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Confused in a sentence

I am confused.
I was confused.
I'm so confused.
I feel confused.
He was confused.
She was confused.
I was so confused.

I am so confused.
I was confused!.
He felt confused.
He grew confused.
This confused her.
I froze, confused.
and it confused me.
He’s so confusing.
You are confusing me.
It was so confusing.
It was very confusing.
This is so confusing.
It’s too confusing.
It's all so confusing.
This is confusing.
It's very confusing.
Now it’s confusing.
This can be confusing.
She kept confusing me.
the lot very confusing.
Confusing, but clever.
It was a bit confusing.
It is rather confusing.
It was confusing to me.
so confusing, all of it.
The rest was confusing.
This is very confusing.
It’s so confusing.
Oh this is so confusing.
You're confusing me Dr.
You confusing the issue.
How confusing is this?.
It was all so confusing.
Writing some confusing.
It’s all so confusing.
It confuses me.
That confuses men.
I think it confuses her.
This confuses levels of.
confuses and unnerves him.
something that confuses you.
confuses, tires and obscures.
Confused light confuses memory.
I think that it confuses them a lot.
I have been in, and that confuses me.
confuses me, brings back that night,.
It’s worthless and only confuses 90.
It still confuses me when he touches me.
that rambles and confuses because it’s really.
It confuses him, this mention of the word easy again.
The game, whatever it is, confuses and causes the WAM.
why do you need another word that only confuses matters?.
It confuses what is created on the screen with actual events.
Her comment confuses me at first, but then I realize what she means.
the holy place, but the jostling crowd confuses him so much that he.
Now – I have something IMPORTANT to explain here – that confuses.
Often the proliferation of names in the IT job world confuses others.
What confuses you the most about life? How do you plan to make it make.
in any of the battles I have been in, but what confuses me is how many times.
Marcus and I are both part of the past and the present, but the N confuses me.
Ant capitalism confuses the situation even further than it has done in the past.
A reference that confuses both investors and students alike is that some academic.
The poet hopelessly confuses the exploits of the Huns, theGoths, and the Cossacks.
Now to confuse.
to confuse the issue.
Don't confuse this.
and you confuse me;.
--Don't confuse, Mr.
You confuse yourself.
--So confuse not the.
Don’t confuse these.
You wouldn’t confuse.
Those things confuse me.
One more gang to confuse.
would just confuse matters.
Dont confuse the 2 please.
It would confuse them,’.
These words confuse the man.
by coincidence but to confuse.
will only confuse the readers.
It will confuse by every ruse.
confuse love and relationship.
confuse vision with revelation.
You’re trying to confuse me.
tasks to confuse the nature of.
and confuse the Christian world.
It might just confuse her more.
Did I confuse but amuse? Ciao.
nature to con and confuse true.
Don’t confuse a blog with RSS.
They use such lies to confuse.
She hopes they’ll confuse him.
One should not confuse mantras.

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