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Daggers in a sentence

daggers at her father.
She shot daggers to.
Your daggers won’t work.
She stared daggers at Massie.
Sharp daggers entered his spine.
direction to that of the daggers.
daggers hanging from their belts.

my sorrow, is one of these daggers.
There were sabres and daggers --.
and as handles for daggers in Yemen.
I shot sharp daggers at him with my eyes.
Both were armed with swords and daggers.
The words were like daggers to his heart.
He was wearing a vest with twelve daggers.
He dropped his daggers and coughed up blood.
I will speak daggers to her, but use none;.
His words are daggers he presses into backs.
He looks over at me with daggers in his eyes.
I shot daggers into the back of mum’s head.
Darek would practice by swinging his daggers.
Marie looked at him daggers but said no more.
He wore a utility belt bristling with daggers.
of optical daggers, knives and hollow point bul-.
Sally threw me a look like daggers as I said that.
These daggers are longer than most standard ones.
A guard approached the ring carrying two daggers.
One of the daggers goes right through my shoulder.
A pair of daggers sunk into her empty eye sockets.
She signaled to her cousins to sheath their daggers.

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