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Child's in a sentence

But he knew the child's name.
And the child's voice said:—.
Why isn't even the child's dream.
You are your child's greatest hero.
Sabrina Sanders is my child's friend.
Surely, it were child's play, to.
Sent that child's true soul Heavenward.

His face was nice, kind, like a child's.
Start saving for your child's education.
I had been putting into the child's head.
He may upon the child's remains bestow;.
The child's terror had reached its climax.
It was a very light tread, like a child's.
Sometimes her questions were like a child's.
Lists and sequences were child's play to him.
She would have had to, for her child's sake.
Robin Hood and the Monk (Child's Ballads, No.
He sighed and slapped the child's arm gently.
You play with food as if it were a child's toy.
Where is that child's funeral disappeared to?
The waist reached below the poor child's hips.
The kid was a nut case, he had a child's mind.
He was that child's stay, and she was his prop.
And the maid went and called the child's mother.
Good Lord, that poor child's dress is in flitters.
Herod, to compass the child's death, slew all the.
Jean Valjean bent down and kissed that child's hand.
To hear of the child's doings gave him entertainment.
Phew! Dreadful simply! Child's head too big: forceps.
A child's fingers will generally do whatever he can.
Try hard to keep up a hold on your child's affections.
To the child's corpse yet warm; when lo! A marvel—.
It was beautiful, most of it was the Child's creation.
In the end, it was the child's happiness that mattered.
If it chances to coincide with the child's activity it.
A child's big wheeler sat in the front lawn covered in.
Any questions, I'll be sequestered at this child's place.
Under each child's plate there was a pretty present and.
They won't wash off? It was just child's paint she used.
He tried a smile but the child's little mouth remained set.

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