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Couldn't in a sentence

1. I couldn't let it be.
2. But he couldn't do it.
3. I couldn't be a nice.
4. I couldn't do his job.
5. Oh, no, it couldn't be.
6. He just couldn't do it.
7. I couldn't let you go.

8. He couldn't take it now.
9. Rory couldn't say he had.
10. I couldn't go after him.
11. It couldn't be the cops.
12. It couldn't be the same.
13. I couldn't even see him.
14. I couldn't pass that up.
15. I couldn't help but laugh.
16. I did try but I couldn't.
17. I couldn't help but ask.
18. Not to Rocco it couldn't.
19. I couldn't help but smile.
20. I couldn't get hold of R.
21. I couldn't do that to you.
22. Zac couldn't help but grin.
23. I knew he couldn't refuse.
24. I was afraid you couldn't.
25. But I couldn't imagine it.
26. You couldn't even do that.
27. She couldn't pass this up.
28. Then I couldn't marry you.
29. But, you couldn't get to.
30. Stadium and couldn't do it.
31. I couldn't imagine how Dr.
32. STEPHEN couldn't say a wo.
33. I couldn't meet their eyes.
34. In life, he couldn't fail.
35. But then you couldn't be.
36. In fact he couldn't even.
37. I just couldn't believe it.
38. But he told me I couldn't.
39. I couldn't do such a thing.
40. STEPHEN couldn't say a word.
41. I couldn't leave him there.
42. I couldn't do that to pops.
43. But he just couldn't do it.
44. I couldn't hold the magic.
45. Try as might, he couldn't.
46. But what if she couldn't?
47. He had, but he couldn't now.
48. I couldn't have done this.
49. She couldn't hate this guy.
50. I really couldn't fool her.
51. The child couldn't mean it.
52. He couldn't help but smile.
53. She couldn't help but laugh.
54. He couldn't muster up the.
55. Paul couldn't be my father.
56. She couldn't stop a chuckle.
57. You couldn't expect him to.

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