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Choice in a sentence

1. So I have no choice.
2. It was a wise choice.
3. But I had no choice.
4. The Way is a choice.
5. It was a good choice.
6. He was a good choice.
7. But you have a choice.

8. But he had no choice.
9. It was a tough choice.
10. So that was my choice.
11. So you have a choice.
12. He had no choice now.
13. But we had no choice.
14. But I have a choice.
15. It was an easy choice.
16. As if I had a choice.
17. Do I have a choice?
18. That is a wise choice.
19. I don't have a choice.
20. And if my choice was.
21. The real key is choice.
22. You have a free choice.
23. He had made his choice.
24. In this life of choice.
25. He had no other choice.
26. It was your choice to.
27. I have no other choice.
28. I felt I had no choice.
29. It was his only choice.
30. Again it is our choice.
31. I really had no choice.
32. I had to make a choice.
33. It should be my choice.
34. So the choice was easy.
35. She only had one choice.
36. It is not a choice to.
37. He had to make a choice.
38. I don’t have a choice.
39. That was his own choice.
40. You men have a choice.
41. She had made her choice.
42. The boy made his choice.
43. They had the choice to.
44. Good choice by the way.
45. Not a bad choice at all.
46. That was his choice too.
47. The choice is WHAT to be.
48. I had no choice but obey.
49. The choice is now yours.
50. But I have no choice.
51. What choice do I have?
52. The choice is up to you.
53. We still have no choice.
54. One choice or the other.
55. The choice had been hers.
56. But I had no other choice.
57. We can make a choice to.
58. I guess I have no choice.
59. I offered him a choice.
60. The choice was the users.
61. I had no other choice.
62. So the choice was obvious.
63. I don't have much choice.
64. There is always a choice.
65. Not like we had a choice.
66. Drake had the choice of.
67. But we have no choice.
68. Then I have no choice.
69. But I have made a choice.

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