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Colloquially in a sentence

It is still used colloquially.
reflexivepronoun is used colloquially as implying the.
partner owned and operated their own tattooing business, colloquially known as the.
some way and was now an inmate of the „lost and found' as we colloquially called the.
„Also colloquially known as the „Spite Syndrome', the Prof said, his eyes at half mast and.
It was the size and general shape of a native life form called a ksarid, colloquially translated as 'bird.
When the true story is unfolded, we can recognize that this two-word term, for the most part, has been erroneously employed colloquially.

we are orbiting the binary star widely known as Behenii-1 in most tourist star maps, also known to some of you colloquially as Persebs or Binary 888.
Erectile Dysfunction is also colloquially referred to as ‘impotence’ (a term of much wider import encompassing multifarious dysfunctions of the male reproductive system).
’Family Tree - it was too obvious surely Jack had told him it was colloquially known as the Marmalade tree, after a street name for a designer drug, and he remembered Sarah-Jane calling it that as well, the idea intrigued on him.

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Synonyms for colloquially

colloquially conversationally informally