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Companionship in a sentence

There is a sense of companionship.
But was her companionship worth it?
You need love, trust and companionship.
But without companionship, all is bland.
Only Helen was left without companionship.
He had never been without female companionship.
Seeking attractive woman for companionship, more.

And he craved a little companionship more than ever.
You needed the companionship that other couples share.
He then asked if I wished for some female companionship.
Her companionship was like a warm soil about an exotic.
For companionship, he bought a terrier from a neighbor.
All things lose their interest, save your companionship.
The only problem was he missed the companionship of his.
That type of loyal companionship is not easily replaced.
Not only friendship, companionship, a mutual appreciation and.
Brief as such companionship was in every separate instance, Mr.
The basis of her holiday was this belief in frank companionship.
The trees also play their vital role in the Companionship growing.
His father’s Realm was a desolate place, devoid of companionship.
It evokes a feeling of companionship, which deepens as the letter.
I found most of my intimate friends and did not lack companionship.
Cecilia promptly put her in with them for warmth and companionship.
Every man has the deep seated need for the companionship of a woman.
We had come together in a companionship based on fear and confusion.
They both got lost in the moment, lost in the need and companionship.
They should arrange adequate time for companionship with their child.
Phil had rejected her after twenty years of marriage and companionship.
Friendship and companionship, and perhaps someone to share my life with.
Paul adored her, and the companionship between them was beautiful to see.
They tended to enjoy companionship when stealing the life of an innocent.
Yet I could not live alone; so I tried the companionship of mistresses.
Or perhaps you crave the companionship of this flea-bitten hound here?
We had become great friends during our enforced inseparable companionship.
Much to his surprise he took, indeed, a real delight in their companionship.
She had given me courage, self-confidence and the only companionship I had.
Her demeanour was very pleasant, and her companionship was much appreciated.
There was the strong tie of companionship but, in the end, that was not enough.
I…… I want it to be even more than just companionship between the two of us.
A measure of trust had developed and the companionship was relaxed and agreeable.

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