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Clothiers in a sentence

1. Clothiers farm one.
2. Clothiers fine cabbage.
3. Clothiers farm then on and over the ramparts.
4. Look even the Grimes and the Clothiers are dancing.
5. Seemed a good idea at the time, but I’ll go up to the crossroads by Clothiers instead.
6. He dug deeply into his bag to find her letter but withdrew only a small parcel addressed to the Clothiers Farm.
7. So on this fine morning the villagers gathered by the putting green below Clothiers farm where battle was to commence.

8. It was here that both the Clothiers armed to the teeth with pitchforks and mattocks stopped the project in its tarmacadam tracks.
9. Our clothiers would probably have been able to defend themselves against it; but it happens that the greater part of our principal clothiers are themselves likewise dyers.
10. As had been stated by his colleague, though there was no Purveyor during the Revolution, there were clothiers or agents employed in different situations, which answered the purpose.
11. In l643, in 1645, and in 1661, the clothiers and free traders of the west of England complained of them to parliament, as of monopolists, who confined the trade, and oppressed the manufactures of the country.
12. Our tanners, besides, have not been quite so successful as our clothiers, in convincing the wisdom of the nation, that the safety of the commonwealth depends upon the prosperity of their particular manufacture.
13. Woollen yarn and worsted are prohibited to be exported, under the same penalties as wool even white cloths we subject to a duty upon exportation; and our dyers have so far obtained a monopoly against our clothiers.
14. The machines coughed and spluttered, then surged into life, roaring and screeching they ambled forward taking the Clothiers fencing down in one concerted hit, then thudded on through the grass paddocks towards Dort Valley crossroads.

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