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Crystals in a sentence

1. His crystals in the sun.
2. Crystals are known to store.
3. The crystals of her vestibule.
4. Most all crystals are healing.
5. These green crystals are opaque.
6. Balancing the Body with Crystals.
7. Cherish took hold of the crystals.

8. Crystals are very rare, so keep it.
9. The women held the crystals in their.
10. The crystals supply and enhance energy.
11. Holding tightly the crystals in her hand.
12. The crystals she holds will lead the way.
13. This group of crystals is from the Kharan.
14. The decor of the hallway was all crystals.
15. No longer were there crystals strewn about.
16. Pointed up at the largest mass of crystals.
17. You know how he feels about those crystals.
18. When crystals are placed on the body it is.
19. He had to admit Yingolian crystals were a boon.
20. The Chinese wind crystals on the porch chimed.
21. A few perfect crystals only have been observed.
22. Some crystals of it have been found in Amherst.
23. Annie shrugged, fiddling with the crystals again.
24. The slower the cooling, the larger the crystals.
25. Aligning and Balancing the Chakras with Crystals.
26. There are layers and layers of crystals in there.
27. Watching the waves run like crystals true & blue.
28. The most notable attribute of crystals is clarity.
29. Crystals are said to be tuned to energies of unity.
30. The Mayan priests used crystals to read the future.
31. Say, a reduction in the price of the Zen I crystals.
32. Stress Release and Energizing the Body with Crystals.
33. Crystals can be very helpful in the grounding process.
34. What more did she tell you about the crystals?
35. Never freeze in a thought, for those crystals spread.
36. The mining of the crystals was never done with phasors.
37. The most intensely beautiful ice crystals of all were.
38. Aura around non-living object (stones, crystals, water.
39. The crystals of feldspar in it, are often very perfect.
40. Transparent mineral crystals of carbon called diamonds.
41. Orsis was dying due to overuse of its depleted crystals.
42. Evaporating sea water will leave you with salt crystals.
43. As the sun baked through the sugary crystals smeared on.
44. They would put her to work in the cold—mining crystals.
45. He only wanted to see how the Bismuth crystals were made.
46. Several single crystals were obtained exceedingly perfect.
47. These crystals were the only source of magic in the world.
48. Ben pointed at the circle of Zen I crystals with his sword.
49. A specimen of two such crystals united, you have received.
50. Crystals and gems are the other major group of focus items.
51. Then I noticed the crystals making rainbows in the sunlight.
52. Kane has removed our crystals without them we cannot hold.
53. These crystals are basically collections of particles which.
54. I had no idea the crystals were being mined by prisoners.
55. Angles and Casts of Crystals of Carbonate of Lime, 140, 141.
56. Crystal Healing Techniques Balancing the Body with Crystals.
57. Photonic band-gap crystals would, of course, only deal with.
58. There should be a way to use Yingolian crystals for that too.
59. And the Chinese hanging crystals that hit when the wind blew.
60. After seeing the notice of the crystals found at Hudson by Mr.
61. The Yingolian crystals were ephemeral, but they were portable.
62. Phase—2: Pitch adjustment of the morphogenetic seed crystals.
63. They are people simulated with electricity in silicon crystals.
64. His boulder-like body sparkled with crystals and spots of metal.
65. That’s it two hands, two hands on the crystals, exactly as.
66. Rathos walked up to one of the crystals and placed his hand on it.
67. The crystals are generally perpendicular to the sides of the vein.
68. The slugs feed on the goo on the crystals and the put off that.
69. The correct healing properties of crystals are chosen for crystal.
70. I’m more concerned about those crystals and those people in them.
71. Small regular hexaedral crystals of mica, were noticed in steatite.
72. Upon evaporation, well-defined crystals of Epsom salts were formed.
73. He came face-to-face with two giant crystals, one blue and one red.
74. Over there by that ring of crystals, which I’m sure is a nest.
75. Looking upon the remaining four crystals she asked, ‘What of the.
76. Without the power of the crystals, it was becoming weaker and weaker.
77. The practitioner of crystal healing places gemstones or crystals on.
78. By now, the cave was a total mess; most of the crystals were broken.
79. This means that even very small crystals go at extremely high rates.
80. For years and years scientists have been experimenting with crystals.
81. In the room, there were large pieces of crystals and smaller stones.
82. Contains toxic amounts of oxalates that form crystals in the kidneys.
83. Piles of staves, wands and crystals towered behind Maeve on the table.
84. In the modern world, many believe these crystals house healing power.
85. Where there was no grid, large clusters of crystals emerged in clumps.
86. This time there was a large marble table with books and crystals on it.
87. It arced up, then fell into the center of the piled-up Zen I crystals.
88. It had a black silk bustier with crystals sewn onto the belt and the.
89. He bent over, picked it up, and threw it on top of the other crystals.
90. The forms of healing with crystals that are in use today arose in the.
91. The crystals the bag once held lay buried under the posts of our home.
92. No crystals have yet been found whose sides exceed a quarter of an inch.
93. And with purified crystals the Wind Riders could fly again without fear.
94. Tammas thought the ice crystals on the edge of his window were the most.
95. Two of these crystals are often arranged at right angles with each other.
96. The actual spiritual revolution does not need miracles or quartz crystals.
97. The mouth of the hole is encrusted with acicular crystals of pure sulphur.
98. The water in my tubs has been forming ice crystals during the day as it is.
99. The Earth is replaced as a neutron and the two crystals serve as electrons.
100. Crystals don’t heal! As you can see in The Apocalypse and the Symbol.

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