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Both in a sentence

1. But I did both now.
2. For the both of you.
3. So we lost both the.
4. I will give you both.
5. We both told him we.
6. I am both a patient.
7. It was both of ours.

8. I have seen them both.
9. He poured them both a.
10. And they both love you.
11. Both went hand in hand.
12. They both spoke as one.
13. Both cups fell to the.
14. They both looked as if.
15. Both the music and the.
16. Both are a little tipsy.
17. Both Reagan and Bush Sr.
18. We both prayed for god.
19. The best of both worlds.
20. God save me from both of.
21. Indeed, here we both are.
22. We’re both hurt and sad.
23. Both of them stood there.
24. They both wore side arms.
25. Our shop now offers both.
26. I recoiled from them both.
27. I’m in favor of both.
28. Both men entered the room.
29. His were both a piercing.
30. A landmark! Both of them.
31. They have two sons, both.
32. He spoke to both of them.
33. I find both very pleasant.
34. You will both stay there.
35. But we both had our doubts.
36. We both stop at the graves.
37. Harry, You both look great.
38. And they were both laughing.
39. She grabbed both her hands.
40. Thank you, thank you both.
41. Both stones had been moved.
42. Both men watched the screen.
43. You and me both, brother.
44. We both live on the estate.
45. Alex eyes both sprang open.
46. We both noticed it clearly.
47. I’m proud of both of you.
48. They both knew the way now.
49. To both sides of him were.
50. We both ignored her comment.
51. I’ll have you both tried.
52. They were both quiet people.
53. Really, thanks, both of you.
54. He had come to save us both.
55. They both had short tempers.
56. It was strange, I was both.
57. Both of them remained silent.
58. They both seemed worried as.
59. We both win! she shouts.
60. For both of us, he said.
61. He has skills of both worlds.
62. Both in the earth and in hell.
63. It will do both of them good.
64. Both men went willingly away.
65. I missed it both times, but.
66. She turned and we both looked.
67. They are both quite startled.
68. Both men looked at each other.
69. He kissed her on both cheeks.
70. They both laughed at the idea.
71. But both knew he was watching.
72. We both should know more soon.
73. They were both West Pointers.
74. They both avoided eye contact.
75. Both the former and the latter.
76. He took both heads, crept.
77. They were both made entirely.
78. He both despised and loved it.
79. They both rubbed their wrists.
80. We both reach for our weapons.
81. We both have secrets, Solomon.
82. I think you will both need it.
83. They both look at me hopefully.
84. Both of them ignored my remark.
85. Or them both, or none of them.
86. I think we both agree on that.
87. We both know better than that.
88. We both felt they should all.
89. Both as a doctor and as a man.
90. They are both nicely polished.
91. He could not let them both go.
92. We both stopped and marveled.
93. We had taken both of the boys.
94. Abner took both my hands in his.
95. We all laughed at both of them.
96. Then how to use both arms and.
97. It is both zero and one, yes.
98. Both Enilia and Araltall nodded.
99. I sentence you both to the.
100. Both of them disappeared inside.

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