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Coz in a sentence | coz example sentences

  1. Coz it was raining outside.
  2. Coz he had some relatives at his place.
  3. I can console the rioters coz I know them.
  4. But couldn’t coz if I break, who’ll support mom.
  5. I shouted at Arnav coz he was irritating me and I was already frustrated.

  6. I´m excited coz quantum teleportation seems to be the beginning of research that is a.
  7. I hate to keep smiling for that idiot’s sake coz I don’t want to ruin his mood and his party.
  8. He smiled and removed his watch that I had always loved coz it was a vintage watch and made on order.
  9. What you wait for? But as you go accept my resignation letter coz I can’t work under his government.
  10. He asked me to come to school tomorrow but I told him I cant coz I have to go and see dad in the hospital.
  11. He called her Coz! He'll marry her, most likely, and make a lady of her; and then she'll be what her forefathers was.
  12. Brothers unite yourselves coz it’s time for …‘JIHAD’ declared Abbu and left me stunned by his sudden decision.
  13. Arjun: Coz what you are, is not your fault buddy, it’s the fault of the circumstances and the evilness of Ansh and Vaidehi.
  14. You be fucking honest with me Travis coz you gotta believe in this stuff or you know you gonna end up with your balls in a bag.
  15. I, did, succeed in doing that, I have decided to continue with it coz only then will they get back to the normal ‘dumbsters’.

  16. Arnav said that when I’ll go to see dad, I don’t have to cry coz in such cases patients survive due to their will power and my tears will break dad’s will power.
  17. Four years after, you find me a Christian enthusiast; you then work upon me, perhaps to my complete perdition! But Tess, my coz, as I used to call you, this is only my way of talking, and you must not look so horribly concerned.
  18. The scene of the younger generation standing like a wall between the two community and preventing any further riot, you know, that was something great, something very proud to watch coz it radiated a hope which we have in this generation.
  19. Bannon in a cut bob (which are now in with dance cloaks of Kendal green) that was new got to town from Mullingar with the stage where his coz and Mal M's brother will stay a month yet till Saint Swithin and asks what in the earth he does there, he bound home and he to Andrew Horne's being stayed for to crush a cup of wine, so he said, but would tell him of a skittish heifer, big of her age and beef to the heel, and all this while poured with rain and so both together on to Horne's.

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