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Dauntless in a sentence

1. Dauntless cake is much better.
2. It can only be a Dauntless one.
3. I mean, by Dauntless standards.
4. What do the Dauntless teach, hmm.
5. Maybe he is too kind for Dauntless.
6. Not surprising, among the Dauntless.
7. Dauntless is the cruelest of the five.
8. The Dauntless have the weirdest slang.
9. Smack-dab in a pack of Dauntless traitors.
10. And is she also a Dauntless leader?
11. I can’t even think of life as a Dauntless.
12. Sitting in the chair is a Dauntless soldier.
13. It belongs to Eric, leader of the Dauntless.
14. The outer limit of the Dauntless patrols.
15. I used to think the Dauntless were fearless.
16. Eric became a Dauntless leader at seventeen.
17. But by Dauntless standards, that’s nothing.
18. Only if he wants to become a Dauntless leader.
19. We are in a room full of Dauntless, after all.
20. Dauntless traitors crowd into the supply closet.
21. You shouldn’t insult the Dauntless, I say.
22. He is not bulky, the way some Dauntless boys are.
23. But he probably thinks the same of the Dauntless.
24. So why did you transfer to Dauntless, Tobias?
25. The other factions see the Dauntless a certain way.
26. Dauntless soldiers surround us and point their guns.
27. Tobias is fighting the Dauntless traitors by the door.
28. They’ve always admired the Dauntless, both of them.
29. Her words echo in my mind: Twice the size of Dauntless.
30. That’s a nice story, says the blond Dauntless man.
31. She didn’t have an army, so she found one in Dauntless.
32. The other Dauntless in the elevator give each other looks.
33. Abnegation prepared me for that aspect of Dauntless life.
34. The Dauntless traitors sprint away from the elevator bank.
35. Tobias walks in—limps in—flanked by Dauntless traitors.
36. He wanted to leave Dauntless, but he stayed because of me.
37. The Dauntless traitor with the gun presses Tobias toward me.
38. My mother embraced Edward after he defected from Dauntless.
39. Zeke is still in the city, and so is their Dauntless mother.
40. Tori moans, and I slip between two Dauntless to reach for her.
41. The Dauntless mill around the glass room, talking in clusters.
42. I forgot, for a second, that I was in Dauntless headquarters.
43. Dauntless initiation has stolen whatever softness my body had.
44. The Dauntless have allied with the factionless, she says.
45. I like to think I would have chosen Dauntless, says Nita.
46. Two Dauntless traitors behind me are laughing about something.
47. She’s too Dauntless for the other transfers, Uriah says.
48. A Dauntless leader shot a Candor child in the head, I snap.
49. Most of Candor and the remnants of Dauntless are already gathered.
50. We have the right to execute you, under the laws of Dauntless.
51. The Dauntless traitors were not prepared for that much resistance.
52. There are supposed to be Dauntless guards here, says Marcus.
53. A group of Dauntless walk between our table and the one next to us.
54. One of the Dauntless soldiers tossed one of these near the windows.
55. Except Uriah’s brother, Zeke, who is with the other Dauntless.
56. As I run, I look over my shoulder to see if any Dauntless follow me.
57. If I had, I wouldn’t have helped you in the Dauntless compound.
58. Pride is what killed Al, and it is the flaw in every Dauntless heart.
59. The doctor approaches Lynn and asks the two Dauntless to set her down.
60. Despite the depravity I see in Dauntless, though, I could not leave it.
61. The Dauntless cheer at varying pitches, high and low, bright and deep.
62. I look from Jeanine’s watery gray eyes to the Dauntless who flank her.
63. I needed to prove to the Dauntless that I am not a coward, he says.
64. We will report this to Erudite, Candor, and Dauntless as soon as we can.
65. Because of that, and because I am Dauntless, it’s my duty to lead now.
66. I worked in the Dauntless control room, monitoring the security system.
67. I watch the glass building above the Dauntless compound shrink behind us.
68. How did you access my records? Only the Dauntless have access to those.
69. And then there’s Tobias, who switched to Dauntless to escape his father.
70. The streets in the Abnegation sector, now crawling with Dauntless soldiers.
71. I remember the first time I realized I had never seen an elderly Dauntless.
72. A group of armed Dauntless escort me to the bathroom in the early afternoon.
73. I remember what Four told me, that teamwork used to be a Dauntless priority.
74. I have had a question since I began the Dauntless project, and it is this.
75. And then he beat up Marcus—publicly, where all the Dauntless could see it.
76. The Dauntless leaders are the only ones who see the whole thing, he says.
77. We can’t attack Dauntless traitors and Erudite without Candor’s numbers.
78. Christina persuaded me to join her in getting a tattoo of the Dauntless seal.
79. Some of the Dauntless traitors incline their heads to me—I’m not sure why.
80. Does he really believe that? It sounds like something the Dauntless would say.
81. Zeke has been helping Cara? I guess I forgot that he was once a Dauntless spy.
82. Stiff, I say, cringing as I say the word that was my nickname in Dauntless.
83. Far ahead of us, I see a Dauntless soldier push a gray-clothed man to his knees.
84. Not Dauntless hands, which should be thick and tough and ready to break things.
85. Held at either arm by a Dauntless traitor, a gun aimed at the back of his skull.
86. I know a few things about Dauntless initiation, and I was worried about her.
87. That, and I’ve always felt that I don’t quite belong among the Dauntless.
88. Milling around on the other side of the fence are Dauntless guards carrying guns.
89. She surveys me without feeling as two Dauntless soldiers pull me out of the room.
90. But instead, you decided to dive into a crowd of armed Dauntless all by yourself.
91. One of the things I thank Dauntless for is the preparedness that eliminates my fear.
92. He wears a Dauntless traitor jacket, and one side of his head is coated with blood.
93. The last day of simulations, one of the Dauntless leaders came in to see it himself.
94. I can hear the Dauntless shouting behind me, their voices muffled by layers of rock.
95. We’re in a one-hundred-story abandoned building with some Dauntless, I retort.
96. Tobias grabs the Dauntless woman by the back of her neck and wrenches her to her feet.
97. I stand among the crowd of Dauntless who got here late, when there were no seats left.
98. This room is sixteen-year-old Tobias, about to choose Dauntless to escape his father.
99. The Dauntless have holidays of their own, I assume, but I don’t know what they are.
100. I see their fists in the air, like excitable Dauntless, but without the Dauntless joy.

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