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Contenders in a sentence

1. Python has beaten contenders.
2. Let’s meet the contenders, he said.
3. There were no more false contenders for her hand.
4. No serious contenders, but others nonetheless, and what.
5. The three biggest contenders for bringing forth the beast and.
6. Upaya hopped onto Rahu and had this Raksha elevate him over those contenders.
7. Having allied himself with another winner, they cleared the field of all other contenders.

8. If she was even near the real contenders at the finish, Billy’s faith would be justified.
9. Yahoo personals have over 5 million members, and is one of the leading contenders in its field.
10. A vexed relationship with the media is common to all the political contenders described in this chapter.
11. Now there were only two serious contenders on the block to vie for the accolade of premier news provider.
12. Ulbrickson hustled all five boatloads of varsity contenders back out onto the water in the wind and the rain.
13. So, we have a pair of final contenders, she commented quietly, her usual levity tempered by a note of seriousness.
14. Like two evenly matched contenders, each pushed against the other until a wall, higher than either, built up between them.
15. Depending on the relative strength of the two contenders, various of these territories shifted from one side to the other.
16. His attention was pulled back to the ring as the spotlights, which had been dancing around the arena, focused upon the contenders.
17. Despite competition from various contenders, the record for the loudest purring cat continues to be held by Smokey, owned by Ruth Adams (UK).
18. Contenders for the one million dollars for charity Scow is pledging as a parting gift to the city have been reduced to a list of five finalists.
19. Ever since the contenders were identified, the competition got focused what with the authorities raising their demands for tilting the scales one way or the other.
20. Those contenders circled one another for several moments before Upaya lost patience and thrust his sword against Skhanda’s unbreakable spear in a succession of fluid swipes.
21. They were, in fact, in the fifth boat, the lowest rung on the ladder and the last place in which anyone would expect to see serious contenders for next spring’s first varsity rowing.
22. As often happens, this livened up the other serious contenders and the property was eventually knocked down to the solicitor for a figure somewhat higher than the current market price.
23. Their ultimate goal will be to retain the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014, a feat no team has achieved since 1962, and the host nation – among other contenders – stand in their way.
24. They try to eliminate or reduce them by attacking those opponents personally as in elections where all manner of past questionable behaviors of dissenting contenders are dug up to try to discredit the persons.
25. Today we make no record of the teachings of this gospel of the kingdom lest, when I have gone, you speedily become divided up into sundry groups of truth contenders as a result of the diversity of your interpretation of my teachings.
26. But by the fullness of the lifetime of the third generation, the beginning of the second century AD, there were many contenders for the primacy of their version of the Christian Message, and it only grew worse with the passage of time.
27. He starts with the history beginning with the early observations and foraging, followed by some early naïve attempts at contact and cooperation, then the period of conflicts with other intergalactic contenders with some interest in Earth and its abundant resources.
28. As March wore on, he gradually began to settle on two leading contenders for varsity status: one of the previous season’s JV boats—the one with Moch, McMillin, and Day in it—and the original sophomore boat, still intact despite his various attempts at dismantling and improving it.
29. Of course, such issues received less attention in our pop culture than predictions of play-off contenders, the suspicious death of a wealthy former bunny girl, a celebrity pop-tart who cut off her hair for arcane reasons, the disappearance of a high school girl on a vacation island, or whether O.

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