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Contentedly in a sentence

He smiled contentedly to himself.
He chewed contentedly, confident that.
Lisa (contentedly, to SOPHIA KARÉNINA).
The fire settled contentedly down to feed.
With Annabelle munching contentedly on the.
I sighed contentedly as I relaxed against him.
Her eyes sparkled contentedly over the man who.

Later, as Legrand lay snoring contentedly on his.
We strolled contentedly across to the Molo, where.
She had been sleeping in her room contentedly when.
The following week passed quite contentedly for Harry.
She was sleeping contentedly on a matt surrounded by.
He puffed away contentedly, while Nord fanned the air.
He puts his tunic back on and sits watching me contentedly.
He had been snoring contentedly when the car suddenly began.
M'Coy tasted his whisky contentedly and shook his head with.
He shuffled resignedly, if not contentedly, back to his home.
Gwenda sighed contentedly and leaned her head on his shoulder.
People born on Aj have a good character and live contentedly.
April contentedly sipped her drink and said we would have to.
In fact it was Samantha who sat contentedly in the passenger.
This looks so good, Cass… she said, sighing contentedly.
So this is what it’s like to be loved, she thought contentedly.
His hand reached in and contentedly scratched under the testicles.
How fortunate they were, sleeping contentedly in each other’s arms.
We meet at last, Mother, he said contentedly, so you won’t.
The baby slept contentedly on her breast, but everyone else was scared.
Her lips were slightly parted and her eyes gazed contentedly into the.
It cudded contentedly, obviously enjoying every minute of the treatment.
Taking a sip of coffee she sighs contentedly and settles back in the chair.
Hundreds of the animals graze contentedly in the long shadows cast by cork.
Kena and Karah were still twirling around the floor and Osric sat contentedly.
He chuckled contentedly, feeling happier than he had for some considerable time.
A new acquaintance that she now possessed had crept into her heart, contentedly.
Each left contentedly with his or her bags of herbal medication from the factory.
He puff ed contentedly and looked with quiet satisfaction upon his two grandsons.
Smiling contentedly, Rad started back toward the bed to take the dress, which he.
Two weeks later, and Camilla was swinging her iron butt contentedly down the slow.
Starlight, contentedly surrounded by cat fur, slept pressed against his ample stomach.
My wife, Eva, and I have been peacefully and contentedly married for almost four decades.

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