites, ten thousand able bodied men.
Behind him the heavier bodied dog gained ground.
Accordingly, lion bodied sphinxes with the heads.
Scorch adds, Plus, I was able bodied without this suit.
A causal bodied being remains in the blissful realm of ideas.
Everyone who is able bodied, whether they are in school or not, that has.
Dane Tevid and all the able bodied men in the Inn were on the roof and ready to battle.
Secondly, Prof, I need all of the able bodied scholars to come with me to this point on the map.
Hitler had issued a proclamation that all able bodied men aged between sixteen and sixty were to be called up.
There wasn’t much to observe, had I been stronger and able bodied, perhaps I would have been able to see more.
After only a short time in Emerald Tower, he was beginning to look less gaunt and his hair was clean and full bodied.
It is the absence or impairment that often gives them the focus and drive which can be missing from an able bodied person.
The day will come when we will need every able bodied officer on the field of battle, and those who testified against me today will not be there.
There is a higher frequency with them to ensure they understand these lessons since the physical sensations they experience may not be the same as able bodied individuals.
This he agreed to do and almost all the able bodied villagers volunteered to carry the news to my mother, diplomatically he asked me who should go, I chose Jodas, and his face lit up with a big grin.
So, how can you say that you need only eight men? Have you really thought this through? Be fully aware, officer, that you will come up against many, tough, able- bodied men in those mountains, not just one criminal.
For the five years that Nichols has conducted trials on his technique, it has been completely effective on whitefly and a broad spectrum of small bodied infestation insects without any damage to the treated plants.
Her side of the story was her parents were afraid of taking her to a learning institute that was primarily bodied by humans because they were afraid she wouldn’t pay attention to her studies, but rather would focus mainly on boys.
Tyrpledge was stunned in silence and was instantly awed at the power put forth by the Castigator, effectively forcing every able bodied man to serve as labor and offer his belongings for the express purposes of this Last Holy Campaign.
Again I stated my ignorance with regard to tricking the Teoti into believing we had a force of only two thousand able bodied soldiers, at this comment Coatl jumped up and danced around hugging a bemused Jodas, laughing and making an awful fuss.
We believe that every able bodied man should be compelled to belong to this force and to undergo a course of military training, but without making him into a professional soldier, or taking him away from civil life, depriving him of the rights of citizenship or making him subject to military "law" which is only another name for tyranny and despotism.
From an army of close to ten thousand warriors, we have only two thousand able bodied Toltecs remaining and these two thousand include the women and children, are led by young and inexperienced officers, who have been fortunate, so far, to have escaped the ravages of the plague that has devastated the very fabric that made the Tolteca people what they were.

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My body was on fire.
As long as the body.
He knelt by the body.
My body was very sore.
He wore no body armor.
I felt my body shrivel.
Her body was as cold.
She stared at the body.
It is only a dead body.
Hands on my body again.
The body has its urges.
The body and the blood!.
The warmth of his body.
The body count, a dead.
I lifted her body easily.
His body was painted a.
The ability of the body.
And body is only reserve.
M: The body seeks to live.
Allow your body to relax.
In body that is, in body.
Jaden checks on his body.
Body, mind, heart and soul.
In short, your body will.
The body was believed by.
Rage went through his body.
The candle is a dead body.
His dog body ached to run.
He had a very virile body.
My body, it, I don't know.
The movement of your body.
She was cold, her body numb.
Her bare body was ice cold.
Each bubble is a body and.
His body was lean and hard.
I took over the empty body.
He was body, mind and soul.
The body they can abuse—.
So it should be in the Body.
Her body had a putrid color.

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