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  1. By 1982 I’d been clerking for twenty years and was still at Clerk level.
  2. Clerking with Monsieur Nostradamus was simply too great an opportunity to pass up.
  3. The local economy presented her a splendid variety of opportunities—short order cook in a couple of cheap restaurants, inspector and supervisor during the war at a plant with a contract for mortar shells, years of clerking in a fabric shop, demonstrating sewing machines for a White distributor, sales in the home appliance section of a department store, and several years as a school secretary before retirement.
  1. Yes, one of the clerks.
  2. Also, the clerks in the.
  3. One of his clerks was with me.
  4. And are the clerks here?
  5. He brought it up to clerks at the bank.
  6. Those clerks will drive me to my grave.
  7. Johnnie, sharp and cross with the clerks.
  8. The other clerks in the warehouse looked up.
  9. I learnt that some shopmen and clerks were.
  10. Paul listened to the voices of the two clerks.
  11. Where I have come, great clerks have purposed.
  12. An inner office with two clerks was where they.
  13. One of the clerks handed her a small vellum scroll.
  14. Certificates are registered in the names of clerks.
  15. She asked one of the clerks if she could take it home.
  16. Angelo had one of his clerks bring me a glass of water.
  17. The clerks in Theology had friends, it would get around.
  18. A couple of clerks chatted and flirted with the lawyers.
  19. All the clerks were motionless, in reverential expectation.
  20. The clerks looks up, bobs his head from side to side, smiles.
  21. Today, both clerks were busy and the proprietress was nowhere.
  22. A terrific cheer broke out among the clerks in the outer office.
  23. Then I asked if there were many clerks? to which he replied,—.
  24. Huckabee complained that Democratic county clerks violated state.
  25. The door slid open and one of his senior clerks stepped through it.
  26. Accounts Clerks and they were extremely friendly, patient and helpful.
  27. Ordered one of the clerks to fetch the bookbinder and some cold water.
  28. The clerks quarrelled with some other clerks and a fight seemed imminent.
  29. In the lodge lived two of his clerks, one of whom also had a large family.
  30. It is customary at Mawson's for the clerks to leave at midday on Saturday.
  31. Poor old man fed like children, paid like clerks in the colonial moonshine.
  32. The ten stenographers and clerks turned away from their shiny black machines.
  33. The bank closed, the ancient clerks came out, the usual watch was set, and Mr.
  34. One of the junior clerks went to the old man, greeted him cheerily and loudly.
  35. You must have seen some male clerks that were rather crummy at typing, General.
  36. All the clerks passed out and finally the cashier came out with the chief clerk.
  37. Jaggers's room, and one of the up-stairs clerks came down into the outer office.
  38. One of his clerks handed him a big key, and he opened the battered safe with it.
  39. In the mail room I found mail sacks floating about while the clerks were at work.
  40. As for the fourth, no one sees him, not even his adjutants, clerks, and employees.
  41. FBI agents immediately descended on the office to interview the manager and clerks.
  42. The door opened and one of Carton's clerks started to announce the name of a visitor.
  43. Yes, there are clerks, said a member of the district council, joining the group.
  44. If you sign up today, you’ll get 10 percent off your purchase! the clerks say.
  45. There's two girl clerks there that there never were before, because of the bigger business.
  46. All around were desks, clerks sitting with pens at the ready, waiting for trading to start.
  47. A couple of his aides were speaking animatedly to one of the interchangeable clerks in Japanese.
  48. The clerks arrived at the Vólga, and there they asked who the famous Cossacks of that region were.
  49. I said, where is McDermot? Ford, Regan, Jackson? Where is he? The clerks in question seemed.
  50. Both men knew that REMFs were worse than Saigon Commandos, who were mostly postal and admin clerks.
  51. The tellers were ranged in front, and the Clerks of each House on the right and left of the tellers.
  52. There were foremen, artificers and clerks, with Don Pepe for the gobernador of the mining population.
  53. Government clerks set up their baize-covered tables and their pigeonholes of documents in small rooms.
  54. That day the minister's clerks and the subordinates had a great deal to put up with from his ill-humor.
  55. Svidrigaïlov treated Katia and the organ-grinder and some singers and the waiters and two little clerks.
  56. Court was not in session and a handful of lawyers milled about the bench, swapping jokes with the clerks.
  57. Svidrigaïlov treated Katia and the organ‐grinder and some singers and the waiters and two little clerks.
  58. Out of all the numerous clerks that used to fill the deserted corridor and the empty office, but two remained.
  59. In the second room some clerks sat writing, dressed hardly better than he was, and rather a queer-looking set.
  60. And now I saw the Governor of Tula, with his clerks, officers, and soldiers, on his way to perform a similar act.
