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Deo in a sentence | deo example sentences

  1. The count pretends I have not him to thank;—so be it—I will erect an altar Deo ignoto.
  2. Deo Gashagaza ran a mission called Prison Fellowship, which emphasized forgiveness as a way of overcoming hatred of others.
  3. Below the Skeleton was the Motto A Deo a Libertate, for God and Liberty, to show all who came near Lancelot’s Ships that he was no Common Cut-Throat Pyrate, but Pyrate of Principle.
  4. Without us, there are no Pyrates, no Pyrate Ships, no Merchantmen to seize, no Sea Captains to capture, no Sailing Masters to set Sails, no Gunners to man the Cannon, no Cooks to stir the Stew, no Carpenters to build the Masts, no Sail-Makers to sew the Sails, no Drummers to make you merry, no Quartermasters to divide the Booty! Go your own Way without Women and where will you replenish your Crews? Will you seize Women and use ’em as Breeding Stock, then throw ’em to the Sharks? Will you seize Children and use ’em as Cannon Fodder? So hath it been for the whole History of the World and sure this is no Democracy! But if you truly mean your Motto, ‘A Deo a Libertate,’ and if you truly mean to make a Libertalia, in Spirit as in Name, then you must honour your Mothers as well as your Fathers, and accord that Sex a Place both in your Hearts and in your sacred Articles!.

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