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Clegg in a sentence

Scully, Clegg and you Wolf.
Alex Clegg is dead and buried.
The Clegg brothers were no more.
Clegg didn’t have to be there.
They got stitched by Anton Clegg.
Clegg is stable, but unable to speak.
Would Clegg have given him access?

One faint ray of hope is Clegg himself.
Clegg remained quiet, but ever watchful.
Clegg, Wolf & Co would be none the wiser.
He wouldn’t believe this was Alex Clegg.
Clegg took the phone with a gleam in his eye.
He was a package deal courtesy of Anton Clegg.
Would a man like Anton Clegg pay extortion?
Tripp said Clegg and Vatavai were inseparable.
Who other than you and Anton Clegg has access?
He didn’t want it to be Alex Clegg in that casket.
So they aren’t involved in the Clegg business?
And Anton Clegg, what was your arrangement there?
It would be difficult though for Clegg to get on a plane.
Anton Clegg, pictured left, died in traumatic circumstances.
Clegg rose from his chair and honed in on the drinks cabinet.
Tripp went with Anton Clegg to the bank to collect the money.
Then to the job in hand which was the torment of Anton Clegg.
There was a funeral, a cremation when the first Clegg died.
A new car can only be a good thing and Clegg dead, even better.
Anton Clegg, whom you say was well known to you, was cremated.
Was that brain still around? Was he dead? Sir Alex Clegg had died.
Lorene gave her a shot and Clegg smothered her with a plastic bag.
He came from Australia twelve months ago to work to work for Clegg.
Clegg, who died many years before I had the opportunity to meet her.
Inside Clegg would be chaffing at the bit, but he had a shock coming.
This action didn’t fit the low profile prescribed by Clegg earlier.
Ten to one; not bad odds, but with no doubt at all this is Alex Clegg.
Blauner was equally involved, but it was with Clegg this had all begun.
More important to Rudolph was the task to hand with the Clegg conundrum.
Clegg lay back on his bunk and leaned his fat shoulders against the bars.
Clegg saw he had Rudolph’s full attention and slowed down his responses.
Sir Alexander Clegg was on view with one third of the casket lid hinged open.
Is it in Scully’s power to take such action? Is that what Clegg wants?

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