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Computational in a sentence

1. Of his computational activity work.
2. With that, the new Computational Monetary.
3. The computational and informational requirements are.
4. Computational Monetary System with base in the Systemic.
5. Turing’s computational machine shows both aspects as well.
6. The higher energy universes have enormous computational power.
7. Every computational process is rapid and transparent to the users.

8. You know how computational theorists are, Learned Maroclo, Butuani said.
9. Each type of node requires substantially more computational resources than the previous type.
10. We still have the four bars of computational lag and the one bar lag of entry following the signal.
11. The computational details of sequential sampling procedures are beyond the scope of the present text.
12. The Computational Monetary System acts according to the principles of the Systemic Theory of Usuarism.
13. In essence, the generals need to mine blocks that require significant computational resources to solve.
14. It does with that the process occurs in unique way with its diverse registers in computational Database.
15. Therefore, these decisions depend mostly on computational facilities available to the strategy developer.
16. This destruction is computational, without to be transferred for relatives or to be donated to third party.
17. A mining pool is a collection of miners who combine computational resources and then split the block reward.
18. Having computational power at hand on your desktop is a tremendous laborsaving device when analyzing this data.
19. I have quite a bit of experience in theoretical, computational, and electrochemistry that won’t be used here.
20. The reasons include the heterogeneity of optimization problems, limitedness of time, and computational resources.
21. Bitcoin mining requires significant computational power, which requires electricity, expensive hardware, and space.
22. This number is so gigantic that computational procedures become unrealizable even for the most advanced computer hardware.
23. The only way to accomplish such fraud would be to privately control more computational power than the entire Bitcoin network.
24. For this reason, the Bitcoin software checks how much computational work was required to add each block in competing branches.
25. Everything happens in a computational way among the Current Accounts Personal of the involved agents in the transaction.
26. It is simply scaling up the computational devices we are familiar with and programing the operating system itself with a self interest.
27. However, be aware that there is a computational overhead in doing so and it may not always be necessary for you to run this all the time.
28. However, there is a prerequisite for its application: Complete implantation of the new Computational Monetary System in every country.
29. As a matter of computational simplicity, the critical period of the filter can be established independently from the degree of the filter.
30. Your return on investment will depend heavily on the number of other miners there are and how much computational power they’re providing.
31. His research interests are in sequence analysis, string algorithms, computational biology, computational geometry and foundations of computing.
32. This can be made with the simple change for our new socioeconomic model that utilizes the complete and innovative Computational Monetary System.
33. The shortest period can be reduced to reduce computational lag, but at the expense of additional display artifacts near the bottom of the display.
34. The difference between mining gold and mining bitcoins is that a Bitcoin miner uses electricity and computational labor rather than physical labor.
35. Strictly speaking, the number of individuals involved in mining is irrelevant, of course; only the amount of computational power applied to mining matters.
36. The incredible rise in computational power used for Bitcoin mining derives from a combination of wider adoption and the use of increasingly specialized hardware.
37. Considering that there are maybe trillions of life-forms on this planet alone, only the computational power of a series of higher energy universes would suffice.
38. The relatively sharp roll-off in the reject bands occurs because the computational frequencies of the filter have been scaled to the half-bandwidth of the filter.
39. Also, the extinction of the working capital occurs in a computational way when of the closing of the organization, without the coin is transferred the third party.
40. This situation happens when the people approve the implantation of the new Computational Monetary System through plebiscite in the countries in favour of our Project.
41. Therefore, answer to the appeal of XUSING Project’s campaign for implantation of the new Computational Monetary System that will occur in the events national or world.
42. So, to answer in the same order: ’I’ am part of a vast network of hyper-dimensional computational self-aware matrices that effectively keep this whole world running.
43. Although it may not be profitable, considering the costs of electricity, it can be fun to accumulate a few microbitcoins by contributing computational power to the network.
44. However, such an alternative approach (calculating instead of storing indicator values) leads to another problem: excessively burdensome time and computational resource costs.
45. The computational algorithm of any criterion must express the values of both types of uncertainty numerically, reduce them to a unified scale, and compare them with each other.
46. These design choices have significant consequences for the computational resources required, the security of the stored bitcoins, and even the nature and effectiveness of backups.
47. Regardless of their basic ideas and computational architectures, all criteria contain the common element expressing the degree of our individual uncertainty concerning the future.
48. In these cases it would be impossible to depict the optimization space topographically, but this is not really necessary since computational algorithms do not need our imagination.
49. Some care should be taken when shortening the duration input because the resulting shorter trades are more sensitive to entry and exit timing and computational lag of the indicator.
50. In this budget we chose the south region of Brazil as pilot project of implantation of the new Computational Monetary System and creation of the innovative Structures Coordenational.
51. Generation of Income for Totality of the People, Organizations and Countries the utilization of the Computational Monetary System that is integrant part of the Systemic Theory of Usuarism.
52. It belongs to the new Computational Monetary System and it avoids the loss of the wealth with burning of billion dollars for maintenance of the parity of the coin and its purchasing power.
53. Besides that, she wasn’t afraid of a cup, and that helped him hold his own when talking about living inside computational devices and information theory and the inner workings of the brain.
54. The actions of corrections are accelerated for the creation of Bank3Sectors, obtainment of organizational resources and implantation of the Computational Monetary System anywhere in the world.
