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Cellular in a sentence

cellular phone number on it.
It is necessary for cellular.
His cellular phone was ringing.
Halftime said into his cellular phone.
She whipped her cellular phone out and.
It was distributed to the cellular level.
A buffer epidermal state, a cellular wall.

Sonja's cellular phone rung in her Coach bag.
This water is stored in extra cellular spaces.
the cellular memory of those timber totem poles.
You see, the scan is both cellular and macular.
Who said anything about a cellular phone?.
She said at a cellular level, plants were living.
All this is preserved in us on the cellular level.
noticed her cellular number was on the card as well.
Opening the door on the mysteries of cellular memory.
It was done by Milicom International Cellular (MIC).
they created electrical changes on a cellular level and.
since you were a child, but the residual, cellular memory.
Wisdom forget he still held the cellular phone in his hand.
There appears to be no cellular activity on this entire rock.
), is the best and cheapest way for a cellular user to connect.
Our modern technology now means we all have cellular telephones.
Travis' cellular phone ringing interrupted Travis' next thought.
What they do not understand yet is that Space is also cellular.
for which there is a breakdown in the first and second cellular.
cellular phone earpieces on: this place was truly the next level.
Vitamin D is involved in cellular differentiation of many tissues.
man with the gold teeth, but he was talking on his cellular phone.
There was hiss and dead air as the cellular system hooked her up.

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