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Conceptions in a sentence

1. From historic point such conceptions.
2. It is not to say that their conceptions.
3. Even brilliant men's conceptions of the.
4. The Muslim nation needs correcting conceptions.
5. The conceptions of these extremes lie at the root.
6. Both these conceptions are self-grasping and wrong.
7. About it we know he had socialist conceptions, made.

8. From this the conceptions of a just recompense are drawn.
9. Several miraculous conceptions and births are recorded of.
10. These personalized Conceptions are neither yours, nor its.
11. In either case, what we have in our popular conceptions of the devil.
12. With so many conceptions of what God is supposed to be, how can we cal.
13. The American and British conceptions of warfare were completely different.
14. The world is both veiled and revealed by my senses and conceptions of it.
15. How could they have a place in the shadowy conceptions of a gentle mind?
16. All these “people” have different Conceptions of the “human” Reality.
17. In these three conceptions of humanity, no matter how we look at it humanity is.
18. Present-day conceptions of what is natural and appropriate in relationships --.
19. Many of us don’t have any Conceptions of many things which are natural for others.
20. All human conceptions of moral or spiritual equity are based upon the revealed will or God.
21. You have distorted everything again and put it upside down in your simplified Conceptions!.
22. Looking at your Life from a wider angle, you will change your Conceptions of it for the better.
23. Perceptions and conceptions could be equated out into this `frame`, but we could never be left out.
24. These two conceptions are mutually determined; the outer world, other beings, and the personality.
25. Perceptions and conceptions could be equated out into this `framè, but we could never be left out.
26. These three conceptions of life form the foundation of all the religions that exist or have existed.
27. O brothers and lovers, Allah bless you all, Muslims nowadays need a revolution to correct Islamic conceptions.
28. Farebrother, said Fred, who nevertheless felt that surprising conceptions were beginning to form themselves.
29. This will be the grossest error that will distort all your other Conceptions of Universes and of the Creation.
30. Because I invite scrutiny, I contend for my country according to my conscientious conceptions of its best interests.
31. The mischief commences only when men, as in our day, trained by science to larger conceptions, think earnestly of it.
32. And the aboriginal will kleksize this VVU-Configuration by his typical primitive conceptions of the imagined dwelling.
33. For example, you read this book and imagine something, trying to form some Formo-images and Conceptions in your mind.
34. From these experiences our anthropomorphic conceptions originate, but true conceptions are only secured by spiritual insight.
35. Let's start with correcting conceptions, the first conception that needs to be corrected is: What is the right way of Sufis?
36. There can also be iskon Conceptions of high-frequency Ideas (formed by iskon Fields-Consciousnesses) within the range from 4.
37. The Greeks had noble conceptions of womanhood in the goddesses Athene and Artemis, and in the heroines Antigone and Andromache.
38. Nor is there anything unnatural in the hasty application of these vast metaphysical conceptions to practical and political life.
39. In its turn, this fully depends on the highest Conceptions of yourself which you can activate in this type of Self-Consciousness.
40. For example, a spider that crawls on someone’s body has absolutely different Conceptions of it than the owner of the body.
41. In reality both conceptions of beauty amount to one and the same thing; namely, the reception by us of a certain kind of pleasure; i.
42. This duet is one of the most beautiful, expressive and terrible conceptions that has ever emanated from the fruitful pen of Donizetti.
43. In other words, there are the most optimal rezonation conditions for the realization of our Thoughts, Feelings, and Conceptions there.
44. They are actively modifying their way of life, modeling their behavior on their new conceptions of a Starfleet Officer, specifically, you.
45. These, had she been capable of pigeonholing her ideas, were the grooves into which she would have slipped her conceptions of wedded life.
46. For example, eagles and other birds are incarnations of a human soul in the conceptions of some of the mountain peoples of the Caucasus.
47. With these thinkers Matter seems only another name for something like Spirit, so pure and so transcendent are their conceptions of its nature.
48. Rotation Cycles of Forms of the Collective Consciousnesses of atoms of chemical elements are practically infinite according to our Conceptions.
49. The enlarging cosmic conceptions of an advancing spirit personality are due to augmentations of both depth of insight and scope of consciousness.
50. With all of our senses, conceptions and cognitions awashed in the latest virtual unveilings, we find ourselves sink or swimming in a cult of imagination.