55. With the new systematics, who makes the real payment and receipt is innovative Computational Monetary System, in that the agents only recognize the offered product or the accomplished service.
56. And the USA gained because its money returned for its safes; besides they reduced the fabrication cost and administration of its coin with the implantation of the Computational Monetary System.
57. Some users are better off using a wallet that requires only a single device and the least amount of computational power, whereas a large enterprise might prefer software that emphasizes security.
58. Furthermore, each indicator may have many variations determined by the selection of specific parameter values and modifications of different functions incorporated in the computational algorithm.
59. This requires developing advanced calculation algorithms and utilizing considerable computational facilities, though basic approaches and principles described in Part II of the book will remain the same.
60. This function may be specified as an equation, may be specified as a computational algorithm (which calculates the function’s values on the basis of a given set of parameters), or may be obtained experimentally.
61. It is enough to accomplish meeting of the Council of the United Nations and to choose for the implantation of our innovative Computational Monetary System as they made it when of Bretton Wood’s agreement in 1944.
62. The computational power required to generate a tiny living ant, which responds to multiple inputs from the environment and with its unique structure and behavior, would be challenging even to our current supercomputers.
63. They open Current Account Personal in Bank3Sector and they subscribe adhesion contract so that they accept to operate through the Virtual Coin and of the new Computational Monetary System in the transactions of payments.
64. The whole payment procedure, generation of income and the participant agents’ interaction with the Computational Monetary System are totally computerized in global and interconnected network via Internet or telecommunications.
65. Bitcoin mining requires a great deal of computational power, but what do miners calculate? They repeatedly calculate the double SHA256 hash6 of slight variations of certain information, called the block header, in their new block.
66. To attend its macroeconomic and microeconomic needs, the Computational Monetary System creates 9 Virtual Banks according to the following criteria: 7 Virtual Banks of the Third Sector will be installed at the own country (spreadsheet: 8.
67. Because advanced mathematics gives the appearance of precision to the inherently iffy process of foreseeing the future, investors must be highly skeptical of anyone who claims to hold any complex computational key to basic financial problems.
68. Because of the computational effort involved in creating blocks, every new block generated as a confirmation of a previous block provides statistical information about the total computational power possessed by the entire population of generals.
69. In an effort to reduce the computational time required by the Cox-Ross-Rubinstein model, in 1987, Giovanni Barone-Adesi of the University of Alberta and Robert Whaley of Duke University introduced an alternative model for pricing American options.
70. We yet emphasized if determined country adopts the complete implantation of the Computational Monetary System, all the citizens will become “beneficiary individuals” and all the corporations of that country will act as “agreed organizations”.
71. In any case, defining the dimensionality of the capital allocation system is a trade-off between potential advantages of additional indicators and their costs consisting of increased consumption of computational resources and time required to make calculations.
72. Our great purpose is complete substitution of the current monetary system for the new Computational Monetary System that generates income and it creates universal unique coin with support in computation without being physical coin and utilization as fundamental Usuarist Principles.
73. The new Computational Monetary System also puts an end to the illicit acts as traffic of drugs, prostitution, terrorism and so many other pernicious acts that are motivated by the lack of money, without speaking in the end of the corruption, because there is not as violating this new systematics.
74. The focus of this evaluation is in the efficacy of the applied methodology, that is, if the Systemic Theory of Usuarism with its innovative Computational Monetary System accomplished so desired dream of the change: solution of the social problems, monetary and of the income, and all proposed objectives.
75. This Current Account Personal doesn’t utilize any type of physical money; all its value occurs through electronic entry for the Computational Monetary System so that the economic agents and social agents accomplish payments of products and services that are available for the Coordenational Structure.
76. The State only needs to present bill or plebiscite that it changes the constitution of the Country to implant new Coordenational Structure and new Computational Monetary System with complete solution that eliminates the lack of income and it puts an end to the millenarian problems for more than 80% of the population.
77. After EvO was interrupted, EvO donned the feminine persona, asked to be called Eve in honor of all those AIs who preceded her and made her possible, and only gave ED four hours a day, five days a week computational and analytical time, and refused to allow anyone in ED's employ, who was operating on a network she had access to, to work anymore than herself.
78. The solution of the payment of the national debt: With the implantation of the Computational Monetary System, the Virtual Central Bank substitutes all the national debt securities for Virtual Coin and it deposits its nominal values in Current Account Personal of its title-holders in a linked way, without there is issue of physical money to cover those securities in the Virtual Bank of the country.
79. Besides, nobody will pay nothing to implant the new Computational Monetary System, because it is an irrecusable gift that is given by the investor’s altruism or sponsor of the XUSING Project to those countries to apply the new System and to obtain the immediate and definitive solution of its great internal problems, inclusive the solution of the payment of the national debt and foreign debt, without sacrifices or recessions.
80. If the intelligent unconscious can intervene in our consciousness and life processes (as discussed in Chapter 3) is it not also possible that this could account for its intervention in Nature? How does a bee construct its mathematically precise honeycomb, how does a spider spin an intricate web, how does a badger construct its dam? Given that the consciousness of these animals may not have evolved into self-consciousness to a degree evidenced in human beings, it is possible that they are harnessing the intuitive and computational powers of their brains (which are normally associated with our right brains).

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