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Cleavers in a sentence

dock, red clover, or cleavers.
Cleavers maybe? Dan’s bones would heal but how do you mend the.
Nice tools, those cleavers, Johnny nodded as a disappointed grimace crested his face.
Of note, Bolsano, Genovese and Giancana were all decapitated with meat cleavers after being shot.
‘Cheek!’ I retorted, grabbing a handful of cleavers from the nearby hedgerow and dabbing it on him.
The sound of the hacking swords was like that of butchers' cleavers, and the shrieks, yells and curses were appalling.
He was flashing images of his father’s shop again—everything always gleaming white; the freezer with its white enameled door; inside the freezer, hooks with hanging quarters of beef; bulbs in metal cages along the ceiling; knives, cleavers, and saws everywhere.

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Synonyms for cleavers

cleavers clivers