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Consort in a sentence

But I had no consort.
When you with Me consort.
I want my consort to appear.
You consort with the dead.
as maya-God's "divine consort".
symbolized consort was Thoth, a.
And his consort and his children.

Consort of Shiva and is worshipped as.
Taking a consort is a very rare thing.
Mozambique; by 1997 she became his consort.
consort then embraced and flew into the sky.
And what if my consort never shows?.
Wouldn’t want his adoring Consort to worry.
‘How dare you consort with terrorists, King.
consort, is the type of sense-bound disposition.
His consort is Kali, usually portrayed with a.
To no longer be merely a consort, but the rebel?.
My consort does not dictate who I have in my bed.
She personified truth and justice and her consort.
Obviously, Jasper Wilcox wasn’t Ruby’s consort.
Also a few things about this whole consort business.
feminine characteristic, is also the consort of Maat.
That daft boy you have for a consort ill becomes you.
begin again? Did you openly consort with a convicted.
which is sometimes in the symbolism named His consort.
The Queen then chose an annual consort to fertilise her.
‗I was presuming on the skills of your lovely consort.
A consort of firbolgs and gargoyles again attacked them.
And how long has the Prince had a consort exactly?.
There had never been a McAllister prima without a consort.

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Synonyms for consort

consort choir affiliate associate assort accord agree concord harmonise harmonize run