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Bot in a sentence | bot example sentences

  2. The bot referee looked at both.
  3. The bot cashier scanned the tag.
  4. The bot led him through several.
  5. The bot sighed and turned to the.

  6. One was a bot with a egg shaped head.
  7. Enrico took him to the asteroid in a bot.
  8. The bot nukes the debris with precision.
  9. Draw graphs of behavior over time (BOT).
  10. Well, this bot equality act that's being.
  11. The prototype bot stands opposite of Raiden.
  12. He said You can trust a man, but not a bot.
  13. The prototype bot locks onto Raiden with its.
  14. Place in a spray bot le and use when required.
  15. Bot le tomatoes Use plum tomatoes, ripe but hard.

  16. Future TK releases the surveillance bot he used to.
  17. I know you voted in favour of the bot equality act.
  18. The bot dropped to the ground, the eyes on its helmet.
  19. Firstly, it is recommended that you get the fishing bot.
  20. When cooled, strain of water, then place in a sprayer bot le.
  21. The bot couple wandered down the al ey past Batistuta, paying.
  22. This bil would al ow al manner of bot life to apply, enter and.
  23. And how wil the introduction of bot life into the RKU effect.
  24. You can trust a man but not a bot, especial y if that bot is.
  25. Water by hand with a watering can or a plastic bot le with holes.

  26. Secondly, cause I'm not in favour of bot life intergration on that.
  27. I wholeheartedly believe the introduction of bot life should be.
  28. He wasn’t a bot, we knew that much, so were they connected to—.
  29. When I asked her why she gave up her bot, she only looked down at her food.
  30. Then they would have had a manipulator bot come out and carry me back inside.
  31. In the office, Ramona and I sat together, I with my computer, she with her bot.
  32. It's so sexual, that whoever watches it couldn't get past the bot spewing boner.
  33. Based on how they do, they are assessed as being either a human or a bot; areyouahuman.
  34. Every loving child who ever whispered words to a bot would be given a place in the senate.
  35. Place into a spray bot le for use on smal plants, and a larger, pump-action sprayer for high.
  36. The sudden cold realisation that something, perhaps that spider bot, had returned and removed it.
  37. There are also some helpful tutorials on Youtube that wil aid you in setting up and using this bot.
  38. In this state of mind, I took satisfaction from the fact that Ramona had fallen deeply in love with her bot.
  39. Using the HROV, or the Britney Bot as everyone was calling her, he was able to play two instruments at once.
  40. Okay! Now that you have the fishing bot figured out its time to catch some valuable lewt! The next few steps.
  41. Alan was scrambling in a suit over the pods of the ship, Colonel Samrova pursuing in a glittering stainless bot.
  42. In light of her confession, I realised I no longer had it in me to send her away, even if she was a bot, a machine.
  43. Of course, as a technician he knew he was no closer to Enrico in this bot than when they were each in their own harems.
  44. The remote in that area is one of the ones that's out, I think you'll have to send the android or a bot around to take a look.
  45. As they were rich, they placed an order with Osaka Robotics for a bot to be a friend and companion for their son in his last months.
  46. Bahkmar also had a few panels up in his view, but they had no view of each other's personification, with their suits immobilized in the bot.
  47. Hop! You will dance attendance or I'll lecture you on your misdeeds, Miss Ruby, and spank your bare bot right well, miss, with the hairbrush.
  48. Bahkmar was suddenly very uncomfortable in this bot with him, even though he knew they were no more in it than any other soul of the Al-Harron.
  49. Because of the leverage provided by technology, such as a software robot (bot) that interacts with customers over e-mail, the rep can work in an oversight capacity.
  50. Batam was very scared, since the moment we climbed on the bot he sat on a bench, as had been told, and did not moved, either by fear or because nausea wouldn’t allow it.
  51. The authors of these viruses are paid per machine infected by bot masters, who are looking to use their newly assembled army for everything from extortion to DDoS attacks.
  52. In the negligible gravity of this iceberg, those tons of devices, outweighing the bot by many times and much larger in size, could be simply strapped to its back and carried along.
  53. He was going to have to spend more time with the assembler bot manuals to get his new hardware assembled and he would probably have to call Pete Maples to get it calibrated and tested.
  54. Actually Enrico was no more in the bot than anyone else in the crew, if anything, as a tech, Bahkmar was closer because he could tap into the raw I/O to the device that was the bot and encapsulate Enrico's controls.
  55. As she grows older in the real world, where droughts are severe and travel is restricted, she’s kept company by our daughter, Ramona, who has single-mindedly cared for her mother since the moment she gave up her bot.
  56. Like invoking my Miranda rights? The bound one replied, repressing a bit of a smile, as a security bot tore off the T-word Shirt she was wearing which read, How come $ never goes to jail for the things it says and does?
  57. If bots touch something human in us, isn't the human element that is put in them that humans are responding to just an animated character of themselves, not the robot essence, but how the bot is like a human? She never said she was leaving.
  58. The bot can handle most e-mail queries, supplying answers culled from past interactions with live customer service reps, and, on the rare occasions when the system can’t adequately resolve a customer’s issues, can pass the customer on to a live rep.
  59. It seems your father's morning health bot analysis indicates he has second stage prostate cancer, but he sent his last insurance premium in late and, therefore, he technically won't be reinstated until the beginning of next month and by then it will be considered a previously existing condition.
  60. Nonetheless, I would sometimes find myself outside of my professional comfort zone: playing judge in a live weigh-in contest to determine which Chihuahua was the world’s smallest, competing in a gingerbread house–making contest with my fellow anchors, and—the coup de grace—dancing on live television with a box on my head, dressed up like the Shuffle Bot from the hip-hop band LMFAO.
  61. Do you know, even with all the death I saw, the one that affected me the most was the Brittany Bot,.

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