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Coat in a sentence

2. The coat had the U.
3. It was only a coat.
4. Let go of my coat.
5. Ann put on her coat.
6. At least get a coat.
7. He gave me his coat.

8. He puts on his coat.
9. I put my coat on the.
10. The coat had to stay.
11. I grabbed my coat and.
12. Kirillov put on his coat.
13. Apply a thin coat, and.
14. I'll have to get a coat.
15. But this coat was green.
16. His bright red coat was.
17. This made his coat black.
18. A WHORE: He tore his coat.
19. The man paid for the coat.
20. The coat was a dark spot.
21. Richard tore off his coat.
22. His coat was brown with.
23. He slipped into his coat.
24. Don't sugar coat it, Liz.
25. The coat sheds and turns.
26. But I was deaf to my coat.
27. Coat the shoes of the many.
28. At least I have your coat.
29. Here, I've burned my coat.
30. No one takes off their coat.
31. He then took his coat and.
32. Perhaps I absorbed my coat.
33. Add sauce and stir to coat.
34. He did up his coat halfway.
35. She gave me my coat anyway.
36. I will blow his coat off.
37. Peter buttoned up his coat.
38. Leblanc, put on this coat.
39. She gave him back his coat.
40. Make a coat of many colors.
41. Your coat is very beautiful.
42. The coat covers the entire.
43. Teddy brings his fire coat.
44. However, the coat had been.
45. I think the coat was light.
46. On the shoulder of the coat.
47. Toss the noodles to coat well.
48. Max wrapped his trench coat.
49. Do you have a coat on?
50. The coat to Jacob was brought.
51. I left my winter coat in the.
52. It’s about your coat pocket.
53. Just let me go grab my coat.
54. Then he slipped into his coat.
55. His coat hung behind the door.
56. Add the potatoes and coat well.
57. Peter (spits and puts on coat).
58. She couldn’t see a grey coat.
59. Why a blue coat? Off with it.
60. Is this the coat that Gandalf.
61. Taking the second coat with it.
62. Get your coat, Mona says.
63. Petranilla noticed the red coat.
64. He watched her put her coat on.
65. Sell your coat and buy a weapon.
66. Add oat flour and toss to coat.
67. He had a shiny coat, polished.
68. Top with sauce and mix to coat.
69. Ivers smiled and did up his coat.
70. Add the peanuts and mix to coat.
71. She helped him off with his coat.
72. It won't be seen under the coat.
73. Sergeant major! Change his coat.
74. They'd hung my cat with a coat.
75. He took his hands from his coat.
76. Marius went out in his new coat.
77. Calm, Child, it's just a coat.
78. To wear it as the coat of armor.
79. Add water to coat bottom of pan.
80. Turn coat, she called him.
81. Fixing his coat, buttoning it up.
82. Shake the bag to coat thoroughly.
83. Morel put on her coat and bonnet.
84. Most Arctic Fox wear a white coat.
85. Not your nose, fool, your coat!.
86. She hesitated, buttoned her coat.
87. And thank you for the coat, Sven.
88. Here, Lizzie, put on your coat.
89. A white coat over a suit and tie.
90. He was wearing a stained lab coat.
91. His coat had turned a pure white!.
92. His wadded coat and cap with peak.
93. Was this the coat? he asked.
94. She helped him into his coat and.
95. I had no coat and didn't need one.
96. Where have you hung your coat?
97. Here, stuff these pants and coat.
98. She stood and reached for her coat.
99. It will be a coat with buttons.
100. I didn't have a winter coat per se.
1. Stir in the beef, coating thoroughly.
2. The coating hardened and gained pigment.
3. Our outer coating is just that---a coating.
4. Casts, plaster, method of coating, xxx, 171.
5. Flip the fish in the mix, coating both sides.
6. The coating can be stored in the refrigerator.
7. There was a fresh coating of mud on the shoes.
8. Place candy coating in a microwave safe bowl.
9. Depends on the coating, she said with a grin.
10. Coating a horse in chocolate is a capital offence.
11. I’m telling the truth without sugar coating it.
12. I felt as if I had a coating of ice thrown over me.
13. Years of coating have made it impervious to variety.
14. Dip in chocolate coating to which a small amount of.
15. It broke open, scalding Crazy Berries coating her fur.
