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Chagrin in a sentence | chagrin example sentences

  1. This made her smile in chagrin.
  2. Goff coughed, to hide his chagrin.
  3. To Harry’s great chagrin the huge.
  4. Much to his chagrin, Tom was hailed a.
  5. But to Moose’s chagrin no match was made.

  6. Is it that obvious? I asked in chagrin.
  7. That perspective and chagrin is exactly the.
  8. He loved that stuff to the chagrin of his wife.
  9. At any rate, he showed neither chagrin nor triumph.
  10. To her chagrin, they considered this even more funny.
  11. I tested the bonds and to my utter chagrin, they were silver.
  12. Yes, much to his father’s joy and his mother’s chagrin.
  13. Much to his chagrin the doors to the tower were still closed.
  14. She forced her into one of her dresses much to Tani’s chagrin.
  15. Mark turned to Gran as he chuckled and shook his head in chagrin.

  16. I must have caused her enough chagrin, even if in total ignorance.
  17. They chatted animatedly and both forgot their chagrin for a while.
  18. And Jake, much to his chagrin, became a legend in the people’s eyes.
  19. Even Thailand hasn’t escaped McDonald’s and KFC much to my chagrin.
  20. Was this the life that Harry wanted? To his surprise and chagrin he could.
  21. Much to Ben's chagrin the Galaef patted him on the back and said, I knew you would.
  22. Many were the complaints below, and great the chagrin of the head cook at her failures.
  23. George, much to Paul's chagrin, had returned most of the money to their Native Relief.
  24. Oh boy, Charly! Trask fixed her with a stare to communicate his chagrin at being stifled.
  25. He could be found most afternoons and evenings at the Royal much to his wife’s chagrin.