  61. Yesterday morning I was seated in my office at the bank when a card was brought in to me by one of the clerks.
  62. We had no secretaries and clerks, but there were plenty of underworked females in accounting on the second floor.
  63. But Gaétan had scared up a few clerks from his family warehouses to take part of the load off Rob’s shoulders.
  64. The Marine saluted and stepped into the command tent where Hanth’s clerks waited at their portable writing desks.
  65. The proprietor and two clerks stood on the sidewalk with armfuls of bolts of cotton cloth they had been displaying.
  66. The clerks surrounding the two titular councillors stepped back and waited with curiosity to see what would happen.
  67. Concerns were for those seeking work, Pullman car porters, sales clerks, domestics, clothing and transport workers.
  68. Golyadkin senior he stopped near the door to say a few words as he passed two or three clerks who were at work there.
  69. With sales clerks, they know if they help their customers buy nice clothing, that the customer is likely to come back.
  70. If not, it happened when some creative checkout clerks used the subtotal key when they were doing their thing up front.
  71. Some of the clerks in the office had studied for the law, and were more or less going through a kind of apprenticeship.
  72. The two female clerks occupying the trench nodded in understanding, then resumed firing at the enemy with their carbines.
  73. The clerks who were crowded at the top of the stair were smiling too, in expectation of his Excellency’s laughing again.
  74. Alleyne and Miss Delacour were standing outside the counter and all the clerks had turn round in anticipation of something.
  75. The audience was predominantly north Indian urban middle class—housewives and college students, government clerks and traders.
  76. One of her staff clerks then knocked on her door and, entering with her permission, dropped a few files in her ‘IN’ basket.
  77. The clerks face blared incrimination as a stunned faced Ben’s realised the implications of this extremely unexpected outcome.
  78. Of course, I hated my fellow clerks one and all, and I despised them all, yet at the same time I was, as it were, afraid of them.
  79. The clerks would come and Takahiro would cause a riot, and by next week, all the other governors would have burned their ledgers.
  80. Fine Ladies stepp’d out of Sedan Chairs to be greeted by bowing and cringing Shop Clerks who gave themselves the Airs of Princes.
  81. He used to spend his time chiefly in playing preference with a greasy old pack of cards for stakes of a quarter-farthing with clerks.
  82. The man in charge had the clerks who worked that Tuesday morning waiting in a small room, that was used by the staff as a lunch room.
  83. You are one of our most senior accounts clerks, which is why I asked you to look after the business brought to us by Monsieur Hood.
  84. The foreman of the jury, the youngest of the clerks, pronounced, in a clear, loud voice, amidst the deathlike stillness of the court:.
  85. He was particularly drawn to these clerks by the fact that they both had crooked noses, one bent to the left and the other to the right.
  86. At his chambers they came to him, in the shape of junior clerks with messages, and at his two private houses they were no concern of his.
  87. In the first place, madam, there are no register clerks on the sea-shore, and in the second place we can’t get a job as a register clerk.
  88. All these--the sort of people that lived in these houses, and all those damn little clerks that used to live down that way--they'd be no good.
  89. Then the British education system was created to produce clerks who would then work for the British to implement their policies all over India.
  90. One of the army store clerks quickly came to Nancy as she leaned against the service counter while eyeing the countless rows of storage shelves.
  91. The chairman of that committee was directed to address letters to the clerks of the several courts in which such prosecutions had been commenced.
  92. They laugh and hunt, and there is in the air the brilliance of an apotheosis—what a transfiguration effected by love! Notaries' clerks are gods.
  93. I wondered how many other clerks there were up-stairs, and whether they all claimed to have the same detrimental mastery of their fellow-creatures.
  94. In the next room which looked like an office, several clerks were sitting writing and obviously they had no notion who or what Raskolnikov might be.
  95. The lassie was conscious of the ill turn she had played, and would have submitted in modesty; but one of the writers’ clerks, an impudent whipper-.
  96. Grandpa gave strict instructions he was to be left here with us, hang on Flitter there's the clerks counter he can hide under, they'd be none the wiser.
  97. Over and above the expenses which are common to every branch of trade, such as the expense of house-rent, the wages of servants, clerks, accountants, etc.
  98. Colling explained that he had been assigned to the camp guard company as a medic, and Brumerson asked one of his clerks to take Colling to the dispensary.
  99. For example, in a novel, interestingness may consist in a description of Egyptian or Roman life, the life of miners, or that of the clerks in a large shop.