16. Gently roll balls in cocoa mixture, coating all sides.
17. It grew, coating his tongue and moving down his throat.
18. Oddly enough, the pasty coating reminds me of the look.
19. ChériAna chose her coating using myself as the paradigm.
20. Its exterior was of a finely polished crystalline coating.
21. Perhaps the coating on the hull is attracting them?
22. The tongue is red and covered with a light coating of fur.
23. A coating of glossy sugar was around the edges of her mouth.
24. Then all you have to do is apply a thin coating of this curd.
25. Swirl the butter in the custard cup, coating sides and bottom.
26. Will she see my bleeding heart, the sadness coating my smile?
27. Its watery coating was gone, and it was coated in pine needles.
28. Melt confectioners' coating in a heavy saucepan over low heat.
29. They have a hard protective coating and often use camouflage to.
30. I prepared some chicken coating mix and Harry had to do the rest.
31. As the chocolate melts, spread it into a coating over the candy.
32. More coating came off the one that the coating had come off before.
33. Roll into balls, then roll in powered sugar to make a sugar coating.
34. You just rub the coating off the black window there,' she instructed.
35. He found that there were nine cannons resting under a thin coating of snow.
36. It is just glass with a special coating on the back, Bluebell tried.
37. The honey coating returned to her captor’s voice as she tugged on her arm.
38. Since they arrived, a very thin coating of fine dust had settled on the ship.
39. Wynne tensed in surprise, before cleverly coating his lip with excess soup from.
40. Teflon, the coating on our non-stick cookware, is leeching into our foods as well.
41. It was small and filmy, the walls and floors seemed to have an extra wax coating.
42. Her palm scrubbed down the trunk of a pine tree, coating it in heavy, sticky sap.
43. Then the bare metal frame undergoes PH balance wash and a primer coating process.
44. Smelting Industries, while I concentrated on the coating product for the beer and.
45. Wendy scraped the bolts together and the coating came off the one in her left hand.
46. She brushed the curling hair off his cheek, startled by the sweat coating his skin.
47. The faceless man smelled of jetfuel and was covered in a coating of fine, white dust.
48. I hissed when I felt her so warm and wet for me, coating my stomach with her juices.
49. When an angel has given all of their third coating away, it is called being Grounded.
50. Waxes are generally used as a coating over other finishes, rather than as a primary.
51. Instant Game – pre-printed tickets with a scratch-off coating that reveals on-site.
52. She applied a full coating of deep black mascara and coral lipstick to her full lips.
53. Shape into 1-1/4 inch balls; coat with cocoa, powdered sugar or Coating Selections.
54. Melt confectioners' coating in a double boiler or in a small saucepan over low heat.
55. It was very thin but the links had a pleasing shape to them, despite the coating of filth.
56. This hard protective coating takes different forms in different insects, but is most.
57. Giving it a hard stare, he used his fingernail to peel the plastic coating from its surface.
58. She put the toast on a side plate, buttered it and spread a thick coating of Vegemite on top.
59. Add remaining whole berries (coating the blueberries with some flour will prevent them from.
60. Its front wall had white sparkly coating with dashes of green gems that sparkled in the dark.
61. The strange substance coating her skin kept me from hearing her screams, but I could see them.
62. Place candy coating in microwave safe bowl; microwave uncovered on high for 40 to 60 seconds.
63. The temperature then shoots up to 4000 degrees very quickly, melting off the coating of the rods.
64. Apparently, the anti-gravity booties wouldn’t work on the stealthy surface coating of his ship.
65. That way you can make sure all information is told exactly as it happened, with no sugar coating.
66. Only the growing darkness hid the flow of blood that gave a new red coating to the birthing stone.