51. We know three such conceptions of life: two of them humanity has already outlived, and the third is the one through which we are now passing in Christianity.
52. This contradiction can be removed by a conception that should unite into one the universal and the individual, which fall asunder in our conceptions of truth.
53. Those who live in the countries located in middle latitudes have much narrower Conceptions of these fruit, which, as a rule, are based on the ways of eating them.
54. This is obtained with greater facility as we use word pictures that are clearly defined, and relieved of the conceptions attached to them on lower planes of thought.
55. Those forces stem from our meaning perspectives and from the manipulation of our perceptions and conceptions of the world and ourselves by these meaning perspectives.
56. As for His hand, His eye, and His face, there are strange conceptions about them pictured by the shunning ones, and are completely different from what He means by them.
57. Casaubon would tell her all that: she was looking forward to higher initiation in ideas, as she was looking forward to marriage, and blending her dim conceptions of both.
58. The conceptions of God long prevailing in Christendom have been such as to render atheism in its various forms a tempting refuge from the haunting spectres of superstition.
59. Next after Fichte and his followers came a contemporary of his, the philosopher Schelling (1775-1854), who has had a great influence on the æsthetic conceptions of our times.
60. These modes of perceptions and conceptions had consequently evolved and developed because we had shown affection, care and respect towards everything that is currently over here.
61. As on your physiognomical voyage you sail round his vast head in your jolly-boat, your noble conceptions of him are never insulted by the reflection that he has a nose to be pulled.
62. And present ants that live in Central Africa and have their specific Conceptions of their outer World (Continuum) would need some time to understand the ants of Northern Russia.
63. When the same conceptions of good and evil become prevalent in several nations, then these nations are dying, and then the very distinction between good and evil is beginning to disappear.
64. All this is possible, because our Interests, our subjective Conceptions of ourselves are formed in the structures of the Self-Consciousness by all the Creative Activity of our SFUURMM-Forms.
65. The books, the papers, the inkstand, all were arrayed with a revolting tidiness, the ideal of which would have coincided with the loftiest conceptions of a German landlady and her maidservant.
66. To me, this organizational feature of our community is associated mostly with Conceptions of many subjective types of realities that structure each Continuum by their specific creative dynamics.
67. The principle of strong inertia, which is characteristic of our outer Formo-systems of Worlds here, also applies to the dynamics of all our Thoughts, Feelings, Aspirations, and Conceptions.
68. Thus a mode of conceptions over perceptions could be used to indicate out our present timing that could be synchronized over the pulses of others by which we could regulate out our own personal 65.
69. You and me have absolutely different Conceptions of Time and Space, the mechanism of their frequency (ray) interaction with each other in conditions of different qualitative Levels of Energy-Plasma.
70. But in fact all this is the inevitable result of their own primitive and limited conceptions: that everything in their Lives exists separately and in isolation from each other, that everyone is on one’s own.
71. But in order to do it, they should not brush IISSIIDIOLOGY aside with irritation and spitefully like a hornet, but try to disprove at least theoretically — constructively and reasonably — its main Conceptions.
72. The former Archbishop Christodoulis of Greece, in the year 2000 spoke out quite rabidly about the then ruling social democratic government’s liberal dogmas that were from other cultures and moral conceptions.
73. We can never grasp the size of a line that forms the utmost or the least of possibilities and therefore size belongs to the human mind forming conceptions of big and small, but it has no place in the cosmos at large.
74. To solve the question of how freedom and necessity are combined and what constitutes the essence of these two conceptions, the philosophy of history can and should follow a path contrary to that taken by other sciences.
75. All the impressions of the day, beginning with the impression made by the old peasant, which served, as it were, as the fundamental basis of all the conceptions and ideas of the day, threw Levin into violent excitement.
76. Socrates expressly subordinated beauty to goodness; Plato, to unite the two conceptions, spoke of spiritual beauty; while Aristotle demanded from art that it should have a moral influence on people (κάθαρσις).
77. Just so it now seems as if we have only to admit the law of inevitability, to destroy the conception of the soul, of good and evil, and all the institutions of state and church that have been built up on those conceptions.
78. All your Conceptions of Life and God, which you, due to your ignorance, are used to separate From each other, are formed on the basis of the VVU-Information received by you by means of the six sense organs (plus Intuition).
79. The living were her territory, the conceptions, the births, the loves, even the hysterical careering of life heading without brakes and chasing with dog-eared determination the personal fulfilment of a smile and a full heart.
