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Both in a sentence

But I did both now.
For the both of you.
We both told him we.
So we lost both the.
I will give you both.
I am both a patient.
I have seen them both.

It was both of ours.
They both spoke as one.
Both cups fell to the.
And they both love you.
He poured them both a.
Both went hand in hand.
The best of both worlds.
Both the music and the.
We both prayed for god.
Both Reagan and Bush Sr.
Both are a little tipsy.
They both looked as if.
We’re both hurt and sad.
Our shop now offers both.
Both of them stood there.
I recoiled from them both.
Both men entered the room.
I’m in favor of both.
Indeed, here we both are.
God save me from both of.
They both wore side arms.
You will both stay there.
A landmark! Both of them.
His were both a piercing.
He spoke to both of them.
I find both very pleasant.
But we both had our doubts.
We both stop at the graves.
They have two sons, both.
Both men watched the screen.
I’m proud of both of you.
They both knew the way now.
You and me both, brother.

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