67. Place some of the coating mix in a plastic or paper bag and add the chicken pieces, a few at a time.
68. The first is a basic coating mix that can be used not only with chicken, but also with pork and fish.
69. In 1827 this characteristic orison had disappeared from the wall under a triple coating of daubing paint.
70. It is actually a coating of amethyst crystals over a long calcite crystal that has long since dissolved.
71. The electronics woven into the suit’s fabric doubled as an armored coating that covered the entire body.
72. Which is why, as you are now likely realizing, your 'family' can adopt any coating required in the moment.
73. His current project was to develop a way of exciting the coating to act as a gigantic flat screen display.
74. The rich red of our Triassic sandstones is due to a pellicle of peroxide of iron coating each of the grains.
75. Her hair had already started graying, but she kept coating it black, allowing only a few gray hairs to show.
76. It also serves as a catalyst for chemical reactions and as an industrial coating on mirrors and solar panels.
77. With more paint at hand, she set about coating the spokes and the trimming of the cart in strong deep yellow.
78. Another open cell had an inch of water coating the floor, which trickled away through a stinking, blocked drain.
79. The boy continued to groan and moan as his come entered her mouth and passed down her throat, coating her insides.
80. For example, an epoxy coating, as they are not new, they are among the more complicated coatings for people to use.
81. The enamel coating on the fridge has given up the ghost and brown chips of rust show through the face of the door.
82. Despite the protective coating of dried muck, insect bites too numerous to count tatooed the bodies of Samson and JY.
83. Jim Boswell’s body fluids have adhered to the hull in the minute surface pits of the sub’s coating, said Max.
84. Place white confectioners' coating (almond bark) in a microwave safe bowl, and microwave on medium heat until melted.
85. He slides a finger into me, coating it with my fluids and the come he just left in me, then slides it back into my ass.
86. She then proceeded into quickly wiping clean her helmet and toweling off the worst of the sulfur coating Nancy’s suit.
87. The caramel coating is very gooey, so refrigerate the apples for about 15 minutes, or until the caramel has firmed up.
88. And I thank you for this experience, but this coating of ash upon me is starting to irritate me, and I yearn to bathe.
89. Some of the females had tried to conceal the ravages of vice and dissipation by coating their faces with powder and paint.
90. The massive water pressure was compacting the rope filling, and pressing the thick plastic coating of the fender into place.
91. I will just give them a coating of white, for that is as it ought to be; besides, it is good for the oranges and the grapes.
92. Following the rain, the temperature plummeted, leaving a sheath of ice coating the sidewalks, streets, trees and power lines.
93. Not that the grass could be seen; fresh snow had again fallen the previous night, coating everything with a perfect whiteness.
94. It’s used in the process of galvanization, in which zinc coating is applied to other metals, such as steel, to prevent rust.
95. What if I told you if you scrape those two bolts together the coating will come off to come off the one in your left hand?
96. All he sees is Shelby, sprawled out along the couch, blood painting her nether region and a thick layer slime coating her chest.
97. And I picture the swarm of nanoprobes attaching to the new links, coating them in golden armor to preserve the memory for eternity.
98. He finally releases one of my legs only to stick two fingers into me, coating them with his release and then moving them to my clit.
99. The full horror of what Star had done lay in the white face and the dark red coating over the rest of the body and sides of the bath.
100. Except for some tropical plants, most plants could survive and even get some protection from cold temperatures with a coating of ice.