  26. Cora bowed her head in disappointment, and, for a bitter moment struggled with her chagrin.
  27. But Shiva had noticed, much to his chagrin, that Sati was distracted during his performance.
  28. Again the feelings both of vindication, he had been right, and chagrin over the condition of.
  29. To Jacqueline’s chagrin, I went home with a particularly delicious Spaniard instead of her.
  30. But after long days of agonizing, and to the chagrin of my family, I decided to give it a try.
  31. Miriam picked up her books and stood in the doorway looking with chagrin at the beautiful sunset.
  32. But to her chagrin, Varuna’s body liquefied and reconstituted itself outside of her reach again.
  33. Once settled, he realized they were the Keepers, and to his chagrin that meant Gally was among them.
  34. So the children handled them, even bringing them into the house, much to the chagrin of their two dogs.
  35. Brandi jumped to her feet in astonishment and chagrin, eyes wide and mouth open, but brought nothing out.
  36. When I think of the mistrust I held for humans five or six days ago, I can only shake my head in chagrin.
  37. Crass listened with ill-concealed chagrin to Owen's account, but most of the others were genuinely pleased.
  38. Management can focus intently on what it does best - produce delicious burritos (to the chagrin of my wife).
  39. To my chagrin, I found that I had averaged a little over one week of vacation a year for the past four years.
  40. The wear and tear deeply etched its marks on her face; the mini-accidents she would meet are met with chagrin.
  41. However, much to his chagrin, he was in school when Elizabeth announced her arrival and request for safe passage.
  42. She made no reference to his absence, but Slyme noticed with secret chagrin that she was annoyed and disappointed.
  43. Soraya joined me at San Jose State the following year and enrolled, to her father's chagrin, in the teaching track.
  44. There was no way else to ask for what I was looking for, so with a look of chagrin, I went for it, the occult?
  45. However, it’s absolutely impossible to win over the country after the tanks stop rolling, as we found to our chagrin.
  46. Remembering our council, I foresaw a long captivity behind the walls of Orenbourg, and I was ready to cry with chagrin.
  47. President Lincoln intervened to reduce the number of executions of captured Indians, much to the chagrin of Minnesotans.
  48. Dad had phoned me the previous evening and instructed that I should stay in doors on the Election Day, much to my chagrin.
  49. A small hint of gray had invaded his Italian mane, but much to Brian’s chagrin the girls seemed to like him more for it.
  50. Syd, inhaling gulps of air, gradually recovered his breathing and, to his chagrin, noted that Robert wasn’t even winded.
  51. He arrived on the stroke of the hour set for lunch, and to his chagrin was shown to the library, where Deena was sitting alone.
  52. Pete did his best to mask his chagrin at the last part, but even so, he couldn’t keep his eyes from rolling back in his head.
  53. At one time or another, I have used many of the biggest banks in the country, much to my chagrin, but I decided to change that.
  54. Meanwhile, I have rented a lovely flat not far from your house and have moved out of my parents" home much to my mother"s chagrin.
  55. Often, when wiping the dishes, she would stand in bewilderment and chagrin because she had pulled in two halves a cup or a tumbler.
  56. But, much to his chagrin, it wouldn’t be the first time she proved him wrong, or saw a possibility he couldn’t even comprehend.
  57. They began showing up in the main engine room walking around taking measurements and making notes, much to the chagrin of Chief Swanson.
  58. His face looked exhausted; his reddened eyes hadn't been refreshed by sleep; his facial features expressed profound sadness, real chagrin.
  59. Again the feelings both of vindication, he had been right, and chagrin over the condition of those who now lay writhing, surged over Moshe.
  60. To my chagrin, I thought he was a wonderful guy, but when the results and findings of this investigation came out, he was involved in them.
  61. Then the Captain did as promised and gave her port agent a long, passionate kiss, much to the chagrin of young Bosco, who politely looked away.
  62. President Clinton recently signed into law, quite reluctantly I might add, a Welfare Reform bill, much to the chagrin of his party‘s left-leaning radical base.
  63. Much to my chagrin my feelings for Jesse have only but intensified day after day, great! So its not just lust anymore, I was beyond screwed if that was the case.
  64. Consequently you had a very mobile aggressive force operating beyond the reach of the Army much to their chagrin who complained bitterly after the war about them.
  65. The very next morning, and much to the chagrin of the concierge and the paying guests, the chairman, his wife and their security team came crashing through the hotel once again.
  66. Chantry paused for a moment before continuing, The question as to who our benefactor has been will remain a secret much to the chagrin of those of you curious on this matter.
  67. Next day it all came out, sadly to my chagrin; and still I was not altogether sorry: I thought the burden of directing and warning would be more efficiently borne by him than me.
  68. As if Susan had only stayed out over night and drawn upon herself her mother’s chagrin, instead of the reality, that she had been a fugitive from her home for the past two years.
  69. As she continued in her own steady and deliberate pace, Feltus found himself involuntarily discounting her as a suspect, much to his own chagrin since he had struggled not to do so.
  70. I heard someone at the table in the far corner by the Pac Man ‘sit down’ arcade game yell, Whose smoking a doobie ‘round here? … Without me, he had added with chagrin.
  71. Michaud’s chagrin must have been different from that which caused Russians to grieve, he had such a sad face when shown into the Emperor’s study that the latter at once asked:.
  72. So to the chagrin of the Israelis, Yasser Arafat resurrected the ghost of ‘Abd Allah ibn Unays in the form of Al Fatah to infuse his jihadi in the disgruntled minds of the Palestinians.
  73. This lesson, unfortunately, oftentimes expresses itself too late in life to the chagrin of ―ambitious‖ women who willfully placed their professional careers ahead of raising a family.
  74. She could have wept with chagrin at her inarticulateness, her want of real education, her incapacity for getting her thoughts torn away from their confusion and safely landed into speech.