80. The higher the Level of Self-Consciousness on which you make your Choice, the stronger your Self-determination that increases all your abilities to clearly express and creatively implement your highest Conceptions of Yourself.
81. Here, everything, down to the most insignificant trifle, is designed only for a definite synthetic process, for the formation of definite Conceptions and Beliefs that resonate with definite Configurations of Self-Consciousness.
82. Attentive then, in consequence of these favourable conceptions, to promote either my profit or pleasure, she had special regard for the first, in a new gallant of a very singular turn, that she procured for and introduced to me.
83. Although Levin believed himself to have the most exact conceptions of domestic life, unconsciously, like all men, he pictured domestic life as the happiest enjoyment of love, with nothing to hinder and no petty cares to distract.
84. Therefore, it is possible — with some portion of Truth — to state that our Life is divided into instants, which actually determines the presence, in our Self-Consciousness, of subjective Conceptions of the same time intervals.
85. But even they, to the very moment, after which they begin to perceive themselves as U-UU-VVU-Loolgses, perceive themselves as absolutely alive personalities (Formo-copies of your lowest and most primitive Conceptions of yourself).
86. In this respect, let’s try to consider one more time the physical phenomenon, which you subjectively interpret as waves, taking into account the newest cosmological Conceptions of the Qualities and Their Aspects stated in IISSIIDIOLOGY.
87. If the father of a family continues to be guided in his conduct by his childish conceptions of life, life becomes so difficult for him that he involuntarily seeks another philosophy and readily absorbs that which is appropriate to his age.
88. Instead, it is our own Thoughts, Feelings, and characteristic Conceptions of the NUU-VVU-Forms we use that reproject us automatically and perpetually into those Space Formo-structures and Time Flows to which they qualitatively belong.
89. We cannot escape from the pictures we incessantly photograph on the mind, and this photography of erroneous conceptions is exactly what is being done by the use of words when we use any form of language which is not identified with our welfare.
90. I tried not to lie to myself: I tried to cast out from myself the remains of my false conceptions of the importance of my education and talents, and to repent; but on the way to a decision of the question, What to do? a fresh difficulty arose.
91. Their conceptions of ornament and decorum were necessarily different from ours; and not only were they evidently much less sensible of changes of temperature than we are, but changes of pressure do not seem to have affected their health at all seriously.
92. Legendary influences, legal notions, and fiscal hopes of the chance to exact maximum extortion in taxes and contributions from Jews merged with old imperial conceptions of the duty to give protection and the safeguarding of ordered life to embrace all the.
93. Their Conceptions of “themselves”, as “personalities” of diversified development, are much less focused on “personalized” characteristics (that is, less “personified”) and are also quite logical and detailed, although still extremely subjective.
94. Along with increased activation of these new Conceptions in your Self-Consciousness, new words, expressions, notions, estimates, and judgments appear more often in your vocabulary, and they are more concordant with the things which I am trying to convince you of.
95. To poor Dorothea these severe classical nudities and smirking Renaissance-Correggiosities were painfully inexplicable, staring into the midst of her Puritanic conceptions: she had never been taught how she could bring them into any sort of relevance with her life.
96. There more there are refocusings, the greater changes are observed in VVU-Configurations of SFUURMM-Forms — all subjective Conceptions that structure NUU-VVU-Configurations, — which are responsible for all cause-and-effect interrelations in the Worlds formed by us.
97. During this process, the Experience of all UU-VVU-copies (and SFUURMM-Forms formed by them as subjective Conceptions of this “personality” as “a human being”) is instantaneously transmitted into “chakram structures” of all other Formo-Types of this LLUU-VVU.
98. Why only a part? Because at the same instant each “human being”, from the point of view of his own system of Perception and his Conceptions, also “stopped” time and began to see, experience, feel everything at the same instant in an absolutely different way than I.
99. From this point on, the complex and difficult, but gradual merging of your previous most evolutional Conceptions with new, universal SFUURMM-Forms will unite, more quickly and purposefully, all your single-moment existences in isolated Time Flows into one, more universal Form.
100. Then… Kitty hesitated; she wanted to say further that ever since this change had taken place in her, Stepan Arkadyevitch had become insufferably repulsive to her, and that she could not see him without the grossest and most hideous conceptions rising before her imagination.

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