1. Coated by a thick layer of.
2. The pill is coated with sugar.
3. Numb, coated by apprehension, his.
4. It’s what our wings are coated with.
5. Then they should be brush coated again.
6. Gently stir until balls are well coated.
7. They are then lightly coated with ghee.
8. Its steel fingers are coated with blood.
9. The ancient steps were coated and slick.
10. Add the nuts, and stir until well coated.
11. It wasn’t me coated everything with oil.
12. Toss ham with sauce til ful y coated, set aside.
13. There was a white coated doctor waiting for them.
14. Guilt coated Cam’s throat, all but choking him.
15. The two white coated individuals arrived quickly.
16. An oily taste that coated the back of the throat.
17. The entire wire is then coated with an insulation.
18. Its sweeping walls had been coated with a layer of.
19. The car’s paint—thin as it is—is coated by a.
20. Shap floated in space, coated in rock and space dust.
21. Evenly spread coated nuts over melted butter in pan.
22. The interior of the tube wall is coated with EDTA K3.
23. She is coated with quite a considerable layer of fat.
24. Ahead, the snow coated forest seemed huge, a wall of.
25. He coated my naan with marmalade, placed it on a plate.
26. I bet, she said, and condoms are coated in candy.
27. Pour over apples and mix around so the apples are coated.
28. Flat Coated Retrievers are 22 to 34 inches tall and weigh.
29. Every room and every object was coated with dust and grime.
30. Wide mouthed jars coated with petroleum jelly on the top.
31. Bake duck which has been coated with hoisin sauce and chill.
32. They were heavily coated in a thick, black rubbery deposit.
33. Marshmallows grow chow mein legs and and candy coated eyes.
34. Mai? he whispered between trembling, blood coated lips.
35. Arrange the coated nuts in a single layer on the buttered pan.
36. He likening sides and peaks of mountains, forests coated with.
37. Blood coated her dagger and dripped, dotting the white ground.
38. Its inner surfaces were coated by the same golden hue as the.
39. Its watery coating was gone, and it was coated in pine needles.
40. I was picturing you for coated karga strips on seasoned greens.
41. Blood spattered the ring and a red spray coated Alexia’s face.
42. He was laid out in a makeshift craft heavily coated with pitch.
43. His eyes wee extremely weak, he told the white coated attendant.
44. Can you? Please? She displayed her best sugar coated smile.
45. Add the cucumbers to the bowl and toss together until well coated.
46. Vocation? asked Auberge through the froth of ale that coated.
47. My tongue slipped like it was coated in that oil as I tried to speak.
48. In others, it is coated with small filaments of a greenish asbestos.
49. A thick layer of mud coated the path’s surface with pools of water.
50. Place the coated apple slices on each parchment covered baking sheet.
51. The bar was made of pure mahogany, coated in high-gloss polyurethane.
52. Pat crust into a round 12-inch pizza pan coated with nonstick cooking.
53. The light was sucked up by the fibrous black dust that coated everything.
54. The eyes are open too, but the eyeballs are coated with a jellylike film.
55. Her stomach had been coated with the gel and the ultrasound was underway.
56. Gently toss apples, raisins and walnuts with cinnamon mixture until coated.
57. The food will dry slowly and become coated with smoke without being cooked.
58. Place the coated cookies on a platter, liberally sprinkling each layer and.
59. Apple maggot Traps, apple sized red spheres coated with a sticky substance.
60. Dust coated the surface of what was once a road, a park, somebody’s garden.
61. Put in the chicken pieces and stir well so that each piece is coated with the.
62. Toss bread cubes with remaining ingredients until the cubes are evenly coated.
63. Kumiko’s boots squelched through the thick layer of mud that coated the floor.
64. Smoke coated the inside of my mouth, and I closed my throat and held my head up.
65. Islam got coated with Judaism as the nature of both religions needs to obey laws.
66. The dust coated their legs to the knee; their feet were pale and soft with sweat.
67. Arianell, I believe the only thing that will kill me is a silver coated weapon.
68. Within microseconds, Bob unplugged and coated it with a thick white fire retardant.
69. He wears a Dauntless traitor jacket, and one side of his head is coated with blood.
70. My fantasy is to be coated in melted milk chocolate and then have Phil lick it off.
71. Lov was beginning to suspect that Anuunaki coated their weapons in toxic substances.
