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Came in a sentence

He came up.
Adam came in.
Ish came out.
she came to be.
He came from.
It came in a.
Then you came.

He came to a.
It came again.
Then we came.
If this came.
He came back.
It never came.
Soon he came.
Ish came from.
The Adj came in.
He came for a.
She came to me.
None came back.
My family came.
First came an.
Mama came to Ish.
The sound came.
came to the shop.
He came in for.
came to big game.
Out of it came.
Who came in.
came to rape her.
So we came back.
He is coming.
To coming up.
Coming out of.
Keep it coming.
Sorry, coming up.
They were coming.
Is coming to you.
With 2 coming in.
No noise coming.
This year coming.
It's coming on TV.
Tris is coming.
An up and coming.
Those coming are.
coming in the back.
a new child coming.
Yes; he is coming.
Thanks for coming.
is coming to an end.
The men were coming.
Darkness is coming.
He isn’t coming.
for the coming year.
The Second Coming.
Coming up next the.
not yet coming back.
coming from the sky.
It comes in.
He comes to.
He comes as.
When it comes.
Here he comes.
It comes down.
It comes out.
She comes in.
ity comes to us.
She comes and.
When He comes.
Or two comes out.
She comes first.
What comes off.
There she comes.
when it comes up.
Comes the answer.
Nothing comes in.
And so it comes.
Here comes Tommy.
Love comes from.
he comes to earth.
His family comes.
It always comes.
Envy comes when.
comes to the site.
And when he comes.
The game comes in.
Come on in.
Come on up.
Sure to come.
It will come.
Come on, love.
You come home.
Come back in.
It would come.
Please come in.
Evil has come.
lady to come in.
Will you come.
come to New York.
Come here to me.
what was to come.
Come here, baby.
had come over me.
where you come in.
They come for me.
You come with me.
Come be with me.
He had come for.
come to the point.
He can come any.
and to come alive.
Come on, come on.

Synonyms for came

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