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Decimals in a sentence

He hoped that zeros and decimals couldn‘t talk!.
Then the numbers and decimals on the screen stopped.
Formats a number as text with a fixed number of decimals.
I remember there are many questions about decimals when I took the exam.
Stated accurately to eleven places of decimals it is (1 + sqrt(5))/2 = 1.
Per finance convention, the numbers in the denominator are expressed as decimals, where.
Many years ago, before stock prices were displayed as decimals, the spread could be very wide.

That and our love were as constant and unchanging as the mathematical pi and as infinite as its decimals.
Although these 12 bits are incremented as a single unit, when converting the binary values to decimals, you treat each quad separately.
After decimalization, which was the move from fractions to decimals, spreads of liquid, highly active stocks tightened, often to just a few pennies.
Byram had to be well up in his seventies by now; I had thought of him as elderly years ago, when he was teaching me how to turn fractions into decimals.
Some of the questions in Math and Quantitative Numerical Reasoning tests involve with fractions because they are also related to decimals, percent, mixed numbers and algebraic expressions.

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