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Cirrus in a sentence

1. They were a winter sky laced with cirrus.
2. False cirrus appears above, false nimbostratus below.
3. Slender sheaves of cirrus clouds were followed on the horizon by layers of nimbocumulus.
4. Cirrus clouds are high, wispy clouds formed from ice crystals which give them a white appearance.
5. Wispy cirrus clouds are the only ones that form naturally at the high altitudes where jets cruise.
6. German researchers reported that up to one-tenth of the cirrus clouds over Central Europe could be attributed.
7. If the sky is covered with cirrus clouds and the sky above them darkens and the formation changes to cirrostratus it is an indication that rain or snow are coming.

8. When another lightning ripped the sky, she stretched out her hand to reach its tail, clutched it, and flew down the 1000m high wall, piercing through a cirrus, thinking, ‘How long would I keep asking questions? I’ll find the answers out myself!’.
9. Without radio to alert you, the growth of swell can be an indication of a hurricane—when coupled with other conditions such as highly coloured sunsets or sunrises; dense banners of cirrus cloud converging towards the vortex of the approaching storm; abnormal rises in barometric pressure followed by an equally rapid drop.

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