72. All her feelings—even her thumping fear—were nicely coated in fluffy cotton wool.
73. Freezing rain coated power lines with 10 cm (4 in) of ice and thousands of poles fell.
74. Rooms cloaked in ivory, marble, amber and even one coated in a thin layer of gold leaf.
75. I needn't have been coated as Enthilesté, but Sire Alviss wasn't taking any chances.
76. On the table before him was a short-bladed knife, sharp, coated in thick, matted blood.
77. Yeltsa coated her hand with the Hiranien and punched a hole in its chest with her claws.
78. Scooping water into her mouth, she tried to rinse out the desert that coated her tongue.
79. The Draper boys wrapped straw round the spokes of the wheels and coated them with tallow.
80. Anthony coated with C4 and carried it into the Church, where he set it back on its stand.
81. Haven let her collect herself, then asked gently, in a voice coated with love but tinged.
82. Coated with dust and grit, it clattered over the washboard road until it pulled alongside.
83. Thus making them heroes, Cathy spat as if each word spoken had been coated in garlic.
84. Both men froze in horror on seeing this girl, rock steady and coated with congealed blood.
85. Coated with the halo of ten gods, His strength was unrivaled with all its terrible flashes.
86. Anything that has to be couched n sugar coated lies to be sold: is hiding poison inside it.
87. Podge coated his knife with honoi, extended its reach and plunged it in the thing’s head.
88. The resulting thick sheet was then coated with soft resin and taken to the hot-room to set.
89. Pour this dressing over the chicken salad mixture and toss together until coated well, then.
90. It had coated their HEPOs with great efficiency, and resisted light efforts to shake it off.
91. It was coated with shellfish of some kind, and strands of brown and green seaweed hung down.
92. Pandora Driver kicks open the door and enters the sanctuary hefting a figure coated in blood.
93. Creamy and sinfully rich, these chocolate candies are coated with a fine layer of almonds.
94. Cook 2 to 3 minutes or until sugar is melted and pears are evenly coated, stirring occasionally.
95. Dip each piece of bread into the batter and submerge it so that both sides and edges are coated.
96. Even his memory of the brown smell of anti-termite fluid in which they were coated was correct.
97. He could feel a cool breeze flowing over his body, which was coated by a thin slimy layer of sweat.
98. Place spinach in a large nonstick skillet coated with cooking spray; cover and cook over low heat 7.
99. This was transported through specially coated lines to prevent clotting and maintained at 37 degrees.
100. Mitch knocked on the hollow door, which left his knuckles coated with a chalky, turquoise paint residue.
1. A wizard of many coats.
2. It sat above all the coats.
3. He could sell fur coats to.
4. I’ve got a bunch of coats.
5. These are your coats to try on.
6. We'll make the coats of some of.
7. In their gold coats spots you see;.
8. Bane and Kifter took their coats off.
9. I think these are two coats that Mr.
10. He tossed coats and guns to the others.
11. It swirled and clutched at their coats.
12. Grabbing their coats, they left the house.
13. Estes meets us by the door with our coats.
14. Jeans, coats, sweatshirts, but not hats.
15. Duct tape can also be used to repair coats.
16. Matt and Ned collected their coats and left.
17. I pause as the bitter taste coats my throat.
18. Dignity and coats of arms pervaded the place.
19. The three men were strangers in trench coats.
20. Long ago they had left the coats behind them.
21. They’d both forgotten to bring their coats.
22. Two coats! and he had estimated for only three.
23. She wanted me to buy coats for the poor trees.
24. John stood in the hallway, ankle-deep in coats.
25. They were met by three men wearing trench coats.
26. The two vampires were wearing dark, leather coats.
27. Pity about their new Library coats, Jess thought.
28. The Gray boys were in jeans and old sports coats.
29. Panic sets in as a slimy material coats the ship.
30. The rest of their coats were glossy midnight black.
31. If he piled the blanket and heavy coats on her---.
32. I suspected a lump hidden somewhere under the coats.
33. Coats and cloaks of the richest twills and warmest.
34. Their flesh almost matched the white of their coats.
35. Ronnie and Margo, wearing their coats, stepped into.
36. More waiters appeared, white coats and silver trays.
37. Some audience members threw their coats into the air.
