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Contexts in a sentence

1. In most contexts, it refers.
1. As seen in Isaiah 33:4, both contexts are.
1. Connection illuminates the contexts in which we live.
1. This question has arisen under all sorts of contexts.
1. The word Way is used in many other contexts to.
1. In some contexts, electoral races for instance, this means.
1. It was all about those contexts again, and agendas often came into play.
1. Values exist in contexts and hierarchies and have beliefs that support them.
1. Among the GAAP assumptions that are unrealistic in many contexts are that:.
1. The word ‘induction’ is used in a variety of contexts in english In elec-.
1. Pavlovian conditioning to drug cues and contexts plays an important role in this.
1. The repeated uses of these numbers and the very specific contexts they are used within.
1. But can also, in certain contexts, mean "looking foolish," or again "heartbroken" or "forlorn.
1. Later studies showed that value strategies work in other countries and in other asset contexts.
1. And for all these activities people have also invented contexts of selfishness and selflessness.
1. Though this is potentially a valid approach in some contexts, it is not usually the best practice.
1. However it’s simple and effective in many contexts, as long as the team follows the rules clearly.
1. These people extravagantly alive in these contexts all around her, while she, a singleton, sat alone.
1. In other contexts olive trees are said to represent anointed ones because the olive, the oil, and the.
1. But there are often deeper, hidden layers of meaning that arise from the sign’s use in other contexts.
1. As these contexts took shape, Taser shot into the room and looked as though he was about to jump up onto.
1. In that way, our youthful contexts and influences inform the nature of many of our major syllogistic premises.
1. Simply by stretching your limits both ways in the proper contexts: your Energy is going is the same direction.
1. The corporation is a separate and distinct constituency from the corporation’s stockholders in almost all contexts.
1. There are other possibilities for scaling the x-axis, but these tend to be less used except in certain specific contexts.
1. And a decision made whether to extrapolate and apply these meanings or not to present day problems, contexts and issues.
1. Focusing only upon SUV’s, while ignoring all larger contexts of the new invention of the automobile: gets you nowhere fast.
1. In some contexts, consolidated financial statements are useful, but in other, parent and subsidiary financial statements are key.
1. Different time horizons can help resolve these apparent contradictions (though other distinguishing contexts may also be relevant).
1. Our experiences contain many culturally shared elements, such that particular items are associated with particular verbal contexts.
1. Criminal harassment should not be confused with how "harassment" is often used in contexts such as workplace discrimination lawsuits.
1. It appears that subjects were using highly evolved portions of their brains in new contexts and applications to drive market intuition.
1. Error messages indicate that the receiving system does not support any of the transfer contexts specified for a specific abstract context.
1. Thus, in some contexts low-probability events may be underweighted (as in the black swan idea) and not overweighted (as in prospect theory).
1. While this is desirable behavior in some contexts, it also results in multiple flips from long to short while the market is chopping sideways.
1. In these non-criminal contexts, the victim can sue the harasser in a private civil lawsuit, alleging that the harassment constitutes discrimination.
1. The receiver then returns a list of contexts to the sender with either a single transfer context or an error message specified for each abstract context.
1. Accrual concepts are to be used in most contexts in which costs and expenses are matched, even when such accruals are at odds with the cash experience of the company.
1. But as they wandered through the galleries, it was William who did the teaching, riffing on the artworks on the walls and the contexts that had, he said, produced them.
1. Science has progressed, in part, by carefully accounting for environmental contexts, by systematically varying these conditions, and by observing the communication that follows.

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