  100. Amazing! Clerks wrote tickets by hand at night, and the company figured out what the stores had, what had been sold, and what to order in a couple of days.

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1. A clerk can do that.
2. The clerk did not speak.
3. Maybe he needed a clerk.
4. His clerk said to him:.
5. Remy and the other clerk.
6. He hoped the sales clerk.
7. The clerk handed him a form.
8. The clerk scratched his head.
9. The clerk glanced behind him.
10. The clerk stared at me and.
11. Oh, said the desk clerk.
12. The clerk consulted the books.
13. Please write, said the clerk.
14. The office clerk approached us.
15. Braithwaite and his clerk, Mr.
16. The clerk looked at the poster.
17. The clerk was silent for awhile.
18. The Clerk checked his clipboard.
19. I was a clerk in a candy store.
20. After having the county clerk.
21. The clerk glances at the photos.
22. It was Leo, the head desk clerk.
23. The clerk is typing what you say.
24. The clerk looked up with a smile.
25. The clerk gets angry on the peon.
26. Ben glared irritably at the clerk.
27. No, the clerk replied coolly.
28. The clerk in Terry Kelly's said A.
29. She’s the clerk at the station.
30. And as the clerk still insisted—.
31. The solicitor's clerk smiled broadly.
32. Hood’s account, said the clerk.
33. The clerk was fond of Monsieur Bovary.
34. Say your peace, the clerk said.
35. And the one-eyed clerk from the motel.
36. I failed the Clerk level ‘4’ test.
37. The clerk of the court stepped forward.
38. The desk clerk lay motionless on the.
39. Sad end of government printer's clerk.
40. It was the only time the clerk saw him.
41. That was me honey, the clerk said.
42. No, no, the clerk shook his head.
43. You… The office clerk called me.
44. He then returned the list to the clerk.
45. The one-eyed clerk was in the bathroom.
46. That I'm sure of,� one clerk replied.
47. Call the sheriff, the clerk said.
48. The clerk couldn’t answer the question.
49. Here you are, the store clerk said.
50. The clerk read it loudly and distinctly.
51. Giving a clerk at the grocery store $10.
52. The county clerk was a wise, elderly man.
53. In vain the clerk tried to get rid of him.
54. Gilbert, said the clerk, reassuringly.
55. The head clerk looked at him with a smile.
56. The Clerk scratched his nose with his pen.
57. The Town Clerk seventeen pounds per week.
58. Please be silent, the clerk replied.
59. Of course, agreed the accounts clerk.
60. He was a clerk and had almost 645 of 967.
61. The Clerk hands General the paper and exit.
62. I was the head company clerk for the unit.
63. Duty of the Time Keeper/attendance clerk:.
64. The government clerk echoed it in falsetto.
65. His job as a mail clerk was steady & pre-.
66. I’m sorry, monsieur, said the clerk.
67. Night clerk thought he recognized the face.
68. Go ahead, the clerk said with a smile.
69. The clerk shrugged his shoulders in answer.
70. He was also seeing a lot of Elizabeth Clerk.
71. The senior clerk glided by on roller-skates.
72. Damn! Said the chief clerk, impressed.
73. The clerk ran back inside and made the call.
74. The clerk again shrugged without commenting.
75. The judge had turned to speak to his clerk.
76. The clerk read the docket, the suspect rose.
77. The same Indian desk clerk let us in the room.
78. The clerk returned roughly ten minutes later.
79. He went to the counter where the clerk gave.
80. This is the inexactness of an ill-paid clerk.
81. Blackwell, a clerk with the Brown Shipping Co.
82. The clerk reminded him of the threat to his.
83. The JUDGE and the COURT CLERK come running in.
84. And I still had the checkout clerk to deal with.
85. The Clerk jumps up, the Sentinel presents arms.
86. Van Chimp and the county clerk to see Rebecca.
87. I asked the clerk if there was a room available.
88. The clerk counted it out and gave him a receipt.
89. The older one then spoke anxiously to the clerk.
90. He then casually handed the bottle to the clerk.
91. It was a copying clerk called Ostafyev, a man Mr.
92. The CLERK shows in FÉDYA in rags, a total wreck.
93. Raskolnikov thrust his notice upon the head clerk.
94. It’s probably connected with Elizabeth Clerk.
95. Henri stopped and turned around to face his clerk.
96. I was a little blown away in there by that clerk.
97. The clerk tapped some keys on the hotel computer.
98. I studied the clerk intently, suspecting that he.
99. The clerk came with the ring in a small little bag.
100. I told the astonished clerk what I had discovered.

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