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Checksum in a sentence

1. UDP does have an optional error-detection mechanism in the form of a checksum computation performed on both the source and destination systems.
2. To do this, the checksum included in the transport layer protocol header is computed only on the fields that are not modified during the journey to the destination.
3. Each ping consists of an ICMP Echo Request message (Type 8, Code 0) that, in addition to the standard ICMP Type, Code, and Checksum fields, adds Identifier and Sequence Number fields that the systems use to associate requests and replies.
4. What if, for example, in the course of a single connection, a server transmits five data segments to a client and the third segment must be discarded because of a checksum error? The receiving system must then send an acknowledgment back to the sender indicating that all the messages up through the second segment have been received correctly.

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