  75. She saw herself, at first with an astonished chagrin and afterwards with resignation, swarming up to the eaves of her little home, pauseless, gapless, luxuriantly threatening choke the very chimneys.
  76. The city authorities had forbidden the use of fire-crackers, greatly to the chagrin of the Joss-worshippers, but the din of the gongs was such that even an idol, it would seem, might almost be made to hear.
  77. This time however, with Ravena's internal ship's scans as a viable inventory of the Guild supplied arsenal, the Elf herself made the specific request of Deni for those very modules---much to Deni's chagrin.
  78. Why, these aren’t the men that sided with me, these are the ones who ate the food! He suddenly realized that his thoughts had turned into words as feelings, both of vindication and chagrin, assailed him.
  79. No one who has not felt this limitation on coming back from the ‘Heaven World’ with such valuable information can realise the chagrin and despair which one feels when he endeavors to do this, laments Heindel.
  80. Tony and Alex stood about the circle, jockeying for a position near Scarlett should any of chagrin at the defection of the swarthy Fontaine boys, but they were annoyed at the way the others arise from their places.
  81. She remained true to the only passionate adulterous relationship in her life and generous in accepting without chagrin the intrusion of his other affairs, retreating until there was once again a vacancy for her in his bed.
  82. Hasting's chagrin he approached the one sportsman in his store, perhaps then present in the entire Tahoe lake region, who had for several years made his living as Wilderness Guide and Instructor, in short: a Professional Sportsman.
  83. But," he added, with an air of chagrin, which he endeavored, though unsuccessfully, to conceal, "had I been aware that what I then believed a soldier's conduct could be so construed, shame would have been added to the list of reasons.
  84. Without admitting any embarrassment or chagrin, Roy ordered that each and every trade for radio and TV advertising had to be preapproved by him personally, with written proof that the value received went to the station, not an individual.
  85. He is a man in a gray overcoat, very anxious that I should call him ‘Your Majesty,’ but who, to his chagrin, got no title from me! That’s the sort of man he is, and nothing more, replied Dolgorúkov, looking round at Bilíbin with a smile.
  86. It turns from me; it will not suffer further scrutiny; it seems to deny, by a mocking glance, the truth of the discoveries I have already made,—to disown the charge both of sensibility and chagrin: its pride and reserve only confirm me in my opinion.
  87. What audiences are routinely being exposed to, however, are parents portrayed as unaware, uninformed, unstable in their own manner and out of touch, much to the chagrin of their complacently smug and obnoxious children who always seem to ―Know Better.
  88. Something of this improvement does take place--but then, to the chagrin of the one trying to improve, it becomes increasingly clear that the original expectations of the mate are being lowered in the direction of one's actual present level of attainment.
  89. There was an emotional stubbornness associated with his customary doubtfulness, and this state of mind, coupled with his chagrin at having run away from them, conspired to create a situation of isolation which even Thomas himself did not fully understand.
  90. She imagined Conan similarly situated across the corridor, but her feminine vanity prompted her to visualize him as scowling and muttering with chagrin as he cast himself on his solitary couch, and she grinned with gleeful malice as she prepared herself for slumber.
  91. But, to the chagrin of the Musalmans, the British banished Persian, the language of the Mughal Court, and introduced English to administer India, which turned out to be a boon to the Hindus for it facilitated a secular education that herald the community into the new age.
  92. The courtesy of my husband was noised abroad to such an extent, that the boys gave him no peace in the street; and on this account, and because he was somewhat shortsighted, my lady dismissed him; and it was chagrin at this I am convinced beyond a doubt that brought on his death.
  93. Instructions had been given to the drivers not to stop again till they reached the Queen Elizabeth, and they therefore drove past the World Turned Upside Down without stopping, much to the chagrin of the landlord of that house, who stood at the door with a sickly smile upon his face.
  94. As his eye passed hastily over the words, his countenance changed from its look of military pride to one of deep chagrin; his lip began to quiver; and suffering the paper to fall from his hand, his head dropped upon his chest, like that of a man whose hopes were withered at a single blow.
  95. Well of course, I use the word ‘blushing’ because it’s closest in meaning to the Draconian term for the set of physical symptoms produced by extreme embarrassment or chagrin, but in dragons it causes a certain tightening of the skin on the neck and facial area that results in the scales standing up a bit.
  96. It filled me with real chagrin to crush underfoot the gleaming mollusk samples that littered the seafloor by the thousands: concentric comb shells, hammer shells, coquina (seashells that actually hop around), top– shell snails, red helmet shells, angel–wing conchs, sea hares, and so many other exhibits from this inexhaustible ocean.
  97. On weekends, Marilyn would drive them around Los Angeles on sightseeing excursions to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Farmer’s Market, the homes of certain celebrities (maps sold by youngsters on street corners were usually accurate in pinpointing these addresses, much to the chagrin of the stars), and other West Coast locales she thought they’d be interested in, including the beach.
  98. Nonetheless, years later, 1987 in fact, when having been sober two years, I decided to embellish my own never sought after government contract professional credentials from NCMA by applying to become a Fellow member thereof, as well as to take and pass the CPCM exam, I learned with chagrin and dismay that FPI would not give me partial credit for the 9 out of 10 sessions that I did attend in LA back in ‘69.
  99. The fact that many of you may perceive such an attitude with grievance, reprehension, chagrin, and misunderstanding of the reasons that conditioned these quotation marks shows that the use of them is well-founded, because such emotions are uncharacteristic of true people (without quotation marks), although they are perfectly aware of the fact that similar negative reactions may manifest in the Consciousness of living creatures.

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