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Botching in a sentence

1. But that's no excuse for botching a god-damned.
2. Shivering from the night air, I cursed myself for botching this chance to know the truth.
3. Hear the police are botching this royally, he said, tucking his hands into his armpits.
4. She tried to help his mom bake cookies one time, breathing loudly and botching the recipe, then eating more of the dough than she cooked.
5. He was angry—angry with his mother, who never liked Megan; angry with the newspapers for what they were writing about her, the implication that she got what was coming to her; angry with the police for botching the whole thing, for failing her, failing him.

1. What a botched up job that was.
2. They decided he’d botched it.
3. Yes, Rahul had botched up big time.
4. Must have botched the job though.
5. Pastors, botched penises, and bombs?
6. The story of a botched mission to the moon.
7. After a botched clearing pass by the Brewer.
8. Botched, it smears the hands, crumbles to dust.
9. It was a botched up surgery for sure but why not.
10. The first guy was easy, he botched the job and he.
11. My guess is that it’s a robbery that got botched.
12. They both chuckled at his botched, but recognizable.
13. The botched attempt on Prince William’s life would be revenged.
14. The gist of the dream was easily enough painted: She'd botched it.
15. This had been his first job and he had botched it by being impatient.
16. RCMP media relations officers testified at the inquiry about the botched.
17. When Bobby was five, a botched operation on his appendix nearly killed him.
18. And then the song was over, and she was frowning, knowing they botched the number.
19. This is a funny story about a botched prison escape this guy tried to get away with.
20. Botched repairs on top of botched repairs, what we refer to as Band Aid maintenance.
21. He had originally intended to kill President Richard Nixon but botched several attempts.
22. He would have been better off to have driven away immediately after the botched assassination.
23. She had at least not fully botched her role; perhaps he truly would release her from her troth.
24. There is talk of a botched investigation, suggestions that a change in personnel may be required.
25. Talaric nodded his head and I decided to shut up before I botched it and put my foot in my mouth.
26. Or more precisely, when the man in front of him had murdered her in a botched attempt to get to him.
27. And if Schultz hadn't botched up and whacked Doran over there on the head, he wouldn't have had to be dead.
28. Hopefully they had made the payment for his services into his account before the botched assassination happened.
29. I’d botched the question and was starting to turn away in embarrassment, when his fingers caught my chin and stopped me.
30. The Maybricks did well at their new location for awhile, but trouble began to brew when a local criminal met his end in a botched bank robbery.
31. After too many of those botched rescue missions, I’d learned to keep my eyes on the road and walk faster when a stray tried desperately to latch on.
32. Castro wasn’t particularly communist but when President Kennedy backed a botched invasion to get rid of him, Castro understandably decided to make friends with the Russians.
33. The meme would be boosted by the fact Bono slipped and fell in the bath the very next day, leading to a hospital visit that many ascribed to another botched operation by the Logan’s Run team.
34. It is alleged that when Kay, one of his wives (whom he has recently divorced) died in a botched abortion attempt, he ordered the surgeons to cut her up and reassemble her with her legs on her shoulders and arms on her pelvis as a warning to the others.
35. If a forensics expert is allowed to review the evidence and reports and comes to the same conclusions it would constitute new evidence, not necessarily of innocence but it could be used to demonstrate how the investigation was botched from the very beginning.
36. What is the same fate doing to Christian, even as we speak, who was highly unstable to begin with? He certainly hasn’t had an easy time of it since I arrived in Dublin: catapulted unarmed into the Silvers for years by a botched ritual, fed Unseelie by myself, locked in a desperate battle for control over what he’s becoming, and now held captive by a monster that rips out his guts every time he heals.
1. A few years later the same doctor botches operations, causes a patient’s death, and loses his license to practice medicine.

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1. Botch: A boil; swelling of the skin.
2. But there was plenty of incentive to hurry and scamp and slobber and botch.
3. He was so close to his retirement that he didn't need anything to botch it up now.
4. Getting the call, being told he’d better not botch the investigation, taking four different buses to get to the scene.
5. I said I didn’t care if they did botch up a simple operation, that it wasn’t up to them if I was going to have children.
6. He'd done little of it before, and hesitated to make a botch, but Carl accused Trask of dogging it as payback for his insults.
7. Botch, which will answer as well as anything we know, being admirable in color and architectural feeling, and just sketchy enough.
8. The fact is that it’s very easy to botch a financial transaction due to rounding errors, and using big, precise integers prevents this problem.
9. By heaven, Theodore Purefoy, thou hast done a doughty deed and no botch! Thou art, I vow, the remarkablest progenitor barring none in this chaffering allincluding most farraginous chronicle.
10. She had always known she disliked him mainly because he had charge of her and tended to botch the job, but now that he soon wouldn’t, he was only a worried, not very bright man trying to do what he was thought was best.

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