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Crossed in a sentence

As such, I crossed St.
But as I crossed the.
A song crossed my mind.
I crossed over to him.
I had crossed a bridge.
I crossed over in 1970.
We crossed one of the.

He had his arms crossed.
A grin crossed his face.
It has crossed the line.
And he crossed his arms.
A frown crossed his face.
A worn path crossed here.
We crossed a piece of it.
A shadow crossed her face.
Then he crossed his arms.
As she crossed the room.
She crossed her arms and.
Alaric had crossed his arms.
Holly crossed to the window.
My shadow crossed her desk.
With a nod he crossed over.
A thought crossed his mind.
His arms were still crossed.
He crossed his fingers and.
A huge grin crossed his face.
The baby had crossed the St.
They crossed the wide church.
The young lady crossed her.
He crossed to the body and.
Her arms were crossed with.
A wry look crossed his face.
Sam had crossed into Mordor.
As they crossed the fi elds.
They have crossed the River.
Salmond had his arms crossed.
Starret crossed to the window.
That said, he crossed me off.
It crossed his mind that he.
Jackson crossed to his client.
We was crossing the road.
Soon he’d be crossing the.
The scene showed a crossing.
Q: How is the crossing done?
She started crossing the road.
Saeed said, crossing his arms.
Hamet from closing the crossing.
I’m not crossing, I said.
The crossing was nearly deserted.
Marking time, crossing off the.
Crossing waves of semi conductors.
The men were crossing themselves.
He saw six men crossing his path.
Boverns Crossing is as solid.
A gendarme was crossing the court.
Crossing her arms she began to talk.
The victim was crossing the street.
Crossing the beam without the lane.
Crossing her arms, she stared ahead.
Miraflores Locks to end the crossing.
Will? I ask, crossing the room.
With visions crossing to Doggerland.
The crossing lasted about nine hours.
They don’t need to use the crossing.
In the late 1990s, Global Crossing Ltd.
Fine, she said crossing her arms.
The second crossing is less definable.
All began crossing themselves at once.
Why? He asked, crossing his arms.
Alter the pattern of leg crossing (eg.
Start crossing off items on your list.
On the far side of the crossing by the.
Katie glared at them, crossing her arms.
This would mean crossing the Road, but.
He’s in a caravan, at the crossing.
You are quite capable of crossing over.
Indians and crossing the plains!.
We’re crossing into the atmosphere.
It is, she said, crossing her arms.
Just Indians and crossing the plains.
A thought crosses my mind.
Guard (crosses and exits L.
This line crosses the palm.
The three crosses were empty.
A big grin crosses his face.
Two guys earned their crosses.
A huge smile crosses his lips.
And the wanting crosses bound.
Crosses name those planted in.
Shadow crosses the street and.
The six-week graph crosses –6.
He crosses his arms over his chest.
It has crusader crosses on it, too.
He sits back and crosses his legs.
I could see the crosses were empty.
The four crosses were there?
The strongest person crosses first.
A brief smile crosses Johan’s lips.
A look of confusion crosses her face.
Guntram crosses over to her quickly.
The sun, as always, crosses overhead.
They had black crosses across their.
Three guys were given crosses to carry.
They both say that Jesus crosses the.
He sits and crosses his arms over his.
When he crosses the slow moving clouds.
Trinity, crosses tall buildings in Texas.
Nikki crosses her arms with a mock glare.
We all have our crosses to bear in life.
She crosses the room to look at the table.
The Crosses of Obedience and Disobedience.
That’s where one crosses the Kolochá.
It has crusader crosses on it, too.
Sir! she booms as she crosses the gym.
But, lo and behold, when the arrow crosses.
Max crosses his arms, intrigued and impressed.
There are five of these crosses in the chart.
A signal line cross occurs when %K crosses %D.
They saw many crooked crosses that stood as a.
He leans back in his chair and crosses his arms.

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His life on the cross.
If you try to cross.
John of the Cross C.
You need not cross it.
I just have a cross.
Time to cross you off.
Let that be your cross.
He won't be cross long.
His name is Alex Cross.
The Thief on the Cross.
He will cross the water.
Don't be cross with me.
Not men to cross when.
The Red Cross has them.
I have a cross like it.
Son of God, on the cross.
The Cross (Figure 73 B).
He said UNDER the cross.
It will turn to His Cross.
Jesus down from the cross.
Then she was very cross.
This He did on the cross.
But how is one to cross.
Cross that he would come.
He gets so cross with me.
The symbol of the cross.
The Cross and the Powers.
The cross of Christ has.
Jesus Christ on the cross.
I saw fear cross his face.
Crown of thorns and cross.
They mount upon the cross.
He was very cross at that.
I’m just a bit cross.
Trying to cross this land.
We can't escape the cross.
What she saw was a cross.

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