38. Some ominous looking guys in trench coats were seen.
39. They spread their coats in his path…some wave palm.
40. There are probably ten or twelve coats present already.
41. I clung to the coats as if they could offer some support.
42. How can you tell with all these winter coats on?
43. They were carrying machine guns, dressed in bulky coats.
44. He took out one of the rain coats and threw it on the bed.
45. The streets were red with the coats of soldiers on patrol.
46. They thronged into the pub, taking off coats, scarves and.
47. More than once they put on winter coats and visit the moon.
48. A vision of doctors in white coats filled Hal’s mind again.
49. Your box, your things, coats, trousers, and linen have come.
50. Red coats! He’d landed himself right in the middle of….
51. He pulled out a bundle of clothes: coats, trousers and fur.
52. Dawes stumbled over Paul's coats, then came rushing forward.
53. Father bent over a pile of coats of mail and handed her one.
54. I guess house managers hang up coats? I'm in so over my head.
55. Three young men in lab coats were at work in the central lab.
56. They had heavy coats and snow pants on, with rubber overshoes.
57. Domesticated dogs come in all shapes, sizes, coats, duties and.
58. I was in rags, generously bestowed upon me one of his own coats.
59. Sumatran tiger has the darkest of tiger coats and their stripes.
60. It looked a lot like the dark coats that the Jones gang wears.
61. It is also stated that God made coats of skins and clothed them.
62. Chipped layers revealed many coats of white, yellow and even red.
63. Cook, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens and coats the.
64. He noticed one of his own coats hanging on a peg inside the door.
65. This system would be a latex primer and two coats of the oil flat.
66. Some of the women carried infants under the skirts of their coats.
67. The two gathered their coats, and laptops and chatted as they made.
68. I’m not to happy about this, but he calms down and gets our coats.
69. Gianni and Joshie both assumed the position and opened their coats.
70. He sees more of his lifeless bodies on the wall hung up like coats.
71. A few minutes later, Annie and Alicia got their coats on and set out.
72. Lab coats, goggles and facemasks hung neatly from hooks by the door.
73. You go below there, will you, and stow away the coats and things.
74. Coats and jackets were buttoned up as the search progressed, and Dr.
75. The meeting was in a town hall that smelled of varnish and damp coats.
76. Most of them removed their coats after exiting, revealing the belts.
77. They walked quickly into the restaurant and hung their coats and hats.
78. Guys in trench coats changed that, but I’m not sure if they were full.
79. Jen giggled as we stepped over a heap of coats and headed down the hall.
80. Heather pushed the coats to one side and stepped in, smashing the shoes.
81. But then the screen cut back to the two Reptilian Creatures in lab coats.
82. Gestapo style trench coats and wearing the same kinds of hats I had seen.
83. It was in the back of a bedroom closet, with coats hanging in front of it.
84. Grady quickly gathered their coats and bolted through the door, shouting.
85. And as he leaned closer he noticed that neither of them were wearing coats.
86. The pickers scurried at their work, coats buttoned close over their chests.
87. MARY, CATHY, AND DAN REMOVED their coats and found seats in the living room.
88. After an hour, the cold had finally worked its way beneath their coats and.
89. Now coats of skins refers to animal hides which are not worshippers doctrine.
90. He noticed their coats growing longer and shaggier indicating a cold winter.
91. He forbade his disciples not only to take money, but also to have two coats.
92. Even Diomed, Peony and Beau had a shine to their coats that was breathtaking.
93. But the rain’s end was not why Rave and Stefan were taking off their coats.
94. He flung the door open, slapping on the light to reveal a row of coats within.
95. Huddled together in their white lab coats, they all looked so proud of their.
96. While it was quite chilly, we could survive without coats for ten minutes or so.
97. Two men in peasant coats ran away at the foot of the wall, toward the Znamenka.
98. Two men in peasant coats ran away at the foot of the wall, toward the Známenka.
99. Before we began our journey, the animals coats had been rubbed to a high gloss.
100. During the 1960’s, some winter coats still used the Aiguilllette as a fastener.

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