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Chagrin in a sentence

I froze in chagrin.
and facing her chagrin.
do? she said with chagrin.
This made her smile in chagrin.
spoke of his sin with chagrin,.
Goff coughed, to hide his chagrin.
To Harry’s great chagrin the huge.

'Twas Joseph's plan to cause chagrin.
She said quietly, almost in chagrin.
Much to his chagrin, Tom was hailed a.
chagrin he refused ever to make another.
I was filled with wonder, then chagrin.
But to Moose’s chagrin no match was made.
Is it that obvious? I asked in chagrin.
That perspective and chagrin is exactly the.
realized to her chagrin, she agreed with Ella.
He loved that stuff to the chagrin of his wife.
his angry face more grim, flushed with chagrin,.
At any rate, he showed neither chagrin nor triumph.
To her chagrin, they considered this even more funny.
I tested the bonds and to my utter chagrin, they were silver.
Yes, much to his father’s joy and his mother’s chagrin.
Much to his chagrin the doors to the tower were still closed.
She forced her into one of her dresses much to Tani’s chagrin.
Mark turned to Gran as he chuckled and shook his head in chagrin.
I must have caused her enough chagrin, even if in total ignorance.
They chatted animatedly and both forgot their chagrin for a while.
"And then is it nothing to you?" he asked, almost rigid with chagrin.

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Synonyms for chagrin

chagrin humiliation mortification abase humble humiliate mortify