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Database in a sentence

There is no such database.
Trigger is a database object.
This database lists all the.
His prints are in the database.
Thus, every database is a file.
The hostname of your database;.
Saving the cart to the database.

Using the EDGAR database at www.
They’re most of the database.
Next she accessed the MCU database.
The kid had hacked the FBI database!.
Funds leave the database when they die.
They’re all in the database somewhere.
Active and Research Database of, 46, 48.
This database was unknown to most all.
Copy the following into your database:.
That was only 6 percent of the database.
Clearing dead sessions from the database.
Returns the sutotal in a list or database.
For historical quotes, use a stock database.
AndI use the Internet is as a giant database.
Copy the following code into your database:.
Create the following table in your database:.
Do you have a link with RVI’s database?
His ship’s database confirmed his recognition.
The phone company database said it was unlisted.
The NFA maintains a database on all its members.
We’ve got an online database, said Henry.
Keep track of your results in a simple database.
All vampires are required to be in the database.
Last week I was in class for database management.
They are imbedded in your entertainment database.
Logging into the MI5 database he began his search.
Check out the database of lawyers in your community.
This database is the realm of genius; because to be.
I went online to the NCIC database and looked them up.
First, create the following tables in your database:.
If the man is anywhere in their database, he’s toast.
The database built by the Modi team was truly formidable.
Atthe moment, use of the database is restricted, which.

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