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Cheques in a sentence

1. He will have his book of cheques.
2. And they were writing the cheques.
3. Don't sign cheques I wouldn't sign.
4. Broadly speaking, cheques are of four types.
5. What happened? What about the cheques? Why did.
6. Extra cheques were most unwelcome in any payment system.
7. Cheques payable to a partner are not be credited to the.

8. No cheques that might give her a clue as to where you are.
9. Useless to write cheques that weren't in favour of somebody.
10. The accounts staff always kept the cheques - in a safe, he was sure.
11. There is another categorization of cheques which is discussed below:.
12. However, the banker can refuse to honour the cheques only in certain.
13. Traveller’s cheques are useful when travelling, especially in case of.
14. In some cases a bill is marked "not negotiable" – see crossing of cheques.
15. Don’t pay with cash, cheques, Western Union, or money orders - always use.
16. Collection of cheques, dividends, bills or promissory notes on his behalf, and.
17. Will two hundred pounds be enough? I've got plenty of travellers cheques with me.
18. Clearing house : cheques drawn on all banks are collected here, their respective.
19. Cheque truncation – : It stops the flow of cheques thru’ the banking system &.
20. Collecting bank : The bank which collects the proceeds of cheques, bills and such.
21. Whereas in a current account cheques are honoured if the balance is in credit, the.
22. Obligation to honor cheques: As long as there is sufficient balance in the account.
23. Third party cheques are not collected for the credit of any type of account in the.
24. The company - any company - was well aware of what could be done with loose cheques.
25. I had some pretty big cheques to sign and Elly seemed nervous about asking for the money.
26. At great speed his passport, visa card, plane tickets and traveller cheques were seized.
27. When he’s shouts began to grate at my patience I took the $3500 worth of cheques he’d.
28. The selector's pay their lads in promises, but I'm afraid these cheques are no good here.
29. If stores are being over-ordered, where are they? If cheques are being authorised for non-existent.
30. When Sam got his hands on his cash he posted two cheques to the UK from their farm in the Western Cape.
31. Bob wondered, and knew that Hugh knew, that the days of signing the backs of cheques was long gone, but.
32. Taking His name in vain is about: don't sign cheques I wouldn't sign, don't put my name to things that aren't me.
33. Where had Rich got these from? Surely not from the Cheque job years ago, he thought that they’d just been cheques.
34. I should book in which he puts down the travellers' cheques he cashes and what he spends it on, for mummy and the lawyer to see.
35. A quarter-hour, most of which seemed to be spent signing traveler’s cheques, and he was off to the city to deliver three big cheques.
36. This is normally reported gross, ie before tax has been deducted, though almost everybody gets the dividend cheques net and the tax is not reclaimable.
37. Someone had told me Morocco was the place to go in winter, so there I was headed having bought Thomas Cook Travellers Cheques, a rucksack and sleeping bag.
38. The Accounts people would doubtless have been very careful about validating and sending out the cheques that were printed then, but that's their procedure.
39. Extra or missing cheques, higher or lower dollar totals would be picked up as a discrepancy in a flash, and processing halted until you resolved the mismatch.
40. However, with the state of the mails around Christmas, they didn't much care if most of those cheques were delivered in the new year, instead of around the 28th or 29th.
41. Apparently people were streaming up from the South to laze on tropical beaches, but when their unemployment cheques stopped they were abused, assaulted, and even abducted.
42. And although she never told any one of the conversation with the gentleman writing cheques, when Robin came home for Christmas and looked at her he knew at once what she knew.
43. Some of the currency, like bearer cheques for 20,000 Zimbabwean dollars, for example, have ‘use by’ dates printed on them - and they’re only worth about £1 anyway!.
44. Morrison, coming into Creeper Cottage on Monday afternoon to unload her conscience yet more, found only a pleasant gentleman, a stranger of mellifluous manners, writing out cheques.
45. A novice clerk was allowed to add up columns of figures read from cheques and deposit slips, but I would have to serve twelve trustworthy months before being allowed to handle money.
46. In the days before credit cards and instant international money transfers, travellers had to organise traveller’s cheques that had to be cashed at a bank or major hotel for local currency, using passport ID.
47. So back he went to the bank with all his instructions: cheques for the broker and Darlington's, and his traveler’s cheques, most of the rest to go into Government and Semi Government bonds at the manager's earliest convenience.
48. Years later, I found out that he had signed post-dated cheques for a number of his father's debts and as the time for payment approached with no possibility of honoring the debt, he simply had to skip the country in order to avoid jail.
49. I had never really worked but now suddenly in the last few weeks I had cheques amounting to $15,000 cleared in to my account, they weren"t sure about giving me a loan but said if I didn"t touch the cash in my account for a month a loan was mine.
50. Not only did the BNZ pay 3% interest on all deposits, they forwarded or held mail for collection, arranged travel and travellers’ cheques, organised visas, and the branch in Regent Street just off Piccadilly had a lounge serving tea and biscuits.
51. Having the scruples of rectitude in our souls, we are above the meanness of injuring him—rather we meet all his claims on us by active benefits; and the drawing of cheques for him, being a superiority which he must recognize, gives our bitterness a milder infusion.
52. Now let me just close this out by giving you a practical example, because I know the biggest question is ok, how does this work in my life? What do I do? What cheques do I write? Ok, let me give you this: on a thousand dollars, I picked a thousand dollars because its easy to do maths on.
53. Bank does not collect cheques in the personal accounts of the office- bearers,.

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