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Database in a sentence

listed in this database.
and the database object.
database uses or rather.
There is no such database.
// Who's in the database?.
created within the database.
Trigger is a database object.

A word-of-mouth database.
This database lists all the.
store sessions in the database.
// Who's in the database now?.
The hostname of your database;.
His prints are in the database.
Thus, every database is a file.
database that is used to store.
Saving the cart to the database.
● Build your customer database.
Using the EDGAR database at www.
submit the URL into the database.
, the Search Engine’s database).
They’re most of the database.
Next she accessed the MCU database.
sessions in the database; for this.
entered into the Innovation Database.
library’s database and found nothing.
The kid had hacked the FBI database!.

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