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Contemptuously in a sentence

He looked at me contemptuously.
Eric stared at him contemptuously.
How so? Barron said contemptuously.
The label!' Doc sniggered contemptuously.
The old man shook his head contemptuously.
Horny bitches, he thought contemptuously.
Luzhin smiled contemptuously and did not speak.

Blanche, who turned her head contemptuously away).
The smith looked down contemptuously on his employer.
He smiled contemptuously, and flung down the telegram.
His attitude and manner were contemptuously indifferent.
Gania was silent and merely looked contemptuously at him.
I can see that, Graisco said somewhat contemptuously.
What kind of question is that?’ He said contemptuously.
He bowed, shrugging his shoulders, and smiling contemptuously.
Is that all you have to say? Higgins said contemptuously.
As a result, the other officers treated him contemptuously, and.
What about Gene Frazer? She abused the name contemptuously.
You can reckon on that, the tall Pole snapped contemptuously.
Alex snorted contemptuously and Melanie breathed a sigh of relief.
You would trade your life for theirs? he asked contemptuously.
I remained angrily and contemptuously silent and would not answer him.
Lisa looked serious, but in the next instant smiled contemptuously of.
Leander Crawford is always crying in church, said Susan contemptuously.
As a result, the other officers in the regiment treated him contemptuously.
Ah, he can't sit still, said Grushenka, looking at him contemptuously.
Their mothers wash their genitals similarly: roughly, rudely, contemptuously.
She meant it contemptuously, sarcastically; not politely as he first supposed.
Ivan shrugged his shoulders contemptuously, and turning away stared at the road.
Elfric looked contemptuously at him and went on with his drawing, saying nothing.
Anne stomped contemptuously up the staircase on her way to her bedroom one cool.
Don’t pretend to be even more stupid than you are, he said contemptuously.
Chandler said contemptuously, "Do you know what you're saying? That child is—".
They always do that, our pilot said contemptuously, ‘they never hit us,’.
Oh, your excellency, what are such people? said the doorkeeper, contemptuously.
Brilliant deduction, Higgins said contemptuously, the fury subsiding in his voice.
Ingrid shook her head contemptuously, then pointed her pistol straight at the man’s nose.
Still, for complete relief, he felt the necessity of repelling it loudly and contemptuously.
Who told you that? Sophia contemptuously asked, still uncomfortable with their reaction.
Evans takes his drink without even acknowledging its provider, who he waves away, contemptuously.

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