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Cellular in a sentence

It is necessary for cellular.
His cellular phone was ringing.
Halftime said into his cellular phone.
She whipped her cellular phone out and.
It was distributed to the cellular level.
A buffer epidermal state, a cellular wall.
Sonja's cellular phone rung in her Coach bag.

This water is stored in extra cellular spaces.
You see, the scan is both cellular and macular.
Who said anything about a cellular phone?
She said at a cellular level, plants were living.
All this is preserved in us on the cellular level.
Opening the door on the mysteries of cellular memory.
It was done by Milicom International Cellular (MIC).
Wisdom forget he still held the cellular phone in his hand.
There appears to be no cellular activity on this entire rock.
What they do not understand yet is that Space is also cellular.
Our modern technology now means we all have cellular telephones.
Travis' cellular phone ringing interrupted Travis' next thought.
There was hiss and dead air as the cellular system hooked her up.
Vitamin D is involved in cellular differentiation of many tissues.
Xavier was interrupted by his cellular phone going off in his pocket.
It was connected to a satellite and not on a regular cellular network.
Learning is always at the cellular scale, synapse by synapse actually.
He was trying to strategize a plan when his personal cellular phone rung.
So, I just keep it on this first setting for standard cellular usage?
Many studies have reported behavioral alterations and cellular effects in con-.
Rumble had enhanced and modified this technology to imaging at the cellular level.
The affirmative thoughts communicate with our biological selves at cellular level i.
Science has discovered that the nature of Intergalactic space is cellular in nature.
TDS currently owns 81 % of United States Cellular Corporation (USM-$44%6NYSE) and 82.
An area in need of further research is the cellular and molecular adaptations within.
Vitamin K is also said to be an important vitamin in helping to regulate the cellular.
If you eat enough healthy natural fats, your cellular processes will proceed normally.
As I was looking at a brand new Nokia pre-pay cellular phone with 165 minutes for $69.
For autoclaved cellular concrete А≈10, for non-autoclaved cellular concrete А≈7,5.
Willie shook his head and retrieved his cellular to finish his conversation with Raekwon.
Water absorption is absolutely necessary to our health, especially at the cellular level.
One needs cellular strength for all that, and lots of air; an unending capacity to breathe.
We were elated and made an appointment with the only cellular operator in Namibia